37 Ingenious Inventions With Brilliant Dual Uses

Two is better than one! That's the philosophy behind today's list of products, all of which have at least two different functions. Sometimes, the item is designed with a dual use in mind. Other times, sneaky-smart customers have figured out a second purpose! Either way, these products are all brilliant solutions to a wide range of life's little challenges.

Take, for instance, the Brazilian Mat, which was designed to pick up pet hair, but has another surprising use. There's also a money clip and picture frame, both of which have hidden features you'd never guess by looking at them. Read on for more products with brilliant double lives!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Brazilian Mat

The Brazilian Mat includes 25 adhesive sheets that tear off like notebook pages. They were designed for lifting pet hair off of clothes or furniture, but customers have discovered the mats are also brilliant at cleaning up glitter, paper scraps, and other debris left over from craft projects.

These Mesh Bags

via: Amazon

These reusable, washable mesh bags are meant for carrying produce home from the store and storing in the fridge. They let fruits and veggies breathe and cut down on single-use plastic. Bonus: They double as laundry bags for delicates!

These Bluetooth Sunglasses

via: Amazon

Treat yourself or a friend to this fun new gadget (well-priced at under $20). This set of Bluetooth sunglasses includes polarized lenses in a universally flattering shape, along with built-in headphones that deliver crisp audio. Connect via Bluetooth to your phone for music in the sunshine!

These Cocktail Party Plates

via: Amazon

I love a good cocktail party, but I don't love the awkwardness of managing a plate and wine glass while balancing on high heels and pretending my husband's colleague is fascinating. At least these cocktail party plates can solve one of those problems! They pull double duty by holding appetizers and a wine glass in just one hand.

This Barracuda 5-in-1 Kitchen Tool

via: Amazon

I'm a sucker for any multipurpose gadget, so the Barracuda 5-in-1 Kitchen Tool looks like a sure thing for me. Grab, scoop, strain, scrape, and serve all with one handy tool!

This Aluminum Dome

via: Amazon

Durable and bargain-priced, this lightweight aluminum dome is a handy tool in the kitchen. It's meant for melting cheese on burgers, but home chefs have found other uses as well, including cooking eggs faster, using as a lid while steaming veggies or fish, and keeping food warm until serving.

This Coconut Oil

via: Amazon

Maybe you already knew about coconut oil's myriad uses, but some of these were new to me! In addition to using it in recipes, you can spread coconut oil on bread or muffins as a butter substitute. It's also amazing in smoothies! Buy a jar for the bathroom, too, because coconut oil is a fabulous moisturizer for skin, hair, and nails.

This Rose Berry Tint

via: Amazon

If you like make-up products that pull double (or triple) duty, you'll love this Rose Berry Tint, a subtle, creamy shade flattering on most complexions. It's designed for both cheeks and lips, and Amazon reviewers report using it as eyeshadow, too!

These Dog Waste Bags

via: Amazon / Anita Collins

My dog Rosie loves to go for walks. She smells all the smells, leaves pee-mail on every corner, and poops right on schedule. I felt bad about using all those plastic waste bags, so I went looking for a better solution. These bags serve double duty: They hold dog poop securely, and are fully compostable!

This Convertible Backpack/Messenger Bag

via: Amazon

Versatile and practical, this sleek bag transforms from a backpack to a messenger bag with shoulder strap. It looks professional enough for a job interview, but is sturdy enough for travel. Comes in two sizes based on laptop size.

This Cutting Board With Built-in Colander

via: Amazon / Machine380

Clean, chop, and scoop veggies all in one place! This cutting board is designed to fit over the sink so you can rinse and chop without moving around the kitchen. And the collapsible silicone colander is removable, making it easy as heck to keep perfectly clean. (And you can play with it, because trust me, anything silicone AND collapsible makes for fun fidgetin').

This Silicone Donut Pan

via: Amazon

Pick up one of these silicone donut pans, and you're in for a treat. Two treats, that is!  Bake up a batch of cake-style donuts (there are a billion recipes online), or freeze juice for donut-shaped popsicles!

This Microfiber Glasses Pouch

via: Amazon

Protect your eyeglasses or sunglasses from scratches with this microfiber pouch. The thin pouch protects glasses without taking up a lot of space in your pocket or bag. Plus, the microfiber is perfect for cleaning your lenses, too!

These Beach Shoes with a Hidden Pocket

via: Amazon

Protect your feet and valuables at the same time! Rocky beaches call for water shoes, and outdoor activities require a safe spot for your key or other small items. This pair of beach shoes lets you take care of both needs at once.

This Ancient Greek Remedy Oil

via: Amazon / Rachel

A bestseller on Amazon, this highly rated oil is a blend of all-natural olive, lavender, grape seed, and almond oils. Use it on hair, skin, face, and nails for gentle yet rich moisturizing.

