37 Products on Amazon That'll Last Forever

You've heard the saying "Buy it nice or buy it twice" - it's frustrating as heck to find a product you love, only to have it break or wear out soon after you get it. That's why we compiled this amazing list of 37 products on Amazon that'll last forever!

From the best travel mug to bulletproof socks, we've got a list of new favorites you'll only have to buy once!

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This Sunbeam Toaster Will Go The Distance

Reviewers (almost 2,000 of them) love this Sunbeam toaster for its durability. One reviewer boasted that his has been going strong for 11 years! This model can toast four slices and even has a bagel button.

This Cast Iron Skillet Will Outlive You

There's a reason it's so hard to find perfectly seasoned cast iron cookware in thrift stores - people hand them down in families and are still using the pans their great-grandmas cooked in! If you weren't lucky enough to get an heirloom, do what we did and get a super affordable Lodge pan. They're easy to season and will last many, many decades.

This Wahl Trimmer Set Will Put Your Barber Out Of Business

Need a reason to never visit a barber again? Here ya go! This Wahl trimmer set is beloved for its reliability and quality. It includes everything you need for DIY haircuts, including scissors a ton of trimmer attachments and even a comb!

This Oven Mitt Won't Let You Down

If you're tired of replacing your silicone oven mitts when they crack or wear out, consider the machine-washable Ove Glove. It's made of flame-resistant Kevlar, so you can use it in the oven or on the grill with your hands fully protected.

This Rice Cooker Will Make You Dinner Every Night

If you eat a lot of rice, you're going to want this rice cooker. It's made by Japanese manufacturer Zojirushi who's known for the quality of their products. This model makes three cups but you can buy one that'll make up to ten cups if you're cooking for a crowd. Coming home to perfectly made rice, every time, is worth it!

This Hydroflask Keeps Your Drinks Cold or Hot Forever

If you're the type of person who likes your hot drinks to stay hot and your cold ones to stay cold for hours and hours, you're going to love this Hydroflask bottle.  It's made of rugged stainless steel with a sleek, durable color coating that won't chip off or scratch like other brands, so your bottle will look good as new for a long time to come.

This Garlic Press Is Super Durable

Forget those flimsy garlic presses that crap out after a year of use. What you need is this hefty, durable version with a built-in cleaner that'll stand up to many years of use. This one's also got almost 5,000 glowing reviews on Amazon, so it's definitely passed the quality test!

These Socks Are Darn Tough

If you go through socks as fast as my family does (Do we have super sharp heels or something?), these Darn Tough socks should be on your must-buy list. They come in a range of colors for both men and women and are incredibly highly rated for durability.

This Cheese Grater Is Sturdiness Personified

Need a cheese grater that won't warp or lose its sharpness over the years? Try this one from OXO that even comes with a handy measuring cup to catch whatever you're grating! It has multiple options for grating surfaces, but it's still slim enough to fit in kitchen drawers.

This AeroPress Coffee Maker Always Makes The Perfect Cup

Since this AeroPress coffee maker has no electrical parts and is completely hand-powered, it's going to last you a really long time. It's so easy to use - just put in a filter, coffee, and water then press. It makes a great-tasting cup with no bitterness, and this french press has over 5,000 rave reviews on Amazon right now!

This End Grain Cutting Board Is A Keeper

Cooking enthusiasts in the know know that end grain cutting boards are the most durable, easiest on knives and longest-lasting you can buy. Usually they have a pretty steep price tag, but this generously-sized version is a bargain for something you'll use every day.

This Waterpik Will Give You Good Teeth For Life

Teeth are very important, yes? That's why we need to take care of them the best we can so that they last us a lifetime. This Waterpik will help with dental health since it gets between your teeth to remove food, plaque and debris, keeping gums (and therefore, teeth) happy.

This Corelle Dinnerware Is Chip-Resistant

So many people are over the moon about this Corelle dinnerware set that has over 3,000 glowing reviews on Amazon. It's chip-resistant, so it'll stand up to frequent dropping from kids and clumsy adults, and lasts an extremely long time. You'd think for the quality they'd cost a lot, but you'd be wrong!

This Fountain Pen Has Quite The Fan Base

If you're the fancy type who likes to write with fountain pens, this Lamy Safari version comes very highly recommended. Reviewers love it for how it glides effortlessly over the paper and the replaceable cartridges never leak, leaving you with messy hands and notes. It's truly a workhorse you'll be able to use everyday without worrying about durability.

This Leatherman Tool Has Everything You Need

This Leatherman Wingman tool is basically a Swiss army knife on steroids. It's got 14 tools in one, including a knife, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, a wire stripper, scissors, a package opener, bottle and can openers, a file and a ruler. Seriously, every household should own one of these quality-made tools for everyday use.

This Travel Mug Keeps Your Drink Hot For Ages

Another one from Zojirushi, this here travel mug is one of the best in the business - just ask the over 12,000 happy reviewers on Amazon! It's leakproof, durable and will keep hot drinks at or above 163 degrees for a six hour stretch! It'll also keep your water cold at 46 degrees for a full six hours, too, so it's a multipurpose mug that will last and last.

This Head Lamp Is The Perfect Camping Companion

Reliable headlamps are an important part of camping - no one wants to be left in the dark halfway to the porta-potties at 3 AM. This weather-resistant one from Petzl has a thick, comfortable headband that won't stretch out, and replaceable batteries to keep your light going strong for ages.

This Spork Has Unbelievable Ratings

Whether your camping or eating lunch at your desk, this titanium spork is the perfect utensil for the job. It's got over 1,000 great ratings on Amazon for its durability and fact that it won't ever corrode, making it a lifelong mealtime companion.

