37 of the Handiest Gadgets on Amazon That Make Amazing Gifts

Story time: My friend Robert recently asked me for a gift idea for a business partner. I suggested a nice bottle of pinot noir and this smart little 5-in-1 wine gadget. The following week, I was taken by surprise when Robert gave *me* the wine and gadget as a thank you gift. Turns out he wanted to make sure I'd love it, so he tricked me into suggesting my own gift!

The moral of the story is, I am a trusted source of recommendations for gadgets and gifts, and I think you're going to like my suggestions, too. There's a foldable bread slicer (who knew this was even a thing?!), a skin cream with a cult following, and a new product called Yoga Paws. Keep reading for more of the newest, weirdest, handiest gadgets you can find on Amazon!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This 5-in-1 Wine Gadget Only Costs 5 Bucks

via: Amazon

When gifting a bottle of wine, I like to add an extra trinket to make it more special. This 5-in-1 wine gadget is the perfect thing to tie on with a bit of ribbon. Get one for yourself while you're at it!

This Ergonomic Back Shaver

via: Amazon

Back hair, be gone! The BakBlade has a long, S-shaped handle designed to reach every area of the back without straining your neck or shoulder muscles. One 5-star reviewer says, "Exactly as advertised! Best men's grooming tool since the disposable razor!"

This Best-Selling Set of 23 Kitchen Utensils

via: Amazon

Dollar for dollar, you can't beat the value of this 23-piece set of kitchen utensils. No wonder it's an Amazon bestseller! It makes a great housewarming gift, but it's also nice to order for yourself so you can refresh all your old, broken tools at once.

This Fast and Accurate Blood Pressure Wrist Cuff

via: Amazon

If you're monitoring your blood pressure at home, this wrist cuff will help. It's easier to use than a traditional blood pressure monitor, and it gives an accurate reading in one minute.

This Bottomless Bath Gadget

via: Amazon

Make your bath deep with this ingenious gadget! Just slap this cover on the overflow drain and fill your tub to the brim. Perfect for anyone who love a hot bath, and makes a fun gift when paired with bath bombs.

This Portable Car Vacuum

via: Amazon

People constantly ask me how I keep my minivan so clean despite driving kids and dogs around every day. I have two secrets: I throw away anything that isn't nailed down, and I vacuum often!

This Mug Warmer That Costs Under $10

via: Amazon

I have been known to microwave the same cup of coffee three times before I finish drinking it.  In other words,  I'm fussy about my coffee temperature. So I should really buy myself this mug warmer, which has earned thousands of 5-star reviews.

This Keto-Friendly Crispy Cheese Shaper

Low carb diet? Or just really love cheese? Either way, this crispy cheese shaper will grant your heart's desire: crisps, taco shells, and edible bowls made out of CHEESE!

This Toothbrush Stick for Dogs

via: Amazon

When I adopted my dog Rosie, I dutifully bought a toothbrush and meat-flavored toothpaste. Guess how often I successfully used them? Yeah. After that failure, I did a little Amazon shopping and ended up with this toothbrush stick, which makes both Rosie and me a lot happier!

This Drowse Buster Is Shocking. Literally.

via: Amazon

During long drives or boring work shifts, the Drowse Buster keeps you awake. How? By sending tiny electrical shocks to your earlobes. For real! One 5-star reviewer says, "This product actually works. It is hard to believe but it really 'shocked' the tiredness out of me and allowed me to drive an additional 30 miles wide awake until we reached our destination. It sounds crazy but it does the job."

This Picture-Perfect Egg Pan

via: Amazon

If you like to style picture-perfect food to post on social media, you're going to love this orange, ceramic-coated egg pan. Not only does the pan itself look beautiful, but it turns out perfectly round, uniform eggs (works great for pancakes, too!).

This EZ-Off Jar Opener

via: Amazon / J. Jenkins

No more worries about arthritis, weak hands, or insanely tight jar lids. Install this EZ-Off  Jar Opener in your kitchen today, and you'll reap the benefits for years to come!

This Foldable Bread Slicer

via: Amazon / Natalya Watts

My kids love the $1 loaf of fresh French bread from the grocery store, but they don't love my uneven, mangled slices. That's why I need this bread slicer, which helps you hold a loaf steady for even, measured slices. It also folds flat for easy storage!

This Handheld, Electric Garden Trimmer

via: Amazon

Indulge your topiary dreams (or just make your everyday yard work a little bit easier) with this handheld electric trimmer. Cordless, rechargeable, light-weight, and highly useful!

These Adorable Measuring Cups

via: Amazon

What do you call a chicken crossing the road? Poultry in motion. What do you call this set of hen-chick-egg measuring cups? Something to purchase immediately.

This Himalayan Salt Night Light

via: Amazon

When Himalayan salt is heated, it releases negative ions, which can freshen the air and eliminate odors. That's one good reason to get this night light. The other reason is its beautiful, warm, soft glow (so much gentler on the eyes than a plain white light!).

This Pretty Sugar Shaker

via: Amazon

Elevate your coffee station with this jadeite glass sugar shaker, which has a retro look while still being completely functional. Dishwasher safe!

