37 Amazon Electronics-Related Items Our Readers Love

Browsing the endless pages of Amazon.com can be, in a word, overwhelming. There are so many electronics-related products that look intriguing, but also look like they could break 30 seconds after you take them out of the box. So how do you filter out the products that are junk to get to the good stuff? Luckily for you, we've got you covered.

We've written about hundred (and hundreds...) of products over the years, but these are the best of the best. This list contains the 37 most popular electronics we've ever featured, and trust me on this, they do not disappoint. From waterproof Bluetooth speakers to smartwatches to epic charging stations, these are the tech gadgets that you need to know about.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Is the Best GPS Watch Under $50

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This is the best price you'll find on a GPS watch! Monitor your route with the built-in GPS while tracking steps, heart rate, sleep quality, and more. You can also pair it with your smartphone for call and text notifications.

Wake Up And Rock Out

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This one will get you moving earlier in the morning, which is bound to positively impact your need to get out the door quickly. A waterproof wireless speaker with either a hanging or suction cup attachment, this gadget syncs easily with your phone to deliver only sick beats while you're in the shower. Just don't lose track of time channeling your inner Bruce Springsteen.

This TikiTunes Bluetooth Speaker Lights Up The Night

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Want an outdoor Bluetooth speaker that does more? Try these TikiTunes speakers, which double as lights to keep the party going after dark. Whether you're hosting a big bash or a more intimate evening al fresco, these up the ambiance as well as provide excellent sound for any event.

This Ring Video Doorbell with Advanced Motion Detection

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This cool gadget is a wired video doorbell that lets you have a two-way talk with the people outside, all while having advanced motion detection.

If you're into high-tech gadgets, then this one is for you. It'll also give you real-time notifications through your phone and Ring Chime, so wherever you are, you know who rings your doorbell.

These Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers for Portable Sound

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Whether I'm watching movies inside or having a pool party outside, these waterproof Bluetooth speakers are my go-to sound system because they're portable and water-resistant.

Despite being small in size, the bass is second to none, with true 360 degrees of stereo sound, and you get 1500 minutes of playtime without needing to be re-charged.

This Charging Station Comes With Cords

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This incredibly useful charging station is made even better by the fact that it comes with charging cords! It even has a space to charge your smartwatch. This would make a world of difference on our messy kitchen counter where all the tech goes to recharge. I love that it has a neat little space for each item that's charging.

Upgrade Your Wake-Up Experience With This Alarm Clock Radio With USB ports

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This alarm clock radio has some great features in a small package! It displays the temperature and has two handy USB ports for charging your phone and tablet. The alarm has five built-in tones and lots of settings, plus it doubles as an FM radio that saves up to 40 stations. There's even a headphone jack if you want to listen to it without disturbing anyone else. The display is fully dimmable to help you get the best night's sleep possible.

This USB Fan Is So Cool

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This USB fan that's so much more than an air mover is incredibly cool. It also acts as a clock and a weather station, telling you the temperature and exact time. My husband is one of those people who's always hot, so he'd totally appreciate the cooling breezes this handy gadget offers!

This Indoor/Outdoor Security Cam Will Let You Sleep More Soundly

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Having a little extra security is never a bad idea, in my opinion. It's especially useful if you live in a somewhat sketchy neighbourhood, like I do. I purchased this handy little security camera that captures video 25x better in low lighting and comes with free cloud storage. It's motion-activated, so sometimes it will pick up on a racoon or possum; still, better a false alarm than no alarm at all, am I right?

These Foldable Noise Cancelling Headphones are Economical

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These noise-canceling headphones are perfect for when you want to shut out the world and enjoy your favorite tunes. They come equipped with a hassle-free Calling and Function Button, along with a built-in mic that allows you to make quick and convenient calls. The thick, yet comfortable earpads allow you to wear them for hours without pain or discomfort.

This 10-Foot Phone Charger Lets You Easily Use Your Phone While It Charges

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Is there anything more annoying than dealing with a bunch of cords while trying to charge your devices? I also hate how short the cords are, and I often want to use my phone while I charge it. This 10-foot charger allows me to do that. I keep it plugged understand my nightstand, so I have easy access to my phone whenever I want to use it while it charges!

