37 Annoying Problems EVERY Woman Faces--And the Inventions to Solve Them

I'm always on the lookout for better solutions to the most annoying problems we face every day. For example, we can get ready in less time with a towel that dries hair faster. Working at home is easier with a laptop table. And if pushing on social norms gives us a headache, this cooling gel mask can help. Join me in solving 37 of our most annoying problems, so we can focus on the things we want to accomplish!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Problem: It's Chilly in the Office, but You Want to Look Stylish Solution: A Chic, Ultra-Affordable Silk Scarf

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I love the versatility of silk scarves. They're lightweight, soft, take up nearly zero space in a bag, and provide a light layer of warmth when needed. This 100% silk scarf is a steal at about $15. It even comes in an amazing array of colors and prints--54 to choose from!

Problem: Avocados Are Delicious But Tricky to Slice Solution: This 3-in-1 Avocado Tool That Slices Mess-Free

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Have you ever ordered table-side guacamole? Those waiters can slice, pit, and scoop avocados so efficiently it's like watching choreography. To improve your own guac game, this 3-in-1 Avocado Tool is the answer. One Amazon reviewer loves it so much, she's been buying more as gifts.

Problem: Dry, Cracked, Thirsty Skin Solution: A Healing Balm Made With Olive and Coconut Oils

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Dry feet, dry elbows, dry hands. Why is everything so dry?! Moisturize and protect your thirsty skin with this healing balm. It's made from olive and coconut oils, with lavender, calendula, and comfrey. Amazon reviewers swear by its healing properties for scrapes and rashes, too.

Problem: Everyone Wants an Edge-Brownie Solution: Everyone Gets an Edge-Brownie With This Brownie Pan

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Home-baked brownies are delicious, and this fab brownie pan helps them turn out perfectly every time. Pour in the batter, then lower the dividing grid into the pan. You'll end up with 18 brownie squares that look amazing (and give everyone the crispy edge and chewy center they crave).

Problem: Knee Wrinkles in Your Jeans Solution: These Boot Clips That Are Basically Reverse Suspenders

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I initially scoffed at this product and didn't seriously consider it for this list. But when I dressed the next day in jeans and tall boots, I took an honest look in the mirror, and there they were. Knee wrinkles. I scuttled back to my laptop and moved these boot clips where they belong: this list and my Amazon cart.

Problem: Never, Ever, Ever Enough Storage Space in the Kitchen Solution: A Space-Saving Collapsible Colander

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I try to keep my kitchen cabinets organized, but colanders are a sore spot. I have two that don't nest well and take up more than their fair share of space. That's why I'm upgrading to this collapsible colander. Sturdy silicone, expanding handles, and a 6-quart capacity add up to a smart solution.

Problem: Dry Air in the Office or Bedroom Solution: A Desktop-Sized Cool Mist Humidifier

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There's a lot to love about this adorable cool mist humidifier. It's only 5 by 5 inches, so it fits neatly in any small space. It mists the air with quiet, cool water vapor, so your can breathe easier and your skin won't get so dry. As a bonus, it even includes a nightlight!

Problem: Fraying Charger Cords Solution: Ridiculously Cute Cable Biters

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I can't get over how adorable these cable protectors are. Slip them onto any cables (your laptop charger, phone charger, etc) to protect the fragile ends where cords start wearing out. Amazon customers report using them successfully on Apple, Samsung, and generic products.

Problem: We Use Way Too Many Paper Towels Solution: One Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cloth Replaces Up to 15 Rolls

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Whether you want to save money or reduce waste, cutting your use of paper towels is an easy step when you have a high-quality replacement. This four-pack of cleaning cloths is ideal for all surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen. Natural, absorbent, and 100% biodegradable, they're a smart and earth-friendly choice.

Problem: Fidgety Fingers Need to Fidget Solution: Satisfyingly Squeezable Poppin' Edamame

I admit it, I'm a fidgeter. I shake my foot, pick my cuticles, and twirl my hair whenever I have to sit still for a minute. So I think this 3-pack of squeezy-bean keychains are right up my anxious alley.

Problem: Dry, Dull Skin on Arms and Legs Solution: A Take-No-Prisoners Exfoliating Body Brush

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One reviewer called it "rough, but in a good way." This body brush can be used wet or dry to exfoliate skin and encourage cell renewal. The canvas hand strap makes it easy to hold onto and then hang to dry. Use at least once a week for fresh, smooth, glowing results.

Problem: Pale, Straight, or Over-Plucked Eyebrows Solution: This Contour Kit That's Like Paint-By-Numbers for Your Brows

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Finally, an eyebrow contour kit that anyone can use to craft beautiful, dramatic brows. The set includes a brow shaping guide, 6 blendable powders, highlighter, concealer, wax, tweezers, brush, and stencils. You've got to read the five-star customer reviews, which are like love letters to this product!