This Measuring Gadget Uses Lasers to Measure Distance

via: Amazon

Upgrade your tape measure with this awesome little laser gadget! Reaches up to 131 feet and has a bright LED light for use in dark conditions. Save measurements right in the device, too.

This Milk Heater/Frother for Homemade Lattes

via: Amazon

I would love to get a coffee shop latte every day, but I don't want to pay for it and, frankly, I don't always want to leave the house. Solution? This neat little pitcher that heats and froths milk at home!

This Pizza Crisper Makes Frozen Pizza Turn Out Better

via: Amazon

People who make pizza from scratch already have a fancy pizza stone. This crisper pan isn't for them. It's for us--the ones who cook frozen pizzas or heat up last night's delivery. A few minutes in a hot oven yields a deliciously crispy crust!

Someone You Know Will Love This Pocket Bellows

via: Amazon

Most people have never heard of a pocket bellows. Most people do not need a pocket bellows. But I'm willing to bet you know someone who likes to light fires, who will put a pocket bellows to good use!

This Portable Booster Seat

via: Amazon

When you have a toddler, you can't leave the house without a mountain of gear. Add this portable booster seat to the pile. It pops up to give your little one a safe and sturdy seat wherever you need it, then folds down to stow in your car or bag.

This Power Scrubber Is Weirdly Fun to Use

via: Amazon

This battery-operated power scrubber is like an electric toothbrush for all the dirty little spots in your house. It's especially handy for grout, around faucets, and other hard-to-reach places.

This Rechargeable Callus Remover

via: Amazon / Melissa

Unlike other electric foot files, this callus remover doesn't stop working when you press down firmly. Works great on even thick, hardened foot calluses. One 5-star reviewer says, "Today my electric callus remover arrived. I let it charge for several hours. I planed down all remaining rough, dry or callused areas. My feet are now looking and feeling great!"

This Revolving Cake Stand

via: Amazon

I hope you're lucky enough to have a friend or relative who loves to bake. Gift them this rotating cake stand to help them decorate cakes more easily. One 5-star reviewer says, "The spinning board works great. It glides so nicely and its sturdy. I felt like a pro."

This Belt Might Make You a Better Runner

via: Amazon

Technically speaking, this running belt won't make you faster or healthier. But! By comfortably stowing your phone, keys, and other necessities, you'll worry less and enjoy your run more. And that makes you a better runner in my book!

This Hand-Painted Salsa Bowl

via: Amazon

A fun addition to Taco Tuesday or any fiesta, this ceramic salsa bowl with spoon holds 1.5 cups of salsa or dip. Makes a fun housewarming or hostess gift. It's dishwasher safe, too!

This Water Purifying Shower Filter

via: Amazon

Filter minerals, chlorine, and odors from water for a cleaner, healthier shower! Attach the AquaBliss 12-stage water filter to your shower head, and you'll immediately enjoy the benefits of softer water on your hair and skin.

This Convenient Single-Serve Coffee Maker

via: Amazon

Perfect for travel, the office, or other situations when you don't have access to a coffee machine! This pour-over coffee maker lets you brew a fresh cup of coffee anytime, any place, with just hot water--no electricity needed.

This Phone Dock Will Look Great on Your Desk

via: Amazon

Sleek, stylish, and priced under $10, this metal phone stand is an elegant solution for docking your phone on your desk or bedside table. Comes in four stylish finishes, including silver, gold, black, and rose gold.

This Colorful Taco Holder

via: Amazon

Spice up your next taco night with this fun, colorful taco stand! It holds up to 3 tacos upright so all the fixings stay in place until you're ready to eat. Made of sturdy melamine for indoor or outdoor use.

This Twistable, Turnable Travel Pillow

via: Amazon

A thoughtful gift for anyone who travels frequently, this travel pillow has a memory foam core designed to twist into multiple positions. Reviewers say, "you can really click the pillow into whatever shape you want"  and "it is really comfortable and provides the right support in the right places."

These Remote-Controlled Wax Candles

via: Amazon

Made of real wax, this set of 9 candles have the look and feel of real candles, but with a very practical upgrade. Each contains an LED light powered by batteries, and the entire set can be controlled by the included remote control.

This Popular Weleda Skin Food

via: Amazon / Sarah B.

With a loyal cult following, Weleda Skin Food is a thick, plant-based cream designed to moisturize and heal dry, scaly skin. It was developed in 1926 and still contains organic, moisturizing ingredients derived from sunflowers, rosemary, and pansies.

This Rotating Waffle Maker

via: Amazon

Cook up better tasting, evenly toasted waffles with this flippable waffle iron from Hamilton Beach. Reviewers say it reminds them of old-school waffle irons they grew up with: "just like my grandmother's" and "a fantastic waffle maker for a good price."

This Cookbook Answers the Question, Will It Waffle?

via: Amazon

If you're gifting someone a waffle maker, round it out with this unique cookbook, Will It Waffle. As the name suggests, it provides more than 50 recipes for food you can make in a waffle iron, including steak, pizza, and apple pie!

These Mat-Replacing Yoga Paws

via: Amazon

Sometimes I do yoga stretches between marathon sessions at the computer, but I don't always want to bother with a mat.  The solution? Yoga paws! They slip on the hands and feet to provide padding and nonslip protection, enabling me to do my sun salutations anywhere.