37 Genius Inventions With Over 5,000 Reviews on Amazon

Did you know there's a whole subreddit called Buy It For Life? Well, there is, and all these genius inventions with over 5,000 reviews on Amazon belong on it! These are the high-quality holy grail items you can spend a lifetime searching for, but the good news is I've tracked 'em down for you.

While 5,000 was the minimum number of great ratings these products could have to make the cut, some of these things have up to 80,000 rabid fans who can't get enough. Whether you need skinny jeans with the perfect fit or a much more reasonable alternative to AirPods, we've got you covered!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Blacklight Flashlight Reveals All

via: Amazon

If you have pets (or kids, tbh) and you notice a weird smell but can't track down the source, this compact UV flashlight is your friend. Places where "accidents" have dried will fluoresce brightly once you turn out the lights, so you can find the stench source and zap it. It even works to help find bedbugs or other stains, so if you've got a strong stomach, bring it along on your next hotel stay.

This Washable Down Alternative Comforter Has 21,000 Rave Reviews

via: Amazon

My bed is basically my favorite place in the world, and since I spend so much time in it, I like it to feel luxe. This washable down alternative duvet is the perfect thing when the temps dip since it'll keep you toasty but not overheated - the perfect medium. And it has thoughtful details, like 8 duvet tabs to secure your cover - no scrunching or bunching!

This Silk Pillowcase Makes You More Attractive

via: Amazon

Instead of waking up with the usual rats' nest hairdo and pillow marks on your face, try this silk pillowcase that keeps both hair and skin smooth while you sleep! It comes in a ton of colors and has almost 18 THOUSAND stellar reviews. I have these myself, and the teachers can totally not tell when I've been napping right before preschool pickup since I don't have creases all over my cheeks - score!

This Mini Cast Iron Skillet Is Beyond Cute, Also Useful

via: Amazon

Not only are these mini skillets adorable, they come in handy when you want to make a fancy impression, or just jazz up Wednesday night dinner. You can serve individual portions of mac & cheese, pies, molten chocolate cakes, cornbread - the mind boggles. Oh, and they have a fan base of over 22,000 happy reviewers, just FYI.

This Phone Dry Bag Will Save Your Bacon

via: Amazon

It's one of those things you never think about until you desperately need it. This tech dry bag is a must for any adventures involving water - if your phone falls in the drink while you're rafting, floating or boating, it'll stay dry as a bone thanks to this genius invention. One amazed reviewer lost their device sealed in one of these bags in a river, and it was found over a year later without a drop of water inside!

This Stylish Trash Can Is An Italian Model

via: Amazon

Whether your office or bathroom, your space needs this incredibly stylish trash can to class up the joint. Of course, it's an Italian export with similarly sleek lines as their world-renowned sports cars! The best part is it's totally affordable and comes in a bunch of colors, whether you want it to pop or fade politely into the background.

This Locking Backpack Is So Versatile

via: Amazon

What's one bag you can take anywhere you go, from work to school to trips? This stylish backpack that happens to be super durable and water-resistant for all your adventures! It'll fit a laptop along with a change of clothes, plus some snacks and a water bottle, plus it comes with a lock and a USB charging port so you're always prepared, no matter where you go.

This Pet Hair Remover Has A Cult Following

via: Amazon / Stephanie

I'm gonna let that hairball pic speak for itself - this pet hair remover is extremely effective for gathering fur and dander from upholstery, bedding, carpets, you name it. And it's reusable, so it doesn't involve sticky tape or paper. The hair and dirt simply collect into the built-in dust receptacle which you just pop open to empty. Its almost 10,000 reviewers sing its praises for quickly and easily picking up after pets!

These Yoga Leggings Have POCKETS

via: Amazon

If you're reading this, there's a good chance I'm wearing leggings right now. I pretty much shun all manner of "real" pants these days and opt for my stretchy friends, but this version is a definite upgrade. The wide and high waistband holds in your tum while the leg boasts a super deep, useful pocket to hold your phone. I'm not sure I'd ever take these off, and over 10,000 athleisure lovers agree.

This Faux Fur Throw Is Hygge Personified

via: Amazon

Is there anything better during a Netflix binge than a warm, fuzzy throw blanket to curl up in while you watch? This beauty comes in five sizes, from throw to king, and a slew of colors to match your decor. Over 6,000 cozy people have already gotten their hygge on and don't plan on coming out from under this blankie anytime soon.

This Portable Bluetooth Speaker Has 46,882 Rave Reviews

via: Amazon

If you like taking your music with you wherever you are, whether while you're working or out by the pool, this Oontz bluetooth speaker is exactly what you're looking for. It comes in a variety of colors, but the gold stars come from its 100-foot Bluetooth range, amazing volume and up to 14-hour playtime! It's also water-resistant so you can use it in the shower, too.