The Scorching Sun Will Have Nothing on You This Summer

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You'll never hear me complain about summer, but sometimes it can feel like a sauna out there. The solution? Pop this mini fan into your purse, treat yourself to an iced drink, and give yourself the cooldown you need. Your body will be thanking you.

These Soft Replacement Straps for Apple iWatches

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Every watch needs a replacement strap if you wear it enough, or sometimes we just want a change of color to feel like we have a new watch.

And these soft replacement straps for Apple iWatches will give you just that, for a fraction of the price of the original watch. They're made of silicone, so they're super soft on the skin.

Get Five Hours of Playtime With This Buyer-Fave Bluetooth Speaker

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This cute, compact wireless speaker gives you up to five hours of playtime on a single full charge. It's got a strap built-in for easy carrying. And it's got a built-in speakerphone with noise and echo cancellation! That's a lot of value for less than $35.

This Lightweight, Sturdy Tablet Stand Is Rated 4.8 Stars and is Under $20

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Use your tablet in comfort with this buyer-fave tablet stand that earns stellar 4.8-star ratings from more than 17,000 buyers. It's available in silver, gray or black, and supports your tablet in portrait or landscape mode. The viewing angle is adjustable, and the base has rubber cushions on the bottom. It's designed to allow you to plug in your tablet while it's on the stand, so it makes a great home base for your device.

These Apple Earpods with a Headphone Jack for Those of Us Who Hate Bluetooth

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I've been using Apple's Ear Pods since their release, and I've gotta say, I'm a huge fan. I've gone through four pairs in 10 years, which considering my aptitude for breaking and/or losing earbuds, is pretty impressive. They have nice audio quality, are easy to detangle, and pretty soundproof (in my own, personal opinion audiophiles please don't come at me).

This Accessory Organizer Has an Amazing Grid System to Hold Almost Anything You Want

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This simple organizer with elastic bands can hold a huge array of items in a single handy-dandy spot. Use it to store all your art supplies or your travel accessories. The options are endless. Because the elastic bands come in so many sizes, and in crisscrossing directions, they're able to grip objects of all different sizes and shapes and hold them securely.

This Slim Wireless Mouse Is Adorable and Comes in More Than 25 Colors

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For somewhere between $8-$12, you can get this sleek wireless mouse that has a 4.6-star rating on more than 100,000 reviews. What a fun way to add a touch of color and style to your desktop! I'm a big fan of the mint green and purple one, as well as the fuchsia and bright red. These lovely gadgets have smooth navigation and less mouse click noise.

This Wi-Fi Range Extender Really Works, According To Over 54k Reviewers

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If your Wi-Fi signal is weak in certain areas of your home, it can be super annoying when you're trying to connect. Pick up with Wi-Fi signal extender to fix that problem and get a great connection anywhere. A happy reviewer even used it to improve the signal to his Ring doorbell so he could control it from anywhere in the house!

A Backdrop For Seamless Zoom Backgrounds

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You know how you can add your own photo to your Zoom background? This green backdrop will keep it from being glitchy so that maybe, just maybe, your coworkers will think you're really at the beach. Plus, each order comes with clips to help you hang it up wherever you like.

Make Gardening Or Working Fun By Setting Up This Bluetooth Speaker In No Time

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I love listening to music while doing house chores and this Bluetooth enabled waterproof speaker is my go-to guy. Its sound quality is super amazing and it goes with me wherever I am: kitchen, shower, living room. Simply a must-have in the house.

Clean Up Those Stray Wires With This 10-Foot Cable Sleeve

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This cable sleeve is 10 feet long and one inch wide. It's got a slit in it to allow you to slide your cords inside. Once you've done that, the slit closes on itself, hiding the mess in a neat tube. If the size doesn't fit your needs, there are a lot of other options. 14 to be exact! And you can choose from black, white or a black-and-red pattern. I can feel myself breathing easier just imagining all those cords cleaned up.

This Wireless Bluetooth Conference Speaker for Meetings

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When you're working from home and are constantly on Zoom meetings like me, it's essential to have high-quality sound in important conference calls.

So, I was inspired to invest in a wireless Bluetooth speaker. I bought it on Amazon, and it's made my Zoom meetings much easier because of the high-quality sound system. I don't have to wear big headphones that leave my ears sweaty and uncomfortable.

This Portable Waterproof Speaker Plays 24 Hours on One Charge

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Listen to music or podcasts while you do yardwork or enjoy your backyard! This Portable Waterproof Speaker is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. It measures 6 inches tall and comes in eight fun colors. It's highly rated by Amazon customers!

This WiFi Projector for Backyard Movies

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Take outdoor entertaining to the next level with this WiFi Projector. It's a lot less expensive than I thought it would be and connects over WiFi or a USB cord. Project the picture onto a wall, sheet, or screen. It's earning solid reviews on Amazon, with one customer writing, "Great picture quality, easy setup."

These True Wireless Earbuds for Nonstop Music

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I love music, and I love walking and running too, which is why I switched to these wireless earbuds – so they don't fall out of my ears while I'm on the move.

Plus, the sound quality on these wireless earbuds is incredible. I don't have to worry about my tunes while I'm getting my workout in. Just plug and go.

This Dash Mount Phone Holder Keeps It In Place

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I have one of those vent mount phone holders I use when needing directions, but it always ends up falling out. This dash mount phone holder is a much better option because the phone stays put and keeps the map easy to read so you don't accidentally cause a crash while you're trying to retrieve your fallen phone! It's held in place by five grippy tabs, so your phone isn't going anywhere even if you take corners above the speed limit or drive down a bumpy road.

A Pair of Motorola Talkabout Radios

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If mobile phones aren't working, you'll be relieved to know these Motorola Talkabout Radios can reach each other from up to 16 miles away. They earn high ratings, with one Amazon customer praising them for: "Good sound quality, easy to use."

These Sunglasses Record Video

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Much easier than using a bulky video camera strapped to your head, these sleek sunglasses record all your adventures from your POV! According to reviewers, they're super easy to plug and play, take great video and audio quality, and are a great value. Streamline your recording experience when you pop these on and go!

Hide Ugly (And Potentially Dangerous) Cords With This Cord Cover Kit

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With all of the devices on the market these days, it's no wonder that our cord situations are getting out of hand. Cover and organize any unsightly cords with this cord cover kit. Whether it be office cords to your computer or printer or your TV power cords after hanging it on the wall, this kit can cover it all.

This Garmin GPS Watch Is a Favorite Among Runners

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This Garmin GPS Watch is a top choice for runners who want to track how far, how fast, and where they run. Customers appreciate that it only needs to be charged about once a week. One customer wrote, "This watch does everything I need in a smart fitness watch at about 20% of the cost of an Apple Watch."

This iFlex Bends Into the Shape You Need to Hold Your Phone

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I've been shopping for a new phone holder, and I'm intrigued by this iFlex. Made of highly flexible silicone, it starts out flat but can be folded or shaped into various configurations depending on what you need. It's simple, can be used for plenty of purposes (photos, watching videos, holding your phone as a recipe card while you cook), and highly portable.

This Tool That Cleans Out Gunky, Wax-Filled Ears

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Let's face it — your ears could probably use a little cleaning while you're at it, and this earwax removal kit lets you see exactly where you're poking around once connected to your smartphone. The camera is waterproof, so there's no need to worry about it breaking inside of your ear. Plus, you can even use it to give your teeth a closer inspection.

This Power Strip Has 4 USB Outlets

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Not only can you use this to plug in 12 regular things, but this power strip comes with 4 USB outlets to keep your devices charged and at the ready. It also has a surge protector and overload protection, so it's extra safe to use. It gets a perfect five stars from tens of thousands of reviewers because you can plug multiple heavy-duty items in and still get a fast charge!

This Ergonomic Green Keyboard Matches My Morning Matcha

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I find working from home enjