37 of the Handiest Gadgets on Amazon

When I'm shopping, which is — ahem — a lot, I base my purchases on a couple of things: 1. How awesome it is, 2. How much it costs and 3. The ratio of awesomeness to price. (It's a complicated mathematical formula so just trust me.) What that means is, I have a lot of relatively inexpensive, but ridiculously-awesome gadgets and trinkets sprinkled throughout the drawers and cabinets at my house.

From waterproof paper in the shower to word search wrapping paper that fits any gift-giving occasion, I guarantee there's something here that's a "must-have" for your own home. Ever wanted to fling stuff at your dog? Got it. Need to eliminate that grueling step between slicing and serving your pizza? Problem solved. Didn't finish that bottle of wine? I've got a product that'll keep it "protected." Read on for three dozen of my favorite handy gadgets for kitchen to car and everything in between.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

A White Noise Machine That'll Knock You Out

The power went off in my house at 4:30 a.m. (Last night? This morning?) and let me tell you, trying to get back to sleep when you can hear a cat grooming itself three doors down is next to impossible. Of course, if your power is off, this white noise machine still won't be much help, but on an ordinary night, it'll have you sleeping like a baby.

A Lazy Solution For Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

The only thing more annoying than putting makeup on is taking it off ... of your brushes, that is. Laze your way through that process with this turbo-charged (OK, USB-charged) makeup brush cleaner. A unit that does it all — cleans and dries in seconds — you'll prolong the life of your brushes and the beauty of your complexion without much effort on your part.

Floss On Them With Portability

Can I let you in on a little secret? I hate flossing. And, when I say "hate," I actually mean "loathe." Whoever decided that sawing back and forth around your gums with a skinny piece of "paper" with sharp edges was a good idea anyway? (Don't answer that.) With this water flosser, I hate flossing less. It has six jet nozzles and two brush heads, and the entire thing is housed in one portable unit — no cords attached. That makes it perfect for flossing on the go, if you're into that sort of thing.

Cut Cord Clutter With These Magnetic Clips

We're inching ever closer to a fully wireless world, but we're still tethered to wall outlets by power cords and charging cables. As a result, we're forced to admit that nest of wires under the desk is unsightly. Grab a six-pack of these magnetic cable clips if you want to tidy and hide some of the corded jungle. They're also a great stand-in for bookmarks, fridge magnets, earphone holders and so much more.

Privacy Covers That'll Shut Down the NSA

Have you ever considered the possibility that your computer is spying on you? OK, maybe not your computer, but someone looking through your computer into your life via an open camera port? (Bear with me, non-conspiracy theorists.) Since I've been working from home for the past six months, I've found what I feel is a little more privacy by attaching one of these fun privacy covers over my Mac's camera. Slide it open when you need it; slide it closed when you don't. The only eyeballs that'll be staring back at you are the ones attached to these cute little guys.

Keep Your Drinking Wrapped Up

It's time we have "the talk." Are you practicing safe wine storage? Presuming there's any of an open bottle left, these wine bottle coverings are a clever way to wrap it up once the evening's festivities are done. These covers shrink to fit just about any size bottle and provide an air- and water-tight seal in a recognizable foil packet that'll have your guests laughing uproariously and questioning your life choices.

Pour It Up and Then Chill

While we're on the topic of drinking, another must-have are these insulated chilling tumblers. And, no, they aren't just for wine. You can pop one or more of these tumblers in the freezer to solidify the cooling gel inside their walls. Add your favorite beverage — milk, tea, water or yes, wine — and your drink will be as fashionably cool as you are. A silicone band on myriad color options makes for easy handling.

Banish Bedhead With This Silk Pillowcase

I've been attending a lot of Zoom meetings ... and I mean a lot. And, I don't know why, but they're always ridiculously early, like before-the-coffee-has-kicked-in early. What that means is that I don't have time to coif my hair every morning. Honestly, some mornings, it's a miracle I even brush it. But, by sleeping on a silk pillowcase at night, I can fake a perfect blowout every morning. Silk pillowcases are great for minimizing bedhead and also protecting your skin from wrinkling. I call that a win-win.

