37 Home Products You'll Probably Wish You'd Bought Years Ago

Remember that one product from long ago you were almost ready to buy, but didn't? Now's your chance to make things right. This list features 37 home products you'll probably wish you bought years ago, because every item here is useful, serves a purpose, and looks good at the same time. From doorbell cameras to elegant surge protectors, these are Amazon products that you'll be thankful you purchased rather than wait until later. Elevate your home decorating skills and fix issues that have been plaguing your living space – all in one list. No regrets.

This Coat Rack Is Great For Small Spaces


Keep your coats and jackets neatly organized and ready to throw on with this stylish entryway coat rack. It has 10 durable hooks for clothing items and features a shoe rack. Keeping it by your door gives you quick easy access to your coats. Not a bad sight to see when you first walk in, right?

This Night Light is Also a Bluetooth Speaker and Alarm Clock

Whether you've got a cramped nightstand or a small vanity, this little light is probably small enough to fit. Despite its compact size, it boasts a powerful Bluetooth speaker you can use to play soothing music — or even just jam out while you're in the shower. The brightness is also adjustable, and you can switch between 48 colors when setting the mood. Who knew nightlights could be so versatile?

This Ring Video Doorbell Will Upgrade Your Existing Bell

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Whether you're at home or not, this smart video doorbell gives you audio notifications straight to your home. So, you know when someone's at your door – even at night because it has night vision. I love this feature because when I'm at work and receive online shopping deliveries, I can still interact with the delivery person!

Keep Your Car Clean With This Cleaning Putty

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This cleaning putty has been a lifesaver in helping me keep my car clean. I use it for my vents, cup holders, and dashboard. It picks up dust and dirt with very little effort and takes two seconds to use. And since it's reusable, you can use it over and over. We spend a lot of time in our cars, so we should treat it with the same care we do our homes.

Create More Space By Display Items On These Floating Shelves


These floating shelves are an ingenious way to display kitchenware, bathroom items, picture frames, or any other figurines and bric-a-brac you need to shelve. Easy to install, these durable shelves have a modern feel that will spruce up your home in more ways than one.

These Cut-Resistant Work Gloves are a Natural Choice

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When you're pruning or trimming, regular garden gloves aren't going to cut it. You'll do much better with these cut-resistant work gloves to protect your fingers from injury. The special fabric protects you up to 10 times better than regular gloves, and the coated PU palm gives you a strong grip to prevent slipping.

These Smart LED Light Bulbs Can Be Voice Activated with Alexa

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The best thing about these smart LED light bulbs is they are more energy efficient than regular lights. This means they save you money on your electricity bill. Not only do they end up being cheaper, they also work with Alexa so that you can set your lighting up to be voice activated for the ambiance you desire.

The Amazon Basics Product You Need

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There's nothing worse than running on low battery mode, so if you're always searching the room for outlets, you need this in your life. The reviews say it has good design and functionality and we can definitely attest to that. The best part? It can power up to six devices. A true classic in every household. I won't lie, I have one in each room.

This Power Strip Blends Into Your Decor

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Power strips are a necessary evil, but they're a bit of an eyesore. But I actually found an attractive one! The wood tones are amazing and can coordinate with your existing decor, so they blend in seamlessly. If you have wood floors, you might not even see it. Camouflage, baby!

This Magnetic Wristband Holds Onto Your Nuts And Bolts

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Made from tough polyester, this magnetic wristband is great for keeping track of all those small nuts and bolts that go missing during DIY projects. Unlike other wristbands, this one is breathable to help keep your wrist from getting uncomfortably sweaty — and there are even two small pockets for any items that aren't magnetic.

These Retro Boombox Are So Totally Rad

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These retro boomboxes not only come complete with traditional features like a CD player and radio, but they include more advanced components like built-in Bluetooth and both AUX and USB modes. As my mom always said, "Everything old is new again." Well, with this retro boombox, you can get the best of both eras!

Rock Out On-the-Go With The INSMY Waterproof Speaker


This waterproof speaker can be fully immersed in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes! Not only is it waterproof, but it's shockproof, rainproof, snow-proof. Any kind of proof you need, this speaker has it. Ideal for listening to your favorite music or podcasts while in the shower or tub. Also perfect for kayaking, water sports, hiking, and any activity you can think of where you might get splashed.

Stay Prepared For The Worst With This Portable First Aid Kit


There's nothing worse than slicing your finger and remembering you don't have any band-aids. For any minor cut, scrape, bruise, or injury, be prepared with this well-stocked first aid kit that contains bandages, burn creams, scissors, and adhesive band aids. This kit is OSHA compliant, which means it's what the pros use!

Keep Track of Time With This Stylish Silent Wall Clock


The steady tick tick tick from a clock is enough to drive anyone crazy. But what's your other option? A digital clock that just blares the time at you without the dignified elegance of analog? Well, now you can have the best of both worlds with this stylish silent wall clock. Just look at the elegant rose gold border and sleek numbering. Put one in every room!

This Retro Mini Fridge Will Keep Your Cans Cool, Bro

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Need an extra fridge to stash some cold beverages? Check out this retro Frigidaire mini-fridge that keeps beer, soda, and even skincare products cold for as low as $20. Not only does it keep your home goods ice-cold, but it looks cute and adds character to whatever room you decide to put it in. This retro fridge will make you feel like you're relaxing in a hotel suite but in the comfort of your own home.

This Easy-to-Install TV Mount Will Save You Space in the TV Room


This TV mount is a great way to save space in your living room. Free up some floor space and store your TV on the wall! If you live in an apartment or just feel a little cramped in the living room, then this TV mount is is a game-changer. You can also reduce the glare of your TV because it enables it to tilt forward up to 8 degrees. It's super-easy to install as well!

This Bug Light Brightens Things Up

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Tired of balancing a flashlight precariously on a pillow? This handy little bug light can contort into all kinds of positions to add brightness wherever you need it. Wherever you need to shine a light, the bug light can light the way.

Prop Your iPad On This Pillow

I could not survive without this tablet pillow. O.K., maybe that's a bit dramatic, but I do love it for its versatility. Obviously, you can use it like the picture shows above, but I get the most use out of it in bed at night when I'm reading. Not only does it have multiple viewing angles, but also a metal support bracket and a built-in pocket where you can stash your phone.

Light Up Places You Can't See With This Tool Pickup LED Light


One of my favorite things about this tool pickup LED light is the fact that its neck is telescoping so you can move it around and fit into nooks and crannies. It's also magnetic, so should you drop anything, like nails, you can pick them up without having to strain your back. No matter where you live or what type of home you have, this nifty gadget will come in handy.

This Simple and Ultra Practical Set of Small Makeup and Jewelry Containers


There's no such thing as too many containers and no one can convince me otherwise. And yes, that applies to small containers for my jewelry and makeup. This set is fantastic because it comes with so many options: you get ten pieces in four different sizes, so you can mix and match them however you choose. It's a great little add-on for the top of your dresser, a set of shelves, or your bedside table so you can keep everything organized.

This Heatwave Portable Cleaner Removes Stains From Carpet With Ease


It's hard to believe a carpet cleaner can be this small and easy to use, but you can carry the Bissell SpotClean ProHeat with one hand using the built-in handle. Just fill the tank with the cleaning formula and use the three included attachments to permanently removes tough spots and stains.

Turn Your Pantry Into A See-Through Cereal Aisle

If you want to give your kitchen a modern and uber-organized look, you should invest in a set of these labeled plastic containers. Class up the kitchen and satisfy your cravings for both cereal and a well-organized pantry. And with the included labels, you can label by date and keep track of freshness.

This Smart Night Light is Dimmable via Voice Control


When I tried out this Amazon Smart Night Light, I installed it in just a few seconds because it plugs into the Echo Flex's USB port and is ready to go. Once set up, it works with voice control so you can turn the light on or off of dim it to your preferential mode. It works with six energy efficient LED lights, so it's easy on your electric bill too.

Stand Up and Applaud for this Laptop Stand and Riser


Working from home can be brutal, especially when you have to sit all day. Well, now you can enter the standing-desk world with this versatile laptop riser that extends up to 17 inches. Pairs perfectly with MacBooks and Microsoft Surface Pros. Give your back and neck a break and stand while your work. Easy to carry around and travel with too. Make this laptop accessory your new office buddy.

Easy-to-Install Privacy Film For Your Windows


This privacy film is so easy-to-install you will wonder why you didn't buy it sooner. Why sacrifice natural light in darker rooms with blinds when you can install this privacy film and have the best of both world's. It's economical so much so that once I'm done with the lounge I'm going to get cracking on the kitchen.

Noise-Canceling Sleeping Headphones Will Change Your Quality of Sleep

sleep headphonesvia Amazon

Sleep in sweet silence and serenity with these noise-canceling sleep headphones. This device also doubles as a pair of Bluetooth headphones, sleep mask, and headband. Listen to your favorite calming music as you relax into bed without the need for additional headphones. A great bedroom addition and priced at a bargain on Amazon's secret clearance section.

Keep The Night Sweats Away With This Cooling Gel Infused Memory Pillow


If you're one of those people who's always flipping their pillow to find the cool side, this pillow is a total godsend. It's infused with cooling gel, which means you won't have to flip your pillow anymore — the side you're on will stay chill all night long. And in the name of comfort, it's even filled with ultra-plush memory foam.

This Weatherproof Outdoor Smart Plug for Voice Controlled Extension Cords

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Heavy-duty extension cords are a must-have for any smart home and these ones not only have a high energy output, but they're also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, and Google Assistant.

They're also weatherproof to handle the outdoors and that's why they're the only ones I trust.

This Alexa Voice Remote to Watch TV Hands Free

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The future of TV is here with this Alexa Voice Remote. You only need to press one button and then ask Alexa what content you're looking for. Your volume control and mute buttons can also be controlled and it has pre-set app buttons for Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu. A warning though – you'll be glued to your sofa for hours at a time.

Everything is Easy to Access on this Lazy Susan

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I usually keep things like lotions, makeup, or nail polish in a drawer, and inevitably end up with a wild mess when I go sifting through it all trying to find one specific item. The solution? A lazy susan organizer. It spins so that you can see each side in turn, and has sections laid out for different sizes of products. Put one in your bedroom so you can access meds or skin products whenever you need them.

Buff Your Way To Smooth Skin With This Exfoliating Towel


Repeat after me: Towels don't belong in the shower. Towels don't belong in the shower. This towel belongs in the shower? I'm now questioning all of my life choices. This is an exfoliating shower towel made in Japan and reviewers say it leaves their skin softer and cleaner than ever. I love its exfoliating capabilities and how well it helps your soap or shower gel to lather.

Storage Solutions For Small Spaces


Short on space, but tired of sitting down on the toilet only to realize the toilet paper is out? You can stuff this narrow storage cabinet just about anywhere and hide several rolls of TP behind the door while using the built-in dispenser for your current roll. I like the little shelf on top, which looks like the perfect place to prop up your smartphone to watch TikTok videos in the john.

These Dreamy Pillowcases Will Have You Drifting Off

These Glass Food Storage Containers Come Highly Rated


With tupperware this classy, you'll actually be excited to meal prep! Easily store your leftovers or bring a lunch for the road in these durable glass containers. With snap on lids, you can retain freshness and seal up the good stuff without worrying about spoilage.

Protect Your Coffee Table With These Stylish Stone Coasters


Why leave damaging rings on your wooden surfaces when you could accentuate with these sturdy stone coasters? This set comes in a variety of fun and exciting designs, so you can add character to your coffee table and protect the wood.

Upgrade Your Silverware With This 24-Piece Utensil Set


For $25, you can grab this 24-piece set of kitchen utensils, which includes everything from a soup ladle to tongs to measuring spoons. Made of nylon and stainless steel, these pieces will keep you whisking, peeling, cutting, stirring, mixing, basting, baking, grilling, frying, and serving up your favorite dishes.

Add Greenery To Your Home With This Faux Monstera Plant


Hi..so I murder plants. Unintentionally! Obviously! I just don't have a green thumb but it doesn't stop me loving the look of plants. So I found this Faux Monstera Plant which I call Bob and we now live happily ever after. RIP it's predecessor Wilma who we think of often and fondly.