37 Clothing & Accessories From Amazon's 'Handmade' Section

There's something so beautiful about handmade items that people spend hours upon hours making themselves. While Amazon is not necessarily known for homemade pieces, you'd be surprised at how many small shops sell their specially curated items on the site. From shoes to clothing to jewelry, there are so many unique pieces that you truly cannot find anywhere else.

If you're anything like me, you love supporting small businesses, so I will happily pay a little bit more for a high-quality product that will last me years to come and put money in a small business' pocket. Lucky for you, I've rounded up 37 clothing and accessories from Amazon's handmade section that make great gifts for your friends, family, or self.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Stay Emotionally And Spiritually Safe With This Triple Protection Bracelet


This bracelet offers the ultimate protection against negative energy, stress, and ill-intentions of others. It's made with Hematite, Tiger's Eye, and Black Obsidian, all stones known for their protective properties. And the best part is that it looks cute and matches every outfit.

This Scarf Is Super Elegant


Scarfs are one of the easiest ways to accessorize an outfit and make it look classy. This scarf does just that, thanks to its soft fabric and beautiful floral design.

One Amazon user even said, "I always loved shawls and scarves as long as I remember myself. They are fascinating no matter how you use them and how you look at them. This scarf is one of them, to say the least, it is my favorite now for all occasions. It is ideal for any event, any place you go. You are going out? It is perfect for this. Work environment? It is perfect for it too. I have seen many branded scarfs which cost way more than this one but their quality was lacking and inferior compared to this one. It is beautifully handcrafted and the pattern (design) feels like custom-made just for me."

These Harem Pants Would Be So Good For a Festival


One of the most exciting parts about going to a festival is being able to wear out-of-the-box outfits that you wouldn't typically wear in everyday life. These pants would make the perfect festival outfit when paired with a crop top or bra. Although, if that's not your thing, you can also wear them as a bathing suit cover-up, on vacation, and more.

This Belt Will Last You Years To Come


If you're looking for the perfect, simple yet durable belt that looks good with every outfit, look no further. This belt is the one. Made of full-grain leather and hand waxed with genuine beeswax, you can feel rest assured that this belt is only the highest quality every time you put it on.

Surprise Your Favorite Mom With This T-Shirt


There's a good chance that when I tell you to think of a mom in your life that you admire, there's someone that immediately pops into your mind–even if it's not your own mother. Surprise them with this t-shirt that you can customize and watch how it makes their day.

Change Your Ring Color Depending On Your Mood


This ring is truly one of the most unique things that I have ever seen. In one ring, you essentially get two rings! Flip it to the topaz side when you want a ring that will match virtually any outfit, or wear it facing the London Blue for a more vintage look.

This Half Zip Is A Great Gift For Your Favorite Nurse


If you know an RN who could use a little pick-me-up (and let's face it, they deserve one!), get them this half zip.

One Amazon user said, "I LOVE this sweatshirt! I hate ordering things online because they normally fit really odd or don't look anything like pictured. After seeing a few pictures I thought I would give this a try. I ordered a 1/4 zip sweatshirt and it came within a week and looks exactly how I wanted and the design is perfect! I ordered the same size I normally wear in the men/unisex style and it fits perfectly."

These Robes Make For Adorable Getting Ready Portraits


​There's nothing cuter than brides and bridesmaids wearing matching robes while they get ready on the big day. Rather than settle on a plain, boring robe, why not get these custom robes that you can add everyone's initials to? They come in a wide variety of colors, so you can find one that matches your wedding color palette, and they're a cute souvenir that both the bride and bridesmaids will cherish long after the wedding.

Wear A Little Piece Of Nature Around Your Neck Everyday With This Necklace


Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers, so I love the idea of being able to wear one around my neck every day with this necklace. Handmade in Mexico, the flowers encased in these necklaces are grown in an orchard with love and care. And, it's even said that each piece contains the wisdom of mother Earth and the dreams of the women who craft them.

This Beanie Is Perfect For Autumn


Looking for something to keep your noggin warm (while still being stylish) this fall? You need this beanie. The crochet look is the definition of cozy, and it offers an oversized look for days when you don't feel like trying too much. Not to mention the colors are perfect for fall.

These Socks Have A Very Important Message


​As a dog mom of two corgis, I can't get enough of these socks. How many times have you wanted to get off the couch to grab something, but you couldn't because your furry friend was curled up, and you didn't want to disturb them? It's a regular occurrence in my house, so these are the best.

This Scarf Is So Versatile


There's something about this scarf that reminds me of Italy and now all I want to do is take a trip to the Amalfi Coast where I can rock this and sip on wine. The minute you put it on, you'll be feeling oh-so-chic.

If You Enjoy Biology, You Need This Shirt

One Amazon user reviewed this shirt, saying, "So comfy and size runs true. Color is as seen. Great gift for those who enjoy biology. Perfect gift for those going into medicine." Another said, "The shirt is very soft and fits well. I've gotten a ton of compliments at work" I think that sums it up if you ask me.

You Need These Sandals For Your Next Vacation


If you have a tropical vacation coming up, or maybe a trip to Greece, then these sandals are a must-have. The handmade Greek shoes feature a classic Greek style but are also made with comfort in mind. They're also made of 100% natural leather, so they will darken to perfection as they age.

Get In On The Tie Dye Trend With These Socks


​Tie-dye is a trend that has been going strong for over a year now, and I don't think that's going to be changing anytime soon. So why not get in on the trend with these socks? Pair them with sandals for an eclectic look, or have them peeking out of your sneakers for a feminine yet sporty look.

This Dress Is So Flattering On Everyone


​This one-of-a-kind handmade dress is the perfect balance of comfort and style. It's elegant in a subtle way, making it easy to wear every day or for special occasions when paired with heels and jewelry. The 100% spun rayon is lightweight enough to wear all summer long, which is ideal because you won't want to take it off once you put it on.

These Wool Clogs Will Keep You Toasty All Winter


​I know what you're probably thinking–wool clogs? Sounds sweaty! But did you know that the wool massages your feet and actually prevents sweating? In fact, the insulation of the cool fibers keeps your feet cool on a hot day and warm on a cool day. Plus, they're surprisingly buttery soft, so you will want to wear them 24/7.

This Bikini Is Good For Anyone Looking For Something A Little Sexy


This bikini isn't for those that like a lot of coverage, but I am living for it! Whether you're going to a nude beach and want a little bit of coverage, or you're looking for something extra sexy for your next beach trip, this bathing suit is a great choice. Just be mindful that it is see-through and may or may not feature a thong bottom.

The Detail On This Blouse Is Exquisite


I don't think I really need to convince you that this blouse is absolutely beautiful. I mean, just look at that colorful detail! It's such an easy way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe without being too much. You'll get so many compliments on it the minute you step outside. Larry's wife did, "My wife wore the blouse at the Dahlia show at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. She got tons of compliments."

Moms Are Obsessed With This Birthstone Necklace


Last Christmas I got my mom a birthstone ring, but I wish I had seen this necklace sooner. It's such a stylish, subtle way to represent your children. With the birthstones and initials, the necklace can be as big or small as you want since it's completely customizable. And it's a small business located in California, so you can feel good knowing you're supporting a local US business.

This Belt Is Made Of Water Buffalo Hide


Handmade by shop owner Mark, this water buffalo hide belt is one solid piece of leather that can withstand anything and everything. The carefully crafted belt is made to order from a farm in Mississippi, so you know that every piece that you order is made with heart and soul.

I Want This Neck Scarf In Every Color


One can never have too many scarves. At least, that's what I tell myself. This neck scarf is the perfect accessory for anyone looking to zhuzh an outfit in a pinch. It comes in 33 different colors, so you can wear it with literally everything that's sitting in your closet right now.

Wear These Sandals All Summer Long


Stand out all summer long with these beaded sandals. They're specifically designed for someone looking to shine in a crowd. Despite being heavily beaded, they're extremely lightweight and they have dual stitching, so they're built to last.

Don't believe me? Just ask Chantel, "This is probably my favorite Amazon purchase I have ever made, I am so happy with these sandals! They are beautiful and super comfortable. The inside of the beaded part of the sandal is lined with a super soft fabric. These are really really good quality sandals. I will for sure be ordering many more pairs!"

This Poncho Is Surprisingly Convenient


With a front pocket, cowl neck that doubles as a hood, and a handy hanging loop, this cozy poncho is surprisingly convenient. It's ideal for days when you're running errands, popping in and out of the car in the cold weather. And it comes in a plethora of colors and prints.

Get This Hoodie To Match The Socks I Mentioned Earlier


Remember how I said tie-dye was huge? I wasn't kidding. It's everywhere you look. And you can bet that I added this hoodie to my bag the minute that I saw it. It's hand-dyed with no fade dye, so it will stay vibrant no matter how often you wash it. It's basically wearable art. Does it get much better than that?