Split, Pit and Slice With An All-In-One Avocado Tool

You know the drill: Buy avocado at store. Bring avocado home. Poke it occasionally, hoping it's finally ripe. Wait 30 seconds too long and it's bad. I can't help you with the avocado time sequence, but I can help you with getting that bad boy open when it reaches that critical "ready to go" stage. I'm a lover of all OXO products and their three-in-one avocado slicer is a tool I reach for often. Split, pit and slice in a matter of seconds. It's an avo-ca-DUH.

Get Corny At Home

If I told you how much I've missed movie theater popcorn these past few months, you might think I have a bit of a problem. So, I won't go there. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? When life takes away your movie theater popcorn, you make your own at home! I love this glass microwave popcorn popper for its efficient design. You can pop the corn (without oil or butter, if you're a sadist) in it, eat from it and then toss it in the dishwasher when you're finished.

If Angry Mama Ain't Happy

My mom made me clean when I was a kid. I was a pro vacuumer, ironer and dishwasher before I ever hit teenage-dom. So, I consider this gadget an homage to my mother, though she isn't really this angry ... often. The angry mom microwave cleaner is the non-toxic, do-it-all gadget your mom wished she had to get her microwave sparkling clean. Just wait for "mom" to get steamed and your microwave will get magically cleaned.

Light Up Your Complexion

I'm never one to turn down a good, non-surgical treatment for my skin. If you've never had a facial, this is your reminder to book it. Anyway, I also dig at-home devices that allow me to pamper myself a little for not a lot of coin. Neutrogena has perfected this tiny light therapy acne spot treatment in a device the size of an ink pen that you can perform in the comfort of your own bathroom. The best news is it works even for those of us with unruly, sensitive skin.

It's Slime (Cleaning) Time

I was first introduced to this little marvel by a co-worker and almost immediately took over his jar. Sorry, not sorry. Tech Taffy, as it's called, is like the slime you remember as a kid, but in a more responsible adult form. It is, after all, designed to help collect the gunk that lingers among your computer keys. (Try not to dwell on that thought.) But, it's also handy to grab a chunk to gather particles in your car's center console or to pick up microscopic fuzz on the face of your electronic devices.

Mini Tunes On The Move

Bring the (itty-bitty) noise! I'm sure this is exactly what Public Enemy had it mind when they coined that phrase ... or maybe not. But, you can't help but love this mini boom Bluetooth speaker that's half the size of your standard prescription bottle with all the sound you'd expect from a much larger device. Take your tunes on the go easily. This speaker will slip in your pocket or purse and comes in two metallic shades and goes-with-anything black.

Write And Rewrite And Rewrite Again

Do you ever just want to doodle? No? Just me? OK, good chat. For those of you might, but won't admit it, have I got an awesome product for you. The Rocketbook Smart Resuable Notebook is the product you needed in college, but didn't have. Its 36 dotted grid pages work only with one type of pen and can be written on and wiped clean numerous times. What's even better is that you can transfer your handwriting to any number of popular cloud services using a matching smartphone app.

Make It Snow Cone Season Year-Round

I'm a sucker for a snow cone. I could practically live off of them in the summer. Years ago, I had a snow cone maker in the shape of Snoopy's dog house, which probably just revealed my age. Sigh. This ice shaver is a more grown-up version that still gives you all that snowy ice goodness. It comes with a silicone ice tray, if you need it, and its design makes it easy to crank out the cubes at home or tote it to your next outdoor gathering.

Get Heated

We've already discussed the best way to chill your drink; now, let's talk about the best way to keep it warm. The fall and winter months are the perfect time to grab a hot latte, cider or tea, but nothing is more frustrating than getting half-way through your drink and trying to choke down the rest of your tepid liquid. This mug warmer has a small footprint so it can sit comfortably on your desk, and the adjustable temperature allows you to crank up the heat — all the way to 176 degrees.

