37 of the Handiest Gadgets on Amazon Under $30

Sometimes it's nice to do something the old-fashioned way, but you know what's even nicer? Having a handy gadget to make it all that much easier. Here are 37 of the handiest gadgets ever, and even better: they're all less than 30 bucks.

We hope you find these handy gadgets as amazing as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Magnetic Wristband Helps Get the Job Done

Made with super-strong magnets, this magnetic wristband will keep you from having to look around for nails, screws, and bolts during your next DIY project. Also - it looks really cool.

Perfect Eggs Every Time With This Color Changing Egg Timer

Whether you want your eggs hard, medium, or soft, you literally can't cook them wrong with this color-changing egg timer.  Just drop it in boiling water and then remove the eggs when the color change tells you it's time.

This Digital Laser Tape Measure Means You Can Now Measure All the Things

Now you can buy furniture that will actually fit correctly in your home. This digital tape measure uses a laser to measure room lengths, as well as calculate volume and area, meaning yes, it no longer matters that you never paid attention in math class.

This Wine Glass Caddy Means You Can Now Drink in the Bath (or Shower)

That's right, the future you always hoped for has arrived. This Wine Glass Caddy safely holds your favorite drink so you can enjoy a relaxing bathwine or showerbeer, all further proving this is a truly amazing time to be alive.

The Slotdog is the Hot Dog Gadget You Never Knew You Needed

What doesn't the Slotdog do? Not only does the Slotdog create a cool criss-cross pattern on the hot dog, it also helps it cook quicker and taste better by creating crispy edges, not to mention the little creases it makes which holds the toppings on perfectly.

Never Lose Your Keys Again With This Smart Key Finder

This smart key finder is, well, smart. The set comes with five sensors, each which can be attached to a separate key. When you need to find one, just click on the corresponding color button to sound the alarm.

You Won't Have to Tie Your Shoes Any More With These No Tie Shoelaces

Are you so over tying your shoes? These handy no tie shoelaces convert any tie shoe to a slip-on one. Each pack comes with seven pairs in a variety of colors, so there should be one to match every shoe.

These Can Caps Are Way Better Than Straws

Say goodbye to disposable straws with these reusable can caps. Just fit to the top of the can and drink regularly, and with the knowledge you aren't getting a side of grime with your soda.

You Need This Stainless Steel Cocktail Muddler for Your Next Party

Unlike traditional wood muddlers which can leave your drink with a funky taste (and not in a good way), this stainless steel muddler is perfect for mashing mint, fruit, and more - and when you're done, it's easy to clean to have ready for the next party.

This Waterproof Wireless Speaker is Just What You Shower Singers Need

This waterproof wireless speaker is perfect for anyone who wants to listen to some tunes while they shower, and with a built-in Bluetooth speaker and hands-free functionality, you can connect it to your smart phone too for those all-important shower phone calls.

This Spaetzle Maker Just Made Dinner More Exciting

Tired of always making the same old thing? With this Spaetzle Maker you'll now be able to make endless batches of delicious homemade German noodle dumplings.

This Charger and Night Light Combination Means You Can Always Find Your Phone

This handy gadget is a combination night light and USB charger, and can charge two devices when plugged into a standard outlet. Equipped with dusk to dawn technology, it can be set to have the light automatically turn on and off.

Perfect Meat Every Time With This Electronic Meat Thermometer

Which is worse, over-cooked or underdone steak? Luckily you don't have to decide, because with this easy-to-use electronic meat thermometer you'll cook it right every time.

This Shower Squeegee Will Make Your Shower So Clean

This lightweight shower squeegee makes it easy to keep your shower sparkling clean. Comes with its own wall-mounted holder so it's always easy to find, and it cleans windows, too.

These Flashlight Gloves are an Absolute Necessity for Your Next Camping Trip or Spy Mission

These fingerless flashlight gloves are great for when you're camping or doing other nighttime activities, or let's be honest, pretending to be a spy on a very important top secret mission. Lights turn on and off with an easy switch on the glove.

This Strainer Colander Takes Away the Most Annoying Part of Making Pasta

Sure making pasta is easy, but it can be even easier with the Snap 'N Strain Colander. Just clip it to the side of any round pot or pan, and strain as you usually would, but without the space or the additional clean-up you would have with a traditional colander.

These Fast Fill Water Balloons are Perfect for Summer

These fast fill water balloons are designed to fill 100 balloons in just minutes by attaching the bunch to the facet to fill all at once, saving time while also making the usual breaks, spills and disappointments a thing of the past.

These Multi Color Lights are so Much Fun

These colorful lights add a festive flair anywhere they go, indoors or out. Waterproof, long-lasting, and they even have their own remote so you can enjoy several twinkling options.

This Cupcake Corer Makes Cupcakes Fancy AF

This cupcake corer turns regular cupcakes into fancy AF cupcakes. Just push and release to remove a little bit of the middle of the cupcake, which can then be filled with frosting, jam, and of course everyone's favorite: cookie dough.

This Pet Treat Launcher Will Make Your Dog's Day

Once you try this pet treat launcher you'll ask yourself why you ever used to fed your dog out of a bowl. Just load with dry food then push the trigger to send the food towards your dog - or cat.

This Scraper Tool Removes All Kinds of Weird Stuff

This scraper tool can be used on most surfaces and removes just about anything - dried food, candle wax, grime, adhesive labels, and even paint from glass.

Your Dog Needs This Pet Umbrella

Have a pooch that hates the rain, sleet, or snow? This pet umbrella is perfect for weather-adverse dogs, just attach to your leash, and walk your faithful companion same as you would in fairer weather.

This Portable Thermometer Makes it Possible to Always Know the Temperature

Always wondered if the kitchen just feels warmer then the living room, or if it really is? This portable thermometer means you measure the temperature and humidity in every room.

This Burger Patty Press Means You can Have Restaurant Burgers at Home

This burger patty press means you can make your own perfect burgers every time. It has a removable handle so it easy to store or take with you to a barbecue, and the no-stick surface makes clean-up easy, too.

This Pancake Batter Mixer Just Made Breakfast That Much Better

You can now be that mom even if you don't have kids with this pancake batter mixer and pourer. Not only does it come with a BlenderBall so you can mix the ingredients together in a single container (less dishes FTW), but the easy-pour spout makes it easy to create pancakes with amazing designs and shapes.

This Salad Cutter Bowl Means You No Longer Have an Excuse Not to Eat Healthy

This Salad Cutter Bowl makes it easy to cut a ton of different vegetables all at once. Just arrange the vegetables, place the bowl on top, and slice through the slots for a perfectly cut salad in less time then you can say, "But I sorta want fries."

These Shoe Deodorizers Really Do Eliminate Odor

These shoe deodorizers go right in your shoes, and the odors go right out.  Made from natural bamboo charcoal, they eliminate odors and absorb moisture to keep shoes fresh and dry

These Collapsible Pet Bowls Are Easy to Take Everywhere

These collapsible pet food and water bowls smoosh down to almost no room at all, making them easy to take with you whether you're going with your pet on a quick trip to town or on a cross-country camping trip.

This Hand Weeder Gets Rid of Everything

This weeding tool has an easy-to-hold handle that makes it simple to get rid of dandelions, thistles, and just about anything else you don't want growing in your garden or lawn.

This Handy Thaw Claw Defrosts Meat Seven Times Faster

The Thaw Claw lets you defrost meat (and seafood!) quickly, safely and easily by suspending it in water at the "perfect thawing zone."

This Battery Storage Case Will Organize All Your Batteries

Are you always finding AAAs when all you want is a C battery? This battery storage case will organize multiple battery sizes, and with a built-in tester, when you find the right one you can even check that it actually works.

This Outlet Shelf is the Perfect Space Saver for Speakers

This outlet shelf is a clever space saving solution for speakers and other small electronics. If you can change an outlet cover, you can install this pretty much the same way.

This Egg Seperator Makes Baking and Cooking Easier

This adorable egg separator makes it easy to separate the egg yolk from the egg white, which is handy for souffles, meringues, and all those healthy "egg white only" recipes.

Every Dog Needs This Gel Cooling Mat

This clever gel cooling mat helps pets cool off when it's hot, with no refrigeration, electricity or water required. It will cool your pet for up to 3 hours, then recharges itself automatically after 15 to 20 minutes of not being in use.

This Makeup Brush Cleaner Cleans and Dries Brushes in Seconds

This makeup brush cleaner washes and dries brushes in mere seconds by first spin cleaning them, followed by a spin drying cycle. Easy to use and works with any size cosmetic brushes.

This Adjustable Cell Phone Stand Makes it Easy to Use Your Phone While it's Charging

This adjustable cell phone stand is just the thing to make it easy to use your phone to play games or answer important work emails while it's charging.

Finally Get an Answer to 'Did You Feed the Dog?' With This Handy Gadget

If you're tired of asking - or answering - the question, "Did you feed the dog?" this simple but incredibly helpful gadget is for you. A slider indicates that the dog has or hasn't been fed -- no talking to your spouse, kid or roommate required.