Every Outdoor Lover Needs This Hat


​Designed in Colorado, this hat just screams, "I love nature!" As someone who tries to spend most of her time outside, I'm obsessed. Wear it hiking, camping, kayaking, biking, you name it. A portion of every sale is donated to the National Park Foundation to help preserve them for all future generations, so you can feel good about your purchase.

This Beanie Is A Winter Stape


​Anyone can buy a beanie at the department store. But how many people can say that they own a beanie made of 100% alpaca fiber? I don't think there's anything else that screams toasty more, so if you live in a cold climate, this one is for you.

Amazon user Dan said, "I ordered this hat for myself, and I am really happy with the quality. It looks great, and it is warm- which is important since I live in a cold climate. Fast shipping too!"

Wear This Dress To Your Next Fiesta


Love that shirt that I mentioned earlier so much that you need it in dress form? I don't blame you. You're in luck because this dress is just that. It offers the same incredible embroidery on top–albeit a little less bold–and even has some on the bottom as well.

I'll Be Wearing These Velvet Socks Everyday For The Foreseeable Future


Picture this–a skater dress, a denim jacket, these velvet socks, and a pair of white sneakers. That's a damn cute outfit if you ask me. Although if it doesn't sound like the right fit for you, these would also be super cute paired with chunky clogs or heels for a feminine yet bold look.

This Belt Is A Statement Piece That Everyone Needs


Can you tell that I have a thing for embroidery? This belt has so many small details that you can tell take the makers hours upon hours to do. When paired with jeans and a basic tee, your belt will do allll the talking.

This Cashmere Scarf Is Crazy Affordable


"Very light, thin, and soft long scarf of high-quality cashmere. Neutral colors make it easy to match any outfit. You can feel this is not a mass product but a piece of personally touched craftsmanship. Arrived in a nice package with a personal message from the artist. Could be a great Christmas gift" –Amazon user Alec

Need I say more?

I Want To Put This Shawl On And Go To The Opera


If you've been searching for a piece for formal events, weddings, or shows, consider this shawl. It's made from soft cotton and wool and embroidered with silk thread. Just as the review above this mentioned, one look at the craftsmanship of the embroidery and you will see just how much time went into creating such a timeless piece. ​

Show Off Your Pride WIth These Rainbow Sneakers


Show off your pride in style with these rainbow sneakers. They're made of high-quality leather-like material, have an internal insole that absorbs sweat, are non-slip, and they're washable.

Shannon had this to say about them, "These shoes are SO BEAUTIFUL, absolutely flawless in design. The colors are crisp and bright, the sneaker construction seems perfect, and I can imagine these lasting for years to come if you take care of them right."

Keep Your Glasses On You At All Times With This Lanyard

Whether you use this lanyard for your sunglasses, eyeglasses, mask, ID badge, you name it, you're going to be amazed by the quality of the carved bone beads, black dyed bone, and coconut wood heishi. The masculine style makes it a perfect gift for the man in your life.

This Wool Dress Will Keep You Super Warm


​Looking for warm outfits for this fall and winter season that are comfortable, warm, and effortless? That sums up this wool dress. It can be thrown on with just boots for a warm fall afternoon or paired with leggings when the weather is nippy.

JLT loves it for both work and errands, "I am so glad I took a chance on this knitted dress. It is a perfect fit, feel, and style - for work or casual. The dress is beautifully made. It is short in front and comes mid-thigh and longer in the back (as shown). The collar stands up on its own and is roomy - very model-ish!"

I Plan On Wearing These Heels And Only These Heels From Here On Out


I have no idea how I'm going to wear these heels but you can bet that I am going to incorporate them into my everyday attire somehow. I mean, just look at them–how could you not?! Pair them with jeans and a basic tee for a subtle yet unique outfit that will have everyone's heads turning.

This Wrap Dress Is Casual And Cool


"High-quality construction, keeping the solid color and purchasing a second solid, returning natural stripe, would be lovely on someone without curves in the stripe pattern, does not lay well on body in stripe, solid is gorgeous, softer fabric, and flowing" –Amazon user V

This dress hugs in all the right places and is super breathable, and it's such an easy way to get dressed up! And the linen is Oeko-Tex certified so you'll feel good knowing it's a sustainable piece.