This Window Bird Feeder Brings Nature Closer

via: Amazon / Bryan

Watching the birds eat from our feeder is one of my kids' favorite activities, but it's halfway across the yard so hard to see what's going on. This bird feeder lets you get up close and personal with the action since it attaches right onto  your window! Happy reviewers are astounded by the view and interaction you can have with your neighborhood birds.

This Thermos Container Elevates Lunch

via: Amazon

If you take a juicy fruit salad or anything liquid like soup or chili for lunch, you run the risk of it spilling all over your backpack or work bag - not a good look. Enter this leakproof Thermos container that keeps hot food hot and cold food cold until you're ready to eat! It's just the right size for a snack or light meal, just pop it in your bag and go.

This Chef's Knife Will Last Forever

via: Amazon

There's a good reason this chef's knife has almost 8,000 five-star reviews - it's incredibly good quality at an unbelievable price. For less than $20 you get a razor-sharp kitchen workhorse that'll keep on cutting basically forever with a few sharpenings along the way. It also comes in quite a few colors (purple! red! green!) to customize your mise en place.

This Knife Sharpener Is Under $10

via: Amazon

We have this compact knife sharpener, and I swear my husband uses it every week to hone our small collection of kitchen knives. The razor-sharp result slices through everything like buttah, even the toughest-skinned veg like squash. It's more than earned its 17,500 rave reviews!

This LED Dog Collar Is All About Safety

via: Amazon

Sure, you wear reflective gear when running or walking at night, but what about your pup? This LED dog collar keeps everyone safe since cars can see Fido on nighttime walks. It comes in six sizes to fit all breeds and six colors so you can pick your fave. Plus, it's charged by USB and one charge will give you five hours of light - not bad!

This Cutlery Organizer Is Perfect For Small Spaces

via: Amazon

Think just because you have a tiny kitchen, you can't fit a cutlery organizer in your drawer? Think again, 'cause this slim gadget fits in anywhere and has five spots to hold forks, knives, spoons and whatever else you need. And it's got over 9,000 happy fans on Amazon that love its compact size and durability!

This Pivoting Power Strip Gives You So Much Flexibility

via: Amazon

This pivoting power strip is a must-have for every room! It comes in 6, 8, or 12 outlets and they pivot to make room for bulky plugs so you can power more stuff. There's also a built-in surge protector to keep things safe. It's got over 8,000 perfect reviews for convenience and sturdiness.

This White Noise Machine Is A Godsend

via: Amazon

White noise machines are a staple in my household since we've always lived on busy streets. We have a few flimsy ones from when the kids were babies so I think it's time for an upgrade (in my room at least!) In addition to white noise, this sleek little number also has five other sounds like thunder, summer night, ocean and rain to soothe you into a deep sleep.

This Beast Tumbler Wins The Popularity Contest

via: Amazon

By far, this Beast tumbler was the most coveted gift in our holiday Yankee swap game (and I had the most beautiful aqua one in my hot little hands for one whole turn!) Since I lost out, I'm ordering one to treat myself since I drink iced tea and sparkling water all day like it's going out of style. It comes in more colors than I care to count and 20 or 30 oz sizes with a leakproof lid, two stainless steel straws, and a cleaning brush. And nearly 15,000 obsessed fans back up its awesomeness!

This Umbrella Won't Fold In The Wind

via: Amazon

Forget your glove compartment full of flimsy travel umbrellas - this new kid on the block is compact but mighty. It has a vented, wind-proof double canopy and reinforced fiberglass ribs so it won't fold like a deck of cards on a windy day, plus a Teflon coating and auto open and close. It won #1 umbrella from Wirecutter and was featured on Good Morning America, so it's got some street cred to say the least!

These Men's Socks Keep Feet Dry And Cool

via: Amazon

Men's socks seem like a weird thing to get all excited about, but I won't try telling that to the over 19,000 rabid fans! These Dickies Dri-Tech moisture control socks come in your choice of solids or color-blocked and claim to keep feet dry all day, even in heavy, sweaty boots thanks to handy ventilation channels. Selected review: "If you're like me, you can't even buy socks in this modern age without spending an hour reading reviews. Let me save you some time. Buy these socks. They do not pill. They do not fade. They don't get holes. They don't lose their elasticity. They are warm in winter and cool in summer." - Daniel T. Welp, sold!

This Self Tanner Is A Surefire Best Seller

via: Amazon / Allison brooke martorell

Us pasty gals need a little help looking less Casper-ish (that doesn't involve harmful UV rays), and an Amazon bestseller that people can't get enough of is this Fake Bake self-tanner . You can see from the before and after pic above the even, believable tan you get from one application of this stuff! Almost 7,000 people love the glowing, sun-kissed look they get in 4-6 hours after application.

This Mini Fridge Is A Stellar Multitasker

via: Amazon

This little minifridge does double duty as a beauty bar! Not only can you store some sparkling water and a snack, but you can also keep your serums, toners, face masks and creams deliciously chilled for a soothing skincare application and depuffing magic. And it comes in a bunch of colors, including a cute cow print!