This Hoodie That Holds Your Pet

via: Amazon

Possibly the cutest dual-use product available on Amazon, this pet lover's hoodie lets you and your furry friend snuggle and stay warm together.

This Utensil Holder

via: Amazon

Understated and elegant, this ceramic utensils container doubles as an iPad holder. Use it in the kitchen to corral cooking utensils and prop up your tablet for recipes. Or, try it on your desk as a pencil cup!

This Litter Box Planter

via: Amazon

If you have a cat, you have to own a litter box. You don't have to own one that looks like a litter box, though! This clever design makes it look like you just have a nice plant in the corner, instead of an open box of sand and poop!

This Salt Spray

via: Amazon

Want to feel like you're on vacation, even when it's another day at the office? Try this heavenly-smelling Love & Salt Spray. A few spritzes in your hair gives beachy waves that are textured yet soft. You can also spray onto skin for a refreshing, light scent!

This Luggage Strap

via: Amazon

This little gadget makes a big impact! Use it to clip a smaller bag to a bigger one, or to securely clip a jacket, water bottle, or other accessory to your suitcase or backpack. A practical item for commuters, travelers, and students!

This Money Clip

via: Amazon

Grab this gift for the tough guy (or gal) in your life. It looks and acts like an ordinary money clip, but it also conceals a handy little 1.75-inch knife.

This Acrylic Serving Set

via: Amazon

Unbreakable acrylic is perfect for outdoor entertaining and kids' parties. This versatile serving set lets you mix and match the pieces depending on what you're serving, from crudités, to salads, to desserts, to punch!

This Patio Table

via: Amazon

Spruce your outdoor space with this cleverly designed patio table that doubles as a drink cooler! Made of resin in a rattan pattern, the  round table is just the right size for a few drinks or small bowls of appetizers. Below, the cooler holds ice and drinks ready for serving.

This Charger Cord Bracelet

via: Amazon

Be prepared (and stylish!) with this good-looking bracelet that doubles as a charger cord. Connect up your phone and power bank when it's time to charge, then turn it back into a bracelet when you're done!

This Picture Frame

via: Amazon

Yes, it's a sleek picture frame that shows off any 5x7 photo beautifully. But this frame has a hidden asset! Inside is a secret compartment where you can hide cash or other valuables.

These Pizza Scissors

via: Amazon

The first time I cut a pizza with kitchen shears, I vowed to throw away my old rotary pizza cutter. Now it's time to upgrade again to these genius pizza scissors that double as a slice server!

These Plantable Pencils

via: Amazon

Eco-friendly and creative, these plantable pencils are made of high-quality wood and graphite, with seeds hidden inside. When the pencil is too short to use any longer, plant the stub and watch as the seeds sprout into herbs and flowers.

This Pocket Blanket

via: Amazon

Made of nylon and polyester, the pocket blanket unfolds from a tiny packet to a roomy 44 by 28 inches. Keep it handy just in case, and use it as a blanket, ground cover, or poncho.

This Pot With Built-In Strainer

via: Amazon

Cook your pasta and drain it too! This 5-quart pot comes with a lid designed with straining holes, so you can go from cooking to draining without getting out a separate colander.

This Rain Scarf

via: Amazon

There aren't many items of clothing that have a second purpose worth writing about, but this rain scarf impressed me. Wear the soft, broadcloth scarf for a warm and cute accessory. In case of rain, turn it inside out to reveal a waterproof wrap with hood!

This Vegetable Peeler

via: Amazon

Peel veggies more efficiently with this 3-in-1 rotary peeler. There are three different blades so you can do standard, serrated, or julienne-style peeling.

This Shower/Shampoo/Shave Product

via: Amazon

I've seen lots of shampoo/body wash combos, but this was the first I found that does three jobs in one! Use the Nivea Shower/Shampoo/Shave to take care of all your bathing needs with one product.

This Silicone Pot Holder

via: Amazon

I have a couple of these silicone pot holders, and I already knew they were great for handling hot pans. But I had no idea they are so versatile! Turns out you can also use them as trivets, jar openers, coasters, and spoon rests.

This Skin-So-Soft Lotion

via: Amazon

Avon's legendary Skin-So-Soft has been treasured for decades as a safe, mild-smelling, effective insect repellant. It also moisturizes like any good lotion, and this version includes SPF30 as well. One layer of this product and you're set for the great outdoors!

This Fruit Bowl

via: Amazon

Rinse, serve, and store fruits and veggies in one convenient bowl! The Soak n' Strain makes it easy to prepare and serve your favorite berries, greens, or other healthy food.

This Solar-Powered Charger

via: Amazon

It's a good idea to keep a solar-powered charger around in case of power outages or for long hikes. This model is especially handy, since it includes a built-in LED flashlight and compass.

This Titanium Spork

via: Amazon

Lightweight and virtually indestructible, this titanium spork includes a built-in bottle opener so you're ready for campfire food and a beer to go with it. Awesome for camping trips, but fun to use at work, too!