Problem: Wet Hair and No Time Solution: This Ultra-Absorbent Hair Towel

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If you're not using a microfiber hair towel yet, take my word for it. Get one! The microfiber fabric wicks water out of hair much faster than your cotton bath towel. After a few moments in the hair towel, your hair will be partially (and evenly) dry, meaning less time needed with heat tools.

Problem: Hot Pans Need a Safe Landing Solution: Foldable Trivets That Collapse for Easy Storage

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When I moved into my new house, I bought a beautiful handmade stone trivet to match the tile. The problem? It's too pretty to use. Instead, I'd rather get these affordable trivets. I love that you can fold them up for tidy storage, or even pose them in interesting shapes for other uses (one reviewer uses them to hold a tablet loaded with a recipe).

Problem: Your Pretty Shoes Are Killing Your Feet Solution: Cushiony Gel Foot Pads

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Just looking at these soft gel foot pads makes my feet tingle. Yesterday I wore heels out to dinner, which looked fab but left me with aching feet. I wish I'd had this product. The foot pads are made of medical-grade gel, and slip neatly over the toes to give real relief to tired feet.

Problem: Fresh Fruit and Veggies Spoil Before You Can Eat Them Solution: FreshPaper Keeps Them Fresh 2-4 Times Longer

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Fresh fruit and vegetables are key to a healthy (and delicious!) diet, but it's just plain rotten when they spoil before their time. That's why an inventor developed these all-natural FreshPaper sheets. Simply drop a sheet into the crisper drawer of your fridge, or cut it into smaller strips to layer in fruit bowls or other places you store produce. The sheets last about a month and keep produce fresh 2-4 times longer.

Problem: Headaches from Sinus Pressure, Migraine, or Stress Solution: This Gel Mask That Can Be Hot or Cold

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For headache or facial pain, applying hot or cold compresses can make all the difference. This gel mask is a clean and efficient way to get relief without the mess of ice packs or damp towels. For a cooling effect, place the gel mask in the freezer for at least one hour. For heat, microwave for a few seconds.

Problem: Hair Styling Tools Are a Pain to Store Solution: An Over-the-Cabinet Hair Tool Organizer

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Maximize precious bathroom storage space by using an often-ignored spot: the cabinet door! Hang this well-designed organizer over the cabinet door (no installation or tools needed--it literally just pops right on there), then neatly organize your hair dryer, curling iron, and other everyday items. It works on both the insider or outside of the door. (Note to self: Figure out if I need two of these!)

Problem: No Ironing Board Solution: An Ironing Blanket That Attaches to the Dryer With Magnets

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This isn't the most glamorous item on this list, but it might be the most practical. If you don't own an ironing board, you've probably already tried ironing on a table or washing machine lid with only a towel for a base. Upgrade immediately to this oh-so-smart ironing blanket. For about $10, you get a specially designed, heat-resistant pad that attaches with magnets to the top of laundry machines.

Problem: Finding a Comfortable Position With Your Computer Solution: An Adjustable Laptop Table Perfect for Couch or Bed

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If you're going to use your laptop on the bed or sofa, do yourself a favor and get a laptop table. The 360-degree adjustable legs let you set the height and angle so you can use your computer without straining your neck or back. Built-in cooling fans prevent your machine from overheating, and there's even a handy little side table perfect for a mouse or notepad.

Problem: Belts and Purse Straps That Don't Fit Quite Right Solution: Put a Hole Exactly Where You Need It With a Leather Punch

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I have an Instagram model to thank for this idea. She posted a cute belt and mentioned that she used her handy leather hole punch to make a new hole in the belt, so she could get a perfect fit. GENIUS. This would also be handy for purse or shoe straps that need adjusting.

Problem: Cold Mornings and Dry Skin (Boo!) Solution: A Heated Lotion Dispenser (Yay!)

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Imagine tomorrow morning. You step out of the shower into a chilly bathroom. Your skin is thirsty. You use your new heated lotion dispenser to treat yourself to wonderfully warm moisturizer that melts into your skin. Aahhh. (Amazon customers say it works great with massage oil, too.)

Problem: Staying Hydrated While Walking/Running Solution: A Water Bottle Pouch That Stays in Place With Magnets

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I get really thirsty while running (no kidding...), but I don't like carrying a water bottle in my hand. That's why this magnetic pouch seems like a genius solution. It comes with a 7-ounce bottle and secures to the waistband of any pants or shorts, using magnets to keep it securely in place.

Problem: Drinking Enough Water All Day Long Solution: A Motivational Water Bottle With Time-Stamp Reminders

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I've never seen my friend (and fitness goddess) Sharon without a water bottle in her hand, and she's always bossing me to drink more water, too. This motivational water bottle might help. It has markers to remind you how much you should drink every hour, along with fun phrases to encourage each chug. Bonus: It comes in 12 happy colors.

