From workout sets to necessary organizational products and home decor items, I've scanned the internet and found the absolute cream of the crop of products. These are the ones that I've deemed worth every dollar. Best part? They are all easily purchased on Amazon. So hurry up and add these to cart asap because they are sure to fly off the shelves fast. If you are anything like me, you are constantly scouring the internet for new items to add to your home and make your life that much easier. Whether it's ways to elevate your makeup game or kitchen appliances that will make you seem like you've been on Top Chef, I promise these are the products you need now. Even better? I've done all the research and testing for you, so you can get straight to using these awesome items without any of the fuss. You are welcome.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Spend Way Less Time in the Kitchen

Is there anything better than a piece of delicious juicy pineapple? The answer is no. But, let me tell you — there's nothing I hate more than cutting pineapples. It is such a hassle, so messy and takes so long when really all I want is to eat it. So what ends up happening? I just leave it sitting pretty on my counter because I'm too lazy to deal. Until this tool entered my life and changed the game.

This Tool Will Make You The Best Barista Ever


Nothing tastes better than my morning latte. I honestly can't live without mine in the mornings. My eyes are barely open and I make my way to the kitchen to whip up some tasty, frothy goodness without any effort at all. It makes every morning feel wonderful and easy — what's not to love?

Movie Night At My Place, Anyone?


Your movie nights, Bachelorette screenings, or Netflix binges are about to get a whole lot better. Like, a WHOLE lot! This projector will make you feel like you're at the movie theatre, minus the annoying people behind you that won't stop talking. Not to mention you'll be able to pause whenever you have to pee without missing anything. Ladies, do you feel me?

It's Time To Make A Statement


How cute?! I used to think alarm clocks were old school, ugly, clunky things and I never wanted one. But this clock, now this clock, will definitely be the statement piece of your nightstand. The best part? You can set your snooze button to a 60 minute snooze time. Don't blame me if you're late to work though.

Take Your Toiletries Anywhere


If there's one thing I'm not great at, it's packing for trips. My toiletry bag is nowhere near big enough for all my makeup, skincare products, hair care products, and whatever else I need. This bag was a huge upgrade, literally - it fits EVERYTHING I need and unfolds in sections, keeping everything super organized.

This is a Beach Must-Have


I have a love-hate relationship with the beach. It's beautiful and all but when I get home I always find sand everywhere. I swear, it takes a few weeks to get all the sand out of my shoes, towels, and bags. argh! It makes me not want to go but how can I resist? This sand-proof blanket has been the solution to all my beach woes. Keeping the sand where it's supposed to be, at the beach.

Lighten-Up with This


A good lamp can definitely transform a room, but finding a cute lamp at a price that won't break the bank can be a nuisance. Luckily, I've found one for you — this one is stylish, can be dimmed, and you can turn it on with only a tap. I'll take two, thanks.

This Will Feel Like You're Standing an a Cloud


If you're like me, you probably spend a ton of time cheffin' it up in the kitchen. Like, so much time that my feet start to get a little sore from standing for so long. Luckily, this mat makes that time spent cooking so much more enjoyable. To the point that sometimes I just go stand on it even when I'm not cooking.

You Aren't an Adult Till You Have a Nice Set of These

It's only now that I have these that I consider myself adulting because if there's one thing I neglected buying for way too long, it's a nice set of coasters. I had a random collection of unmatched ones I've collected (via bar hopping), and it made my dinner parties look less than adult-ish. These ones are simple, cute, and look good in whatever room I choose to drink in.

This Skincare Item is Having a Major Moment Right Now


There's nothing worse than waking up one day and noticing a giant pimple. We all know the feeling. It feels huge and like there are big neon signs flashing towards it. Thankfully these pimple patches literally make my pimples disappear. If only I knew about them back when I was in high school.

Blotting Papers Are So Last Year


I used to swear by blotting papers, but they honestly aren't that great — super wasteful, they always stick together, and I usually need 2 or 3 to get the job done. This little stick is magic: it wicks away oil with no problem at all. It's also cute and compact enough to through in your purse so that you can blot whenever you need.