This Vitamin C Serum Is The Holy Grail

via: Amazon / Desiree

Any lurkers on skincare forums know that Vitamin C serum is so effective in clearing up acne, smoothing wrinkles and fading acne scars. And this antioxidant powerhouse is a cult favorite on Amazon with over 6,000 reviews as glowing as your skin will be after slapping some on! Just look at the amazing before and afters like the one above to see the lightning-fast improvement.

This Baby Teether Should Be Included With Newborns

via: Amazon

As all parents know, teething suuuucks and seems to go on forever. If you're in the throes of sleepless nights and yelly days, get this freezable teether toy to stop the madness. It's even shaped like a set of keys, so it'll keep baby's interest (and their drooly mitts off yours!). Over 9,000 caregivers swear by it for keeping everyone happy.

These Skinny Jeans Are Pull-On Comfortable

via: Amazon

Skinny jeans are one of those products that you can spend a lifetime searching for the perfect pair. Reader, I've found them. These Levis' pull-on elastic waist jeans are literally made to fit all shapes and sizes - they come in ten sizes and three lengths - short, medium and long, and four colors so you can basically make a capsule wardrobe just out of these pants. The best part? They're shockingly affordable. And the #1 best seller in Amazon's clothing, jewelry, and accessories category right now!

These Cast Iron Pan Scrapers Are Legit

via: Amazon

We have these cast iron pan scrapers from Lodge and use them a few times a week to clean my hub's prized collection of pans (ok, two, but who's counting?) They effectively get the gunk off without removing that precious polymerized coating that's key to skillet cooking.

This Ladies' T-Shirt Is Effortless Fashion

via: Amazon

I have and love the long sleeve gray version of this faux-knotted tee - it's long enough to CYA in leggings and flowy enough that it doesn't cling or show off anything you don't want to. It comes in a jillion colors and is so affordable for a fashionable staple everyone's closet should have.

This Hand Cream Is A Real Softie

via: Amazon

If you work with your hands and they're all torn up, or just have rough, dry skin after a cold winter, you need this Working Hands hand cream. It's formulated for extremely dry, cracked hands so it'll handle anything you can throw at it. Oh, and 5,000 reviews - that's precious. This bad boy has almost SEVENTEEN THOUSAND.

These Boxer Briefs Have A Cool Secret

via: Amazon

Certain gentleman areas may need more ventilation, if you catch my drift, and these boxer briefs provide just that with a strategically placed mesh insert to provide a cooling breeze. Not to get into too much detail, but these undies have over 8,000 fans for a reason!

These Baby Booties Are Beyond Adorable

via: Amazon / eva397

What's cuter than teensy baby toes? Pint-sized baby booties to keep 'em warm! The major pull of these ones is that they have a snap closure that wraps around baby's ankle and keeps 'em on, because if there's one thing babies love, it's pulling off socks. Save yourself the trouble of that unsolicited advice from a stranger in Target that your baby's feet are cold (i.e. you're a bad parent) and pop these on instead!

These Bluetooth Earphones Are My Favorite Purchase

via: Amazon

I debated long and hard about getting AirPods but just couldn't stomach the price. Good thing I didn't, because I came across these incredible Bluetooth wireless earphones on Amazon with nearly 40,000 glowing reviews and I have to say, they've definitely lived up to the hype. One quick charge gets me 4 hours playtime and the included charging case has an additional 14 hours charge! And they're water-resistant, so perfect for sweaty workouts.

This Apple Watch Screen Protector Is A Necessity

via: Amazon

I wish I came across this slim Apple watch screen protector last year to protect my new fancypants watch. Now it's a little scratched up, but not too late to pop this flexible, shock-resistant cover on. It comes in four colors like black, clear and rose gold, excellent news if you miss the pink watch offering Apple discontinued!

These Microfiber Sheets Are So Luxe

via: Amazon / Tiff

I love the smooth freshness of luxe bedding, and this microfiber sheet set definitely sounds like it fits the bill. Over 82,000 reviewers rave about the silky softness and of course, unbelievable quality for the price. They come in a bunch of colors and pretty patterns, you'll want to grab a few pair so you're never without a fresh set on laundry day!

This Food Scale Keeps You On Track

via: Amazon

Measuring food by weight is such a better idea than eyeballing portion sizes if you're trying to stick to an eating plan. This attractive kitchen scale is easy to use and comes in a bunch of colors to fit your decor (I love the teal). It also lets you bake with much more consistent results when you measure ingredients this way!

This Milk Frother Gives You Barista-Level Coffee At Home

via: Amazon

Not only can you get professional-quality cappuccinos and lattes in the comfort of your home for much less money, but this milk frother is also my number one secret weapon to getting my kids to drink their milk! It makes creamy, frothy milk in no time and cleans up like a breeze.