Smartphone Lenses To Up Your Selfie Game

If you've been wanting to take your photography skills to the next level without investing in a top-of-the-line camera, this four-in-one phone photography kit might be your answer. It comes with an 18X telephoto lens, fisheye lens, wide-angle lens and macro lens, as well as a mini-tripod, Bluetooth shutter and zippered case to keep everything organized. Apple and Samsung have given us good cameras; this set makes them even better.

The World's Most Annoying Alarm Clock

Raise your hand if you're guilty of hitting the "snooze" button one. time. too. many. I know I am. You can change your ways with this alarm clock on wheels, which is just as torturous as you might imagine. Set your prescribed wake time and then play "hide and seek" with this gadget that rolls, hides, beeps and jumps all around your house. Think of it like a replacement for your alarm clock and that first cup of coffee all in one.

Bring S'More Fun Home

Do you smell that? It's nostalgia. The s'mores of your childhood just got a lot simpler thanks to this indoor s'mores maker with flameless electric heater. Now you can have your ooey-gooey treat without dragging out the camping gear or bug spray — all for less than $20. Heat your marshmallows over the "fire" with the included stainless steel forks and keep extra graham crackers and chocolate within reach, thanks to the built-in trays.

Ice, Ice, (Roller) Baby

Florida summers are so hot and humid that if I could climb up in my freezer and just hang out there a while, I totally would. Since that's not an option, this ice roller is a favorite. Not only is it great for cooling you off, but it offers other uses as well including migraine relief, relaxing muscle tensions and de-puffing your face. Store it in the freezer and it'll be ready to go at a moment's notice.

A Prehistoric Pencil Cup

I added a little personality to my workspace with this prehistoric pal who holds not only pens and pencils but also my smartphone as well. It's a great conversation starter, too: "Can I borrow a pen?" "Rawr, no." See? If dinos aren't your thing, there are other fun, furry friends to choose from including a penguin, dolphin, eagle and elephant. The best feature, in my opinion, is the quick-glance ability it gives you to check your phone screen without having to pick it up.

Bump It Off Literally Anything

This might literally be the most versatile product Amazon has. It's called Bump It Off and its makers describe it as a silicone scrubber. There really isn't much it can't do. You can use it to scrub dishes, remove stains from clothes, pick up pet hair from your furniture and even exfoliate in the shower. Grab it in one of four colors; heck, grab two, just in case the idea of grooming Fido and yourself with one tool weirds you out.

Warm Your Feet While You Work

I'm a multitasker. If I can knock out two things at one time, I'm all about it, which is exactly what these microfiber slippers allow. Put them on in the morning and head to the kitchen to grab your coffee. Boom! Kitchen floor dusted. Go into the bathroom to wash your face. Bam! Bathroom clean. (OK, maybe not the whole bathroom.) These cute-as-a-button slippers have a detachable microfiber chenille sole that allows you to clean with your feet while you navigate the day. Convenient, huh?

Keep Your Key(Board) In Your Pocket

Sometimes I just don't want to drag a laptop around with me everywhere I go. Enter this compact keyboard. Thanks to its Bluetooth capabilities, I can have a full-sized keyboard at my fingertips, but still use a small tablet or smartphone as my screen. It folds up (very handy!) and even has a touchpad functionality. Recharge it in just about 120 minutes for a standby time of well over 500 hours.

A Noteworthy Shower

I know I can't be the only one who comes up with their best ideas in the shower. Now I have a way to preserve those thoughts without having to say them, internally, over and over until I get toweled off. Aqua notes are just as handy as you might imagine, allowing you to document your watery thoughts using waterproof paper and an included pencil. And, just in case you were concerned about their environmental impact, they're made with soy-based ink and wind energy.

Tissues A Fingertip Away

In full disclosure, I've had one of these in every vehicle I've driven over the past, oh, 20 years. Why? Because when is having a tissue within arm's reach not a good idea, especially in the car? This black leather tissue holder easily slides onto your visor, making it possible to quickly grab a tissue in the event of a sneeze or a spill. You can also find refill tissue packs on Amazon for cheap.

