37 Expensive-Looking Home Trends for Less on Amazon

Mid-century modern, farmhouse chic, vintage or bohemian… no matter what your personal home décor style is, I can bet that you're looking for homeware items that won't completely wipe out your bank account. Some boutiques charge a small fortune for furniture and décor, but it is possible to find on-trend items at affordable prices.

My secret is that I buy everything on Amazon and my friends can never tell the difference. Whether I'm buying industrial-chic light fittings or retro furniture, I've furnished my home by online shopping, and I highly recommend it. I've compiled a list of 37 expensive-looking home trends without the designer price tag, all of which I've found on Amazon. Check them out below!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Matte Finish Ceramic Vases Look Like They're Custom Made


Whether you prefer your ceramic vases in black or white, these matte finish pieces are a superb décor item for your home and look like they're custom made.

They look gorgeous with dried flowers for an au naturel look that won't go out of style, and they're also a perfect gift idea.

This Textured Throw Blanket Is Lightweight and Silky for All Seasons


This textured throw blanket is both lightweight for summer and silky for an all-year-round decorative feature to your home.

Whether you throw it over the sofa, an armchair, or the end of the bed, it's a super affordable version of other throws that can cost hundreds of dollars.

These Woven Baskets for Storage or Laundry Are Super Chic


I fell in love with these woven baskets ever since traveling around Morocco, and now they're so on-trend here in the U.S.

You can use them as laundry baskets or extra storage, and these cotton baskets are a great price for the on-trend item.

This 1960s Lamp with Wooden Tripod Legs Creates Retro Glamor


This retro '60s lamp will add a bit of glamor to your home without being too overwhelming in the room.

A trendy lamp is not only practical, but it's also a great way to add a bit of style to any room of the home.

Add Some Green To Your Office With These Fake Eucalyptus Plants


Put these fake eucalyptus plants on a window sill in your home office for some quick farmhouse-inspired decor. You don't need to water them, and the concrete-style pots are basically guaranteed to match any decor.

Plus, they look seriously real — to the point where you'll probably see guests touching the leaves just to check.

This Stylish Ottoman Is A Bench, Seat, and Storage Unit


I love any item that has multiple purposes, and this stylish ottoman is just that because it's a bench, a seat, a footrest, and a storage unit all in one.

I love exotic furnishings, and this one on Amazon is an affordable version of a very on-trend piece of furniture.

This Natural Candle Holder for A Zen Chic Vibe


Home is our sanctuary, and this natural candle holder creates a beautiful zen vibe for just that feel.

The price includes three glass holders, a wooden plate, and stones for your very own zen-chic ambiance.

This Free-Standing Leaning Ladder for Towels and Throw Blankets


Free-standing ladders, like this one, are the perfect way to add a bit of storage while simultaneously adding character to the room.

You can either hang towels or throw blankets over the ladder. I personally use mine in the bathroom for towels, and all my friends ask me where I got it from.

These Artificial Potted Cactuses Liven Up Any Room


I'm a huge fan of artificial potted plants because they add life to the room without the added stress of taking care of a live plant.

These artificial potted cactuses add an exotic feel to any room and look so real that all my friends can't believe they're fake when they come to my place.

This Boho Chic Moroccan-Style Rug with Hand Knotted Tassels


Bohemian chic has been a go-to home décor look for years because it's both cozy and stylish.

I particularly love this Moroccan-style rug with hand-knotted tassels because I've always loved North African architecture and design. And this rug on Amazon will save you a trip to Morocco!

These Natural Vegan Scented Candles Are on Trend and Aromatic


Scented candles are a great way to add ambiance as well as an alluring aroma to your home.

These are my favorite vegan scented candles because of the gorgeous scent, and they're a sustainable, ethical product.

These Vintage Woven Coasters for A Boho-Feel


Marble coasters can be expensive, but these vintage woven coasters are a great price and are just as stylish.

They're water-absorbent, heat resistant, and an Amazon's Choice product because they're such a hit with online shoppers.

The Bookshelf That Won't Break Your Budget


Let's face it since Zoom calls have dominated our communications over the past year, having a bookshelf in the background of your video has become a must-have item in every home.

This five-tier bookshelf is an Amazon's Choice product because it's so popular, and it's a great addition to any home.

These Contemporary Decorative Throw Pillows Will Liven Up Any Sofa


The right throw pillows liven up any sofa, and these contemporary cushions have added a whole new look to my lounge.

The turquoise artwork goes with almost any color sofa and will add that certain je ne sais quoi to your home.

This Mid-Century Modern Chair for Kitchen, Dining or Lounge Spaces


Mid-century modern is one of my favorite design periods for furniture, and this chair is no exception.

It's covered in luxuriously soft fabric with a wood finish that's great for any room of the house – the kitchen, dining room, or lounge space.

This Bohemian Faux Pampas Grass Is A Lasting Decoration


Pampas grass is a huge trend right now, and they look fabulous no matter how you've styled your home.

The boho-chic faux plant sits perfectly in a vase for any room of the home, and the best part is the price tag on Amazon.

