37 Products That Make Grown Lady Life Easier

Honestly? Being a grown AF woman is kind of exhausting and sometimes a girl needs a little help. These 37 products are sure to make your life easier.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Get The Gunk Off Your Brushes With This Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

No judgement, but you're probably not cleaning your makeup brushes as often as you should. This makeup brush cleaning mat will make it super easy. You're putting these brushes on your face everyday, so they should probably be clean.

This Magnifying Vanity Mirror Might Show More Than You Bargained For

This tri-fold magnifying vanity mirror will show you every part of your face, up close and personal. Good luck with that!

This Portable Razor Lets You Shave Literally Anywhere

This portable razor is kind of brilliant. Inside the circular case is a spray, shea butter bar, and razor that you access one at a time by turning the dial. Totally perfect for women who travel a lot.

This Alarm Clock Rug Will Definitely Get You Out Of Bed

Waking up in the morning can be a challenge, but this pressure-sensing alarm clock rug makes sure you at least get your feet on the ground. It only turns off after you step on it for three seconds.

Finally Keep Eyeshadow Off The Rest Of Your Face With These Shadow Shields

The hardest thing about doing eyeshadow is keeping it from smudging all over the rest of your face. These shadow shields stick to your face to protect it from falling shadow.

This Futuristic Teeth Whitener Speeds Up Results

Use this teeth whitener with any teeth whitening gel or strips and get faster results, thanks to five powerful LED lights.

This Makeup Removing Cloth Is Reusable

Just add water to this reusable makeup removing cloth to clean a full face of makeup. You'll never need to use another disposable wipe again, which is great for your wallet and the environment.

Avoid Damage With This Heatless Hair Curler

All you need for perfect curls is to roll your hair into a bun using this heatless hair curler. Leave it in your hair from 30 to overnight and you're done. It literally couldn't be easier.

Stay Visible With These Jogging Lights

If you love running at night, you need these jogging lights. They clip onto your shoes and are visible from half a mile away, so you won't be running in the dark.

This Facial Steamer Is Like Your Own Personal Spa

This spa-quality facial steamer unclogs pores for your best skin ever, and has a special towel-warming chamber. Just like going to the spa, except you can watch Netflix while you pamper yourself.

Never Drop Your Phone Again With This Phone Strap

This phone strap will save you from shattering your screen for the 15th time by keeping your phone more secure while you multitask.

This Hair Straightening Brush Is A Gift From The Heavens

This hair straightening brush makes styling your hair as easy as brushing it. It's temperature-adjustable, designed to prevent burns, and has an auto-shut off feature so you don't have to wonder if you left it on all day.

Keep Your Documents Handy With This Passport Scarf

Keep all your travel documents safe and easily accessible with this passport scarf. It has a secret compartment big enough to fit your passport and boarding documents and it will keep you warm on the plane.

Banish Zits With This Acne Clearing Light

This acne treatment system uses red and blue light (not UV) to target bacteria and inflammation in just two minutes.

This Root Touch Up Spray Is Like Magic

This temporary root touch-up spray covers grays to make your color last longer between salon appointments. It looks super natural and washes out in the shower.

Look Alive (For Once) With These Depuffing Undereye Patches

These all-natural depuffing undereye patches work like coffee for your eyes. Wear these while you're eating breakfast or making actual coffee to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

This Is The Most Useful Cosmetics Bag Ever

This cosmetics bag eliminates the struggle of digging through all your products just to find one. Lay out everything you need, and just pull the bag closed when you're finished.

Never Lose Your Keys Again With Tile Key Finder

Attach to your keys, phone, or throw in your suitcase and Tile will help you find it the next time it gets lost. Tile uses Bluetooth to locate your belongings and can ring so if the object is nearby, you'll find it quickly.

These Laundry Bags Will Protect Your Delicates

Technically you should hand wash bras, but who has time for that? Put delicates in these mesh laundry bags to protect them in the wash.

This Blister Blocker Makes Wearing Heels Almost Worth It

Preemptively stop blisters by applying this blister blocker before wearing heels or other uncomfortable shoes. The invisible protective layer prevents friction between your skin and shoes so blisters don't develop.

This Shampoo And Shaving Bar Is The Perfect Two In One

This tiny cube is the equivalent of three bottles of shampoo and you can use it to shave. Anyone who travels often or just wants to use less plastic definitely needs this shampoo shaving bar.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Makeup With This Eyeshadow Stamp

This eyeshadow stamp simplifies your morning makeup routine. Get perfect eyeshadow every time by applying it to the device and then literally stamping it (gently!) on your eyelid.

This Hair Catcher Is So Nasty And So Necessary

There's nothing worse than having to pull a massive, wet clump of hair from your drain. Avoid the issue altogether and use this hair catcher, which is way easier and less nasty to clean.

Forget About Boob Sweat With These Bra Liners

Look, it's the middle of summer so boob sweat season is in full swing. Keep the girls dry with these genius bamboo bra liners that absorb moisture.

These Yoga Socks Keep Your Sweaty Feet From Slipping

These yoga socks separate your toes and wick away moisture to help you find your balance, which is ninety percent of doing yoga. They also protect your feet from bacteria.

Keep Your Belongings Off The Ground With This Handy Purse Hook

There is nothing more disgusting than a bathroom stall without a hook to hang your things. Or having to put your purse on a dirty restaurant floor. This portable purse hook will protect your purse and other belongings from who knows what's on the ground.

This USB Tassel Clips Right Onto Your Purse

This leather tassel serves as a USB/Lightning cable and a fashion statement. Hook it onto your purse or keyring and you'll always be prepared for a charging emergency.

This Wine Bottle Opener Looks Like The Future

This spaceship-looking wine bottle opener uses air pressure to quickly and easily remove corks so you can get your drink on, no effort required.

This Phone Charger Is Powered By The Sun

Charge your phone using the power of the sun. Especially perfect for outdoorsy people who might not always have an outlet handy, this solar phone charger is super durable and can charge two devices at once.

These Stemless Wine Glasses Are Unbreakable

These unbreakable wine glasses mean you don't have to worry about you or one of your drunk friends destroying your fancy glasses again.

This Magnetic Key Holder Is Cute And Functional

Practical and whimsical, this magnetic key holder has an adhesive backing so it's easy to hang, no holes required.

This Collapsable Hair Diffuser Saves Space

Hair diffusers are great for styling but not so great for storing or traveling with. This collapsible version fits easily in your drawer or purse and fits almost any hair dryer.

This Migrastil Headache Stick Uses Theraputic Oils

This headache stick contains a mix of essential oils that you can roll your forehead or the back of your neck to relieve headaches.

This Spoon Saver Will Keep Your Countertops Clean

This spoon saver hugs your cooking utensils so they don't fall into the pot, or holds them as a spoon rest to keep food off your counters. It's dishwasher and heat safe. Oh, and his name is Doug.

Avoid Tangles With This Cable YoYo

This cable yoyo grips cords and cables to keep them from tangling, so you can finally avoid tying your ear buds in knots. Here, take my money.

These Animal Cracker Cookie Cutters Are The Cutest

You can make the cutest cookies from your childhood at home with these animal cracker cookie cutters. They're spring action too, so the dough doesn't get stuck in the cookie cutter.

This Butter Keeper Is Fancy AF

This butter keeper will make your butter soft and spreadable and keep it good for 30  days without refrigeration. The fact that it's made of marble is just an excellent bonus.