37 Personalized Gifts That Mean Way More Than A Gift Card

Confession time: How many gift-giving moments have you encountered where you either reached for a gift card or thought about reaching for a gift card? I get it, me too. I think I try so hard to give gifts that I know people will love that it's sometimes simpler to take the easy route and plop a gift card down in front of them.

Don't get me wrong, though, I think most people love gift cards. But, what to do if you want to look like you put a bit more thought into it? Amazon, of course! (Did you think I was going to suggest you build something from Pinterest out of pallets and twine? C'mon now.) I've dug up 37 perfectly personalized presents — from tumblers to tops to teethers — that say "I put a lot of effort into this" without, ahem, putting a lot of effort into it.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Give The Gift Of "Freshest Feet On The Block" With Personalized Photo Socks

I get it — it can be hard to be away from the one you love. But, we all have to do it: Work, errands, travel. We can't be together 24/7 ... or can we? These personalized photo socks are a fun way to keep you on the mind — and the feet — of your gift recipient. I designed a pair of these a few years ago with a pet's face, but you can use yours or anything else that comes to mind.

Cue The Customized Cutting Board

Maybe I'm alone in this, but I feel like you can never have too many cutting boards. Your veggies need one and your meats need another because who wants raw chicken on everything? Ewww. This gift — a customized cutting board — is both fun and functional, allowing you to choose from one of 12 different designs. Available in small or large sizes, you can snag either for less than $34.

You Can't Pass Up This Monogrammed Decanter

The past year has been enough to make anyone drink, which makes this monogrammed decanter the perfect choice for a lot of your gift recipients. Choose one, two, or three letters in three different designs that will be etched into the glass, turning the decanter into a legacy piece for generations to come. If you really want to wow them, add their favorite bourbon, whiskey, or vodka for a ready-to-drink gift.

Let Them See Their Name In Lights With A Personalized Name Light

Did you ever think — even just for a moment as a child — that you might become famous? Your name on a poster? Interviews on morning talk shows? Autographs? I'm going to guess you ended up a perfectly respectable teacher or marketer or banker and that's OK, but you can still put your name — or someone else's — in lights with this personalized wall light. It's an A-to-Z gift with space to add up to a 10-character name for the star in your life.

We're Mooning Over This 3D Lunar Lamp

Would you give her the moon? What about a moon lamp with her face on it? I know, that's a hard one to pass up. This 3D lunar lamp will let you transform an image of your choosing into a backlit photo on the surface of the moon. (Not the real moon, c'mon now.) Available in five sizes with adjustable color control, you can gift someone the world at Christmas, their birthdays, or any other gift-giving occasion.

Journal Your Thoughts In This Mini Keepsake Book

How can you get more heartfelt than telling your gift recipient exactly how you feel about them? (Nice things, remember. Nice things.) This mini keepsake book has fill-in-the-blank opportunities for you to share your feelings with your gift recipient. The best thing is, it's pocket-sized so your giftee can enjoy your sentiments wherever they might be. There are specific versions for partners, family members, teachers, and more.

Customize A Comfy Pillow With Family Names

If you have between one and 15 kids, listen up because I've found the ultimate gift for proud grandparents everywhere. This customizable pillow cover allows you to add a single name or up to 15 names. It's the perfect addition to a cozy reading nook or couch and a great gift idea for any grandma who has ever called you by your older sibling's name.

Attach Your Video To A Personalized Postcard

Are you the type that's better with saying how you feel rather than writing how you feel? No worries, you can give gifts with heart, too, like this wooden postcard with a video recording feature. The real gift is in the recorded message that your recipient can access by scanning the QR code, but the wooden postcard-like design is a nice keepsake as well.

Remember A Milestone With A Custom Star Poster

Do you remember the first time you met? What about the feelings you have on a birthday or anniversary? Commemorate those special occasions with a custom night sky star map. Give the seller a specific date (and time, if you like) and they'll construct a poster illustrating what the sky looked like at that exact moment. All together now, say "Awww!"

Give Mama Bear Her Own Laser-Engraved Tumbler

Tumblers are never a bad idea, says me who has her cabinets stuffed full of them. I have a few personalized tumblers, too, so I dig this laser-engraved "mama bear" tumbler for the No. 1 "mom" in your life. You can add up to 10 "cubs" with their own names and choose from 13 colors in two different sizes. Side note: If your favorite mom has 10 "cubs," you're going to need to buy more gifts.

Mark Your Spot With A Long-Distance Coffee Mug

I live in Florida and my BFF lives in my home state of West Virginia, so I think this would be the ideal gift to show her how much I always miss having her around. This long-distance mug displays the states, countries, or provinces of your choice, with hearts to represent your location and your other half's location. I love the multitude of vibrant color choices available.