This Stylish Office Chair to Glam Up Your Work from Home Space


I've been working from home for over a year now and have had to invest in a home office. This has resulted in a whole lot of browsing on Amazon for cool office stuff.

I recently found this glamorous office chair to add a bit of flair to my home set-up. I'm obsessed!

This Abstract Modern Wall Art Is Affordable Luxury


Wall art can cost a lot of money unless you find a similar version for less on Amazon. Luckily for you, I did just that!

This abstract modern artwork is an amazing price for a three-piece set and fits well in the bedroom, lounge, or even a bathroom.

This Heritage Copper Fan Adds A Touch of Old-Fashioned Romance to The Room


Vintage glamor doesn't have to cost a fortune, as this brushed copper fan proves.

Copper adds a bit of romance to any room, and it's also a high-quality fan for those hot summer nights.

This Classic Wine Rack Table That Is Effortlessly Elegant


Who doesn't love a classic wine rack? This one that includes an elegant table is such a great deal on Amazon that I bought two.

The marble finish top looks so stylish that all my friends think I bought it from an expensive homeware boutique.

This Antique-Looking Wall Clock That Can Go Indoors or Outdoors


Wall clocks are both handy for telling time and a decorative feature to your home, but some clocks cost hundreds of dollars.

This antique-looking clock has elegance without the price tag, though, and it can go indoors or outdoors.

This Industrial-Chic Side Table Can Be A Coffee Table or Nightstand


If you're not into bohemian-styled furniture, then this industrial-chic side table is a must-have.

It adds a modern twist to a practical nightstand/coffee table that is a super affordable must-have piece of furniture.

This Runner Rug Is Both Practical and Trending


Runner rugs are so on-trend right now, but the price point for rugs varies hugely.

I love this gorgeous rug because it's contemporary, fresh, and super affordable. It feels luxurious on my feet while also being of very good quality.

This Woven Basket for Plants Is A Must-Have Home Look


Instead of using a regular pot for your plants, this woven basket is the new trend.

Whether you use real plants or faux plants, these woven baskets are a beautiful natural accessory and cost less than $20!

This Bohemian Wall Tapestry Is the Perfect Décor for A Cozy Atmosphere


I had seen this bohemian wall tapestry on social media and then found it on Amazon for a great price.

It's a creative alternative to regular wall art and creates a cozy atmosphere in whatever room it hangs in.

These Mini Wall Hanging Tapestries are Way Too Cute


If you like regular wall-hanging tapestries, then you'll love these mini versions for your nursery.

If you don't have a nursery room at home, they're a great gift idea for one of your friends who's expecting.

These Floating Wall Shelves for Your Nursery


If you have a nursery, these floating wall shelves are both stylish and on-trend, plus they're so practical.

You can use them for toys or books or decorations for the little people in your life.

This Luxurious Faux Sheepskin Rug for When You Just Step Out of Bed


No matter what time of year it is, everyone loves to step out of bed onto a super-soft surface.

And this faux fur sheepskin rug is the most luxurious way to start your day, plus it's way more affordable than a genuine sheepskin rug.

This Classic Coffee Table with Oak Finish for A Town and Country Look


For a cozy home and country feel in your house, this classic oak-finish coffee table is the perfect touch.

With this price tag on Amazon, you'll get quality without spending too much.

These Rustic Wooden Wall Shelves for The Kitchen or Bathroom


Nothing is more homely than rustic wood, and these wall shelves are so on-trend right now, plus they're practical.

Whether you use them in the kitchen or the bathroom, you won't regret this on-trend shelf unit.

These Handmade Farmhouse Decorations for Old-Fashioned Charm


This wall art made from mason jars is a perfect way to create some old-fashioned charm in your home without spending much.

You can use them as living room lights for an eclectic and romantic feel in the evenings.

This Bathroom Storage Cabinet Is A Best-Seller


Who doesn't need extra storage in their bathroom? But it's possible to add storage while also adding a touch of style.

This bathroom organizer does just that, and the best part is the price tag on Amazon.

These Mason Jar Accessories Are Super Affordable, Yet Trendy Décor


These mason jar accessories for the bathroom are so kitsch and super on-trend.

It's the perfect way to accessorize while adding style to your ensuite or main bathroom.

This Relaxation Table-Top Fountain Is A Zen Home Maker


If you're looking for a way to create peace and tranquility in your home, then you need this relaxation table-top fountain.

This is a total Zen homemaker, and it's a fraction of the price of other fountains at expensive home boutiques.

These Corner Units Have Been Flying Off the Online Shelves


This five-tier corner shelf can be used anywhere in the home and is an Amazon's Choice product because it's proved so popular.

I highly recommend this unit if you're looking for a bit of extra storage that is also stylish and affordable.

These Farmhouse Wall Signs Add A Bit of Character to Your Home


Adding a bit of character to your home with wall signs is a fun way to liven things up.

These farmhouse wall signs not only add character, but it's a really affordable way to add some color to your walls.

These Vintage-Style Light Cages Are Industrial Chic


Light shades are a great way to add your own touch of design to a necessary home feature.

These vintage-style light cages are industrial chic and will make your home look super on-trend without breaking your budget.