Make Every Hair Wash Salon-Quality


The best part of going to the salon is definitely having my hair washed. The head massage they give is pure bliss and I wish it could last 10x longer. I never thought I could get that level of relaxation at home, but this brush is it. Lather, massage, rinse, repeat. You'll be wanting to wash your hair every day.

The Entertainment Item You Absolutely Need


Nothing is better than gooey, melted s'mores, but unfortunately, a campfire is not something I have access to whenever I have a craving (and I would never think about making them in the oven or microwave). There's a reason this s'mores maker is Amazon's Choice — it's amazing. Whip it out at your next dinner party and you are sure to impress your guests as they reminisce and become nostalgic about memories from their childhood days.

Make the Best Treat for Yourself


Lazy? Me too. This kitchen gadget makes it easy to have ice cream at home. Customize it to your liking and put all the toppings you could ever dream of at no extra charge. What could be better? You don't even need to put on pants.

This Kitchen Gadget Does it All


How many clunky appliances do you have on your kitchen counter right now? I used to have a blender, a food processor, a coffee grinder, and more (most of which I never used). This tiny but powerful gadget has easily replaced all my other appliances. Doing the job in half the time, while taking up less than half the space. It's tiny but mighty.

Tidy Up that Cluttered Kitchen Cabinet, ASAP


If the cabinet you use to store pots and pans in looks like a tornado passed through it, you need this pot organizer. This organizer is seriously functional, and it'll make it easy for you to grab whatever pot or pan you need. Lid included.

It's Time to Add this to Your Skincare Routine


It's no secret that using a jade roller has tons of benefits for your skin: encouraging lymphatic drainage, improving circulation, and reducing puffiness, just to name a few. This jade roller can't be beat — it's amazing quality at an even more amazing price. Tip: keep it in the fridge so that it's nice and cold while you roll.

These PJs are Perfect for Lounging In


One reviewer calls these pyjamas her "favorite pyjamas of ALL TIME," and there's a clear reason why: they are SO soft, SO comfy, and perfect for lounging in all day long. These have definitely become my all-time fav, too. You can find me each Sunday waking up in these and then jumping back into bed with them at the end of the day.

Feel Like You're Walking on a Cloud with These


These slippers will be the best you ever have, no joke. The bottom is sturdy but plush, and the fur… So. Soft. These are a must-have for lazy weekend mornings around the house. At the price, you might as well pick up a few colours. Don't judge me if you see me walking my dog in them. They can pass as flip-flops right??

Give Your Skin the Deep Cleanse It Needs

These makeup wipes will literally melt makeup off your face in a swipe. The best part? They leave your face soft and residue-free. A definite classic to always keep in your cabinet. Tip: I keep a pack by my bedside for those late nights when I fall into bed with no ability to do a full skincare routine. This way, I can be sure I at least take off my makeup in one messy swipe.

The Body Wash We All Swear By


If you ask me, this body wash is at cult-fave status. Lather this on your body during your shower to give your skin a major hydration boost. I've tried other body washes and really nothing else compares. Scent, moisture, and feel, this body wash is the perfect start to every morning and end to every evening. I have it stockpiled in my closet.

The Product that Single-Handedly Transformed my Hair


Hair breakage, split ends, unruly know the struggle. I got you. This bottle may look simple and tiny but brush a quarter size amount into your hair and watch the magic happen before your eyes. This is sure to repair, protect, strengthen and revitalize your hair on wash days. Your hair will literally look and feel so much better. It's my best-kept secret.

The Teeth Whitening Product that Actually Works


Yes, they actually work! As an avid coffee drinker, I use these all the time and whenever I have an event, they are my go-to. In minutes, my teeth look whiter and cleaner without the sensitivity. A cult favorite that I will keep buying again and again - I can't recommend these enough.

Get Silky Smooth Lips


Revitalize and hydrate your lips with one swipe of this lip balm. I have one in my purse, in my car, in my boyfriends pocket, in my living room. You get it. I'm obsessed. There are so many flavors to choose from like coconut and pear, strawberry and honey and I honestly cannot get enough of them. Add to cart and you'll totally get why this is a an Amazon Bestseller.