Transform A Favorite Song Into A Personalized Soundwave

If art and music had a baby, it would be this personalized soundwave. Get this: You can send them your favorite song and they'll transform it into a piece of art under polished clear acrylic glass. Not only that, but you can also add a couple of lines of customized text that will be placed under the soundwave itself. You can even choose a favorite color. Talk about customizable!

Give Them These Pills With Hidden Messages

Say your piece with a pill ... so long as that pill holds a secret message inside like this bottle with capsule messages. Available in a host of colors, this jar contains 90 pills so advise your gift recipient to "take one and call me in the morning." Fill all 90 capsule messages with sweet nothings for a gift they'll return to daily for three months and beyond.

A Personalized Rattle They Can Sink Their Teeth Into

Stop me if you've heard this story before: Your friend is having a baby and you want to buy something special and memorable, but not outrageously priced. I've got you. This personalized rattle/teether comes in four colors/color combinations and you can add the name of their little one for free. The design here was also thoughtful, piquing a little one's visual, motor, and sensory development.

Get Your Paws On This Pawprint Keepsake

Our pets are a big part of our families so while they might not appreciate a gift like this, the pet lovers in your life most certainly will. This pawprint keepsake gift includes pet-safe non-toxic clay, a stencil kit, and double-sided tape to affix your favorite photos, all of which are displayed under glass and framed. Use it to memorialize a friend who has crossed the rainbow bridge or to honor the BFF still in your home.

Write It Down: These Personal Journals Are A Keeper

I'm a writer so of course I'm going to throw a gift in here that writers of all types are certain to treasure. These personal leather journals feature 12 different personalization options so you can add everything from a full name to initials to a favorite saying. Inside, they'll have all the room they need to take notes or record their thoughts on the lined pages.

Cook Up A Sweet Gift With This Customizable Cookbook

Last year I undertook a family cookbook project and let me tell you, it was work. But, it was also maybe my favorite gift I've ever given. Why? Because there's familial history there, told through the love language of cooking and baking. You can do the same in a simpler format, using this $10 spiral-bound recipe book available on Amazon. Fill with your favorites and give them a gift they'll cherish for generations to come.

Watch Their Reaction To This Unique Timepiece

What is it with men and watches? I've never known one to have fewer than four or five, all the while pining away for more. This personalized watch will be a nice addition to his growing collection. The wooden design of this one will catch his eye, but it's the message on the watch's back that he'll carry with him forever.

Put Their Name On This Personalized Desk Nameplate

There's a scene in "Elf" (don't judge me) where Buddy asks, "Why is your name on the desk?" and Walter's reply is, "I bought the desk and my name's there so that no one steals it." I don't think there's any risk of someone's desk being stolen, but this custom nameplate would be a beautiful addition regardless. It's available in various styles; just add a name and title.

Cut Your Gifting Anxiety With An Engraved Pocket Knife

Dads and grandpas, am I right? They're notoriously hard to buy for. Stuff their stocking with a pocket knife engraved with their very own name. These knives are made with stainless steel and a sturdy wooden handle. Choose from 20 different font types to add a name or message on two available lines of text. They'll be thrilled to open the rest of the family's boxes with this.

They'll Wear This Personalized Pendant Well

Whether it's a gift for your significant other or your brother from another mother, this personalized pendant will hold appeal for a variety of gift recipients. Available in black, silver, and varying shades of gold, this necklace offers four sides of personalization. Want to commemorate an anniversary? Done. How about a birthday? Sure. Add your children's' names as a Mother's Day present? Why not. You can't beat this deal for less than $11.

Put Your Family In A Box With This Custom Shadow Box

Have you ever wanted to put your children in a box? I kid, I kid. Kind of. This shadow box is one way to go about it without getting arrested. Grandparents will delight in seeing all of the names of their grandchildren in one place. You get to get hands-on with this gift, which ships with seven hearts to which you can add your own names. This is a great option if you don't have the extra few days that personalized gifts often take.

They Won't Be Cross About This Engraved Writing Set

It's the most expensive gift on our list, but perhaps also the most coveted. People know — and adore — that Cross name when it comes to high-quality writing utensils. This Cross pen set offers free personalization, reducing the likelihood that anybody will abscond with your favorite pen. You can have their name or a message engraved with this gift, which requires only one business day for turnaround.

Capture Their Special Moment On This Personalized Beach Art

Maybe your gift recipient lives at the beach (like me) or maybe they just wish they did (like I used to). This personalized beach sign can be installed on canvas or under a frame to document two names and a memorable date. Everyone needs a little sand and saltwater infused into their home. This artwork makes the perfect anniversary or Valentine's Day gift.

There's Nothing Puzzling About This Customized Puzzle Gift

Here's another personalized option for the kiddos — this time in puzzle form. Using up to nine letters of their name, you can create a customized puzzle that will help them with fine motor skills, spelling, and letter recognition. Once they've outgrown it, glue the letters down and turn it into a fun customized room decoration. Our apologies to all the Evangelines and Maximilians out there; your name is one letter too long for this treat!

They'll Never Get Bored With This Personalized Charcuterie Board

Long live the charcuterie board and may it never go out of style, amen. You can increase their charcuterie obsession with this personalized board, to which you can add a letter representing their first or last names. Aside from the customization, this is just a great board overall with an included ceramic olive bowl, stainless steel cheese tools, and cheese markers. Pair it with a favorite bottle of wine and win gift-giving forever.

They'll Be Beachin' With Their Own Personalized Beach Towel

Maybe it's just a beach life thing, but if you've ever grabbed someone else's towel by accident, you know that death stare. (I'm not talking about a total stranger's towel so don't make it weird.) These personalized beach towels come in a variety of styles, from baseballs to flamingos, with room to add the name of its owner. They're good-sized towels, too, coming in at 32-by-64 inches, so you can cover all the way up after a day in the sun.

Monogram These Hankies To Give To Your Guy

Hey, if Dr. Phil can have his own personalized hankies, why can't your brother/husband/friend/cousin/grandpa/father-in-law? Amazon makes it easy, which is shocking I know. These monogrammed handkerchiefs come in a three-pack and are complete with the initials of your intended recipient. Consider this one of those gifts the recipient won't truly appreciate until they reach for it when they need it. They'll think of you every time they blow their nose.

Treat Them To Snow In The Form Of A Create-Your-Own Snowglobe

This gift has kid-friendly written all over it. At just $14, these create-your-own snowglobes are made of plastic (no worries about breaking) and can be personalized with a photo of your choice. The base comes with four pre-printed options or you can get crafty and make your own. Even if you don't live in snow-friendly climates, the snowglobe is a nice way to add your personal touch to a gift-giving experience.

Hide A Favorite Photo Behind This Mermaid Sequin Pillow Cover

Now you see us ... now you don't. Not only is the custom photo pillow a unique gift, but it's also super addictive to just run your hand over a few dozen, er, hundred times. I'm partial to the rose gold, but it's also available in black, teal, red, gold, silver, and blue to match just about any decor. Submit a photo and the manufacturer will place it behind a mermaid sequin design. Add a pillow form to this custom cover and you've got a complete gift ready to go.

Give Them Their Own Custom Fan Gear

It's the big leagues! Or, it can at least look like it with this custom jersey to which you can add a name and number. Available in toddler and children's sizes, add a big brother or sister's team info to show them who is their biggest fan or celebrate a favorite athlete from college or the pros. It's available in six colors and can accommodate your own name and number choice.

Wrap Their Phone In This Personalized Protective Case

As I'm writing this just a few weeks before Christmas, I have no doubts there are plenty of "new iPhone" requests on lists to Santa this year. This personalized phone case will protect that investment in a chic — and shockproof — way. This listing is specifically for iPhone products going all the way back to the iPhone 6. (Which one of you is still carrying an iPhone 6?!) Anyway, add their name to this case in black, white, or pink font.

They'll Be Handy and Honored To Use This Engraved Hammer

O.K., this one is a bit of a "cheat," but it's still personalized to dads or the man who was "dad" in your life. This engraved hammer is pre-etched with the saying, "Daddy, thank you for helping me build my life." Touching, right? It's also totally applicable for all of us who've had a hand up from our dads - from helping us learn to ride a bike to giving us the best info on buying a house or a car. (Thanks again, Dad!)

This Photo Shirt Makes Them A Walking Family Album

Nothing says, "Don't touch my man" like a shirt with repeating photos of your face. Wait ... what? It's not made for jealous significant others? Scratch that. But, this custom face shirt is pretty awesome regardless. Add the baby's face, the dog's face, or even yours (yes, that's allowed) and give them a gift that I promise no one else is going to spring on them.

Help Them Get In The Game With A Personalized Soccer Headband

Got a budding soccer star in your life? He or she will love their very own personalized headband complete with a soccer ball icon and their name and/or number. Choose from team or favorite colors for both the band and the thread, and then add your future Lionel Messi or Abby Wambach's name up to 10 characters. The best part is the sizing, which works for both children and adults.

Personalize A Popcorn Bowl For Your Favorite Foodie

HANDS OFF MY POPCORN! Phew, sorry, defense mechanism. Listen, I am not about sharing my bowl/bag/tub of popcorn — not at home, not at the ballpark, not at the theater. Get. Your. Own. This personalized popcorn bowl also screams, "Hands off!," but in a much nicer way than I initially said it. Sorry, not sorry. I also like the handle, which helps you keep a good grip on what's yours. Ahem.

Cover Up With A Personalized Photo Blanket

This might be the ultimate customizable gift on Amazon — a photo blanket — so I saved it for last. But, before you write me off, hear me out: Not only can you make it to include up to 10 of your favorite photos, but there's also room to add your own text or message at the bottom. It's available in tons of sizes and configurations so you can get it just right ... and so Nana can nap with the faces of her favorite people.