This Knife Sharpener Goes The Distance

To keep your knives in good working order, you gotta sharpen them. This compact knife sharpener has four different sharpening angles, plus a ceramic benchstone for polishing. It's small and versatile, so you won't need to store different kinds of sharpeners - this one does it all!

These Tweezerman Tweezers Come Highly Recommended

Ask any lady what's in her beauty "first aid kit" and she'll likely have a pair of these Tweezerman tweezers. These babies are nothing like the cheapie drugstore tweezers - they're built tough to last years of plucking and pruning!

These Levi's Jeans Get Better With Age

Levi's will never go out of style, and this straight-leg cut is always in fashion. People trawl thrift stores to find the holy grail pair of perfectly worn-in Levi's, but you can make your own when you snag a pair and wear them as much as you can since they only get better with use!

This Stanley Thermos Means Quality

When you think of a thermos, the one that comes to mind is most likely a model like this Stanley thermos. I'm pretty sure my grandpa had one of these, and probably his dad before him. They've stayed in the market this long because they're built tough and work incredibly well at keeping your beverage hot while you camp, explore or work.

This Pocket Knife Is So Versatile

Whether you use it for camping or just opening Amazon boxes, this pocket knife is a versatile companion with an incredibly affordable price. Reviewers love it since it's a durable workhorse and because you can very easily sharpen the blade back to a razor-sharp edge whenever you need to.

This Crock-Pot Is The OG Of Slow Cookers

There's a reason so many people are still using those crazy patterned Crock-Pots from the 70s - because they just keep going, much like the Energizer Bunny. This modern, stainless steel version looks right at home in today's kitchens, has a simple high or low setting, and serves you up a hot dinner after a long day at work.

This Keychain Flashlight Is Super Bright

Not only is this keychain flashlight super compact and easy to carry, but it's beyond bright whether you're taking the dog for a walk at night or using it for safety reasons. The best part is it's rechargeable via USB, so there's no need to buy extra batteries.

These Brooklinen Sheets Are Best Broken In

Good sheets are hard to find, and the saying "Buy it nice or buy it twice" definitely applies here. That's why these Brooklinen beauties are so good - they have a silky-smooth feel, are a luxe 480 thread count and thoughtful details like envelope pillow closures. One sleep on these buttery soft sheets that you don't have to baby - just throw 'em in the regular wash & dry cycle - and you'll never want to sleep on anything else.

This Jansport Backpack Is A Longtime Fave

Jansport backpacks are virtually indestructible, thanks to their durable fabric, zippers and straps. What's more, they come with a lifetime guarantee - should yours break in any way, they offer an immediate replacement, no questions asked.

These Reusable Straws Keep The Planet Healthy Longer

Not all reusable straws are created equal, but this stainless steel straw set goes above and beyond in terms of quality. It comes with four straws - two straight and two angles, plus a carry pouch and cleaning brush. And they have over 5,000 rave reviews from happy customers because they're so well made and a great value.

This Wallet Will Be Your New Favorite

This is the wallet that'll make you forget all other wallets. The minimalist, slim design comes in a ton of 100% leather textures and shades and will easily stand up to every day use. Oh, and it has over 10,000 stellar reviews on Amazon, so it's been tried and tested and passed with flying colors!

These Sheet Pans May Be The Last You Ever Own

Gunked up, blackened, warped - all words to describe my sorry collection of sheet pans. So I'm upping my roasting game with these Nordic Ware Commercial Half Sheet Pans. They're made of pure aluminum so they'll never rust, the reinforced steel rim prevents warping, and they're easy to clean so they'll look the same as the day you bought 'em for years to come.

These Pyrex Measuring Cups Are A Kitchen Must-Have

No kitchen's complete without durable Pyrex measuring cups, and this set of three will cover all your cooking needs. The high-quality tempered glass can go in the dishwasher, freezer, microwave and even a preheated oven without fear of it cracking. They're also great at surviving accidental drops, speaking from experience.

This Chef's Knife Has An Unbelievable Price

When I saw the price of this versatile chef's knife, it almost seemed to good to be true, but then I checked out some of the 9,000+ ratings. People are calling it the sharpest, best knife they've ever purchased, and it was even recommended by America's Test Kitchen. That's some serious street cred.

This Food Storage Set Is Built Tough

Forget those flimsy plastic containers with floppy lids that soak up spaghetti sauce stains and crack after normal use. These Rubbermaid food containers have leakproof, airtight lids, they're BPA-free and stain-resistant and are made from a durable hard plastic that won't wimp out on you.

These Reusable Food Bag Is Made Of Durable Silicone

If you want to be eco-friendlier, grab some of these Stasher bags to replace your one-and-done plastic food storage bags. These are made from tough silicone that won't discolor, warp or tear. Just throw 'em in the dishwasher and re-use, basically forever. I love ours - we use it to hold emergency chocolate, so I can attest that it stands up to frequent use.

This Can Opener Has Over 5,000 Reviews

When I think of can openers, I think of a gunked up, rusty old metal model that's seen better days. This one from OXO is the opposite of that. It's got soft grip non-slip handles, an oversized turning knob and a sharp cutting wheel made from sturdy stainless steel.

This Seat Cushion Is Super Well-Made

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, you know the importance of a comfy seat. This seat cushion has a whopping 18,455 ratings on Amazon with happy customers raving about the outstanding quality. The memory foam filling doesn't just squish down, it firmly supports you for less back pain and more sciatica relief, say its rabid fan base.

This Hose Nozzle Is The Best

I swear, every spring when I go to use the hose for the first time, the plastic nozzle has somehow broken over the cold New England winter. Enter this metal hose nozzle which won first-in-show in Wirecutter's extensive testing process. And it costs less than a fast-food meal for all that quality and durability!