We're Bringing 90's Back


I can't say that it doesn't make me feel old that this 90's trend is making a 'come back.' I didn't think I was old enough for anything I work to make a come back just yet. But here they are, these hair clips I wore in high school are all over my Tik Tok feed. I honestly forgot how functional they were. Whenever I don't have time to style my hair, I clip it back and it looks so cute and put together like I actually tried. Effortless and cute, these are seriously worth the hype.

Set the Ambience With These Candles


Want to set the mood without the burden of having to remember to blow out candles or place them in spots that won't cause a fire? These electronic flickering mini candles are perfect for creating the perfect romantic atmosphere or warm, comfortable vibe without all the fuss. An Amazon #1 Bestseller, scatter them throughout your house, pop them in a candle holder or a cute vase - you won't be disappointed.

You Need This Product in Your Life RN


We totally get it: As the weekend rolls around, sometimes you're just feeling some much-needed R&R. What better way to relax than with this blanket? Perfect for your next cuddle sesh or for cooler nights outdoors, this blanket will keep you warm and cozy throughout the seasons. Safe to say I'm obsessed.

These Shorts Have Become A Cult Classic In My Wardrobe


Confession time: I've worn these shorts three times this week. Oh and I may or may not have just ordered more colors off Amazon - whoops. These biker shorts are so cute styled with an oversized sweatshirt for your next grocery run or with a sports bra for your next yoga sesh. The countless 5-star reviews don't lie - everyone agrees these are incredible.

This V-Neck Dress Available in Different Colors Will Never Go Out Of Style

Every girl needs a cute summer dress. For mornings when you don't have time to plan an outfit, just throw on this dress and you're guaranteed compliments. I promise you'll be so, so happy you have this. Comfort and style - a winning combo if I do say so myself.

The Workout Set I'm In Love With


This workout set deserves all the heart-eye emojis. Forget Set Active or Lululemon - I've found this affordable option for you that's just as good. The fit on this is super flattering and hugs you in all the right places - we know you'll be impressed and feeling yourself during your next workout. Honestly, I hate to take mine off.

Now You Can Make the Breakfast Sandwich of Your Dreams


Do you ever order a delicious sandwich at a restaurant and wish you could replicate it at home? Ever since purchasing this, I've been making the most incredible sandwiches and my bf can confirm. Think warm melted cheese, with fresh egg and bacon or the perfect grilled pesto chicken sandwich - mouth-wateringly good.

Add This to Cart for Your Rushed Mornings

We all have those mornings: You hit snooze on your alarm one too many times and now you're running late to your morning meeting. But don't fret: I've got you covered. Say goodbye to dripping wet hair in the office and hello to perfectly styled hair in minutes. An Amazon favorite for a reason.

The Amazon Basics Product You Need


If you're always searching the room for outlets, you need this in your life. The reviews say it has good design and functionality and we can definitely attest to that. The best part? It can power up to six devices. A true classic in every household. I won't lie, I have one in each room.

We've Found The Softest Rug Ever


No joke, this rug is like nothing I've felt before. The perfect touch for your bedroom, this rug feels like cashmere to the touch and is so luxurious - it feels like I'm walking on a cloud. I LOVE it and know you will too. Now I'm just trying to convenience my boyfriend that we should change our living room rug too.

The Most Aesthetic Coasters I've Ever Seen


These marble coasters are my newest obsession; the simple yet elegant Nordic design has me sold. They're honestly the perfect set for your home. I've even bought them as a beautiful housewarming and birthday gift for my friends. Take my advice and add these to cart right now before they sell out!

This Affordable Makeup Brush Set is a Must


Affordable, soft makeup brushes that don't shed? Sign me up. A professional makeup artist called this 16-piece set a "must-buy" and we couldn't agree more. I never knew I needed all these brushes until I got this set and now I can't live without it. Professional quality at a fraction of the price - what could be better? I feel like a profesh now.

Elevate Your Home Decor

If you're looking to bring your home decor to the next level, you need these throw pillows. So soft and so stylish, these really added the perfect finishing touch to my home decor. Spruce up your couch or living room and create the perfect haven for yourself - you deserve it.