Problem: Clogged Pores and Stubborn Blackheads Solution: A Seriously Effective Peel-Off Mask

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I'm going to be honest: This peel-off mask is not for everyone. If you have fragile skin or an active acne breakout, find something milder. But if you have clogged pores, blackheads, and/or uneven skin (and you can take a little pain), you will love how clean this mask will leave your face! The five-star reviews give lots of great advice (including avoiding the delicate under-eye area).

Problem: Salad Dressing (And Other Condiments) Are Tricky to Pack Solution: These Lunchbox-Sized Portable Squeezers

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If you're packing your lunch to save money and eat healthier (and I hope you are!), you can probably make good use of these portable squeezers. They come in a four-pack, and each holds 2-3 tablespoons. They're perfect for salad dressing, mayo, hot sauce, or any other topping to make your lunch yummy.

Problem: Your T-Shirt Drawer Does Not Spark Joy Solution: Tidy That Mess With This Shirt Stacker

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I may not be at Marie Kondo's standards yet, but I've been trying to keep my stuff tidier. This shirt stacker would help. It's unlike any other shirt organizer I've seen, because it gives you a set of mini-shelves that keep all the shirts separated. When you want a shirt from the middle of the stack, you just lift that "shelf" and grab it without disturbing the other perfectly folded items.

Problem: You Get Your Best Ideas in the Shower...But Forget Them Immediately Solution: Write It Down on a Waterproof Notepad

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There's something about a warm shower or bath that encourages our minds to relax, problem-solve, and come up with creative ideas. Now, we can write them down immediately on this clever waterproof notepad. It has 40 sheets and includes a pencil with its own suction cup holder to mount next to the notepad.

Problem: No Shelf Space in the Shower Solution: This Shower Squid Holds Up to 9 Items

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This might be the cutest bathroom organizer I've ever seen. This shower squid comes in four fun colors and is ready to hang from the shower head or other handy spot. The flexible silicone tentacles can grip up to nine items of varying size, including shampoo bottles, razors, body brushes, and more.

Problem: Hot Pans Are Hot Solution: Flexible Silicone Potholders in 10 Bright Colors

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Potholders are always useful, but what I like most about this set is the versatility. They come in bright colors so they're easy to spot. You can use them as potholders, trivets, jar openers, and other uses in the kitchen. They've even dishwasher safe.

Problem: Your Hands Are Cold, Your Feet Are Cold... Solution: A Personal Space Heater That Fits Anywhere

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This cute little space heater is so comforting, it may as well have a big, friendly, "Don't Panic" sticker on the front. At 6 inches tall, it's the perfect size for your desktop or to tuck near your feet. It comes in a handful of colors and has a very basic on/off button on front to keep things simple.

Problem: Keeping Bathroom Essentials Close at Hand Solution: This Toiletries Organizer Sticks to Mirrors and Glass

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This cleverly designed bathroom organizer is the perfect solution for keeping your daily toiletries right where you need them. Using no suction cups or adhesives, the smooth silicone "sticks" securely to any shiny surface, such as a mirror or shower door. Some Amazon customers have also reported using it successfully on tile surfaces.

Problem: Keeping Your Wine Safe in the Great Outdoors Solution: These Unbreakable Wine Tumblers That Are Basically Sippy Cups for Adults

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I don't have a pool (sob), but I can still think of plenty of uses for this set of 10 unbreakable wine tumblers. They're perfect for any outdoor gathering such as barbecues, picnics, or concerts. They even come with sipper lids to protect every precious drop.

Problem: Those Annoying "11" Lines Between Our Eyes Solution: These Nighttime Wrinkle Patches

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Mine showed up in my late 20s. "You've got the elevens!" my friend chortled, pointing at the two parallel lines forming between my eyes. Gee, thanks. Maybe these wrinkle patches can help. They adhere to the skin to trap in moisture and flatten the area while you sleep, to prevent wrinkles from deepening and give a temporarily improved appearance. Worth a try, right?

Problem: Need a Brighter Smile on the Go Solution: This Portable Teeth Whitening Pen

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I love the convenience of this teeth whitening pen. Instead of messy trays or sticky strips, this whitening gel is easy and neat to brush on. It can be used 1-2 times per day, and teeth will lighten 4-8 shades after regular use.

Problem: Can't Stop Picking at Blemishes Solution: Hide and Heal With These Pimple Patches

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Some of us just can't help ourselves. That pimple flares up and begs to be squeezed, even though we know it can prolong healing and leave a scar. That's why these Pimple Patches are a must-have in every woman's skincare arsenal. Slap one on a pimple, and not only does it camouflage better than make-up, but it also soaks up oil and pus, so the blemish heals faster.

Problem: Dry, Chapped Lips Solution: Collagen Lip Masks

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Perfect for dry, chapped lips in need of pampering, this 20-pack of collagen masks will moisturize and soothe your lips. Yes, they look hilarious (so definitely take a selfie), but they also come loaded with aloe, strawberry extract, and other healing ingredients. Amazon customers recommend lying down while wearing them, since they don't stay in place without a little help from gravity.