Pizza Slicing And Serving Perfection

There's no time to waste when there's fresh pizza in the house. These Scizza scissors knock out one step between getting the pizza sliced and having warm cheese hanging out of your mouth. (Grab a napkin, please.) Thanks to its all-in-one design, you can slice and serve in one fell swoop, with extra-long blades and a nylon base that won't scratch your pans or stoneware. The best news? No toppings lost.

Wrap Up Your Gift Giving

Blame it on me being a word nerd, I guess, but I was geeked to find this word search wrapping paper. Instead of buying separate types of wrapping paper for each occasion (and figuring out where to store it all), this one roll covers everything: Christmas, babies, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, the list goes on. Find and highlight keywords like "ecstatic," "merry" and "thrilled" to convey your best wishes to your gift recipient.

Giving New Meaning To To-Go Order

We may be past the initial months of the pandemic, but I discovered twice in as many weeks that many fast-food restaurants are still not letting people inside to eat. So, you either grab it and try to get home before it gets cold or you eat, awkwardly, in the car. Problem solved with this steering wheel desk. Sure, it's sturdy enough to hold a laptop, but why would you want to do that if you could cover it with fresh French fries? You're out of luck on the passenger side, I'm afraid. You'll just have to use your lap.

Fling Food at Fido

You know the look: The sad, puppy-dog eyes when man's best friend is hoping (begging?) for a treat. This pet treat launcher will get them off your case. It's good for you because you get to "shoot" treats across the room or backyard and good for them because they get a little exercise in the process. And, if you just so happen to use it by shooting M&Ms at your roommate sitting on the couch, I'm not here to judge.

Dinner And A Phone Show

When I'm watching a show or even binging puppy videos on my phone, I always encounter the same problem: My hands. Since my hands are tied up holding my phone, there's no way to do anything else. This snack bowl that doubles as a phone holder is really quite ingenious. It works with 99 percent of smartphones, according to the description, and has not only a place for a treat, but also a "trash" compartment for scraps. Now I'm good to "Netflix and snack" for hours.

Add A Bit Of Magic To Your Food

Just admit it: You've always thought of yourself as a bit of a prince or princess. With these magic wand salt and pepper shakers, you can be a little more fairy godmother ... or godfather, if you will. Dispense salt and pepper with a flourish of your wand and add a bit of magic to your meals. You don't even have to say "Shalakazam!" when you're using them, but I highly recommend it.

Portable Pockets

We're in the 21st century now and lots of things have become more portable: Phones, cameras, keyboards ... pockets? If you're short on purse space or find yourself out without any pockets (the horror!), these portable pockets are a fine stand-in. Think of it as a secret place to stash your valuables. Maybe your handbag could use an extra pocket or you're out for a run with nowhere to put your house key. These pockets stay in place until you decide it's time for them to go. It's even better than buying a dress with pockets, I promise.

PB&J Soda? You're Bacon Me Crazy

Sometimes you just need a gag gift and I hit the motherlode with this one. These outrageous sodas are guaranteed to get more than a few laughs and some wrinkled noses. Try flavors like sweet corn, pumpkin pie and my personal favorite, ranch dressing. You're set up to be the hit of the office's white elephant Christmas exchange with these.

The Unicorn Of All Squirrel Feeders

Cannot. Stop. Laughing. Guarantee a unicorn sighting in your own backyard with this unicorn head squirrel feeder. Fill with seeds or corn and watch the squirrels go nuts (pun intended) over their newfound bounty. They shouldn't get all the enjoyment, though, which is where catching a glimpse of a squirrel body with a unicorn head comes into play. It's countless hours of enjoyment.

A Pacifier Fit For A Golden Child

"Changin' grillz errday like Jay change clothes," will be your baby's new favorite Nelly lyrics, inspired by this comical grillz pacifier. It's the start of a great Halloween costume or just an everyday chuckle amid dirty diapers and spit-up. Because if you can't mess with your kids a little, are you even a parent? Tack one on as part of a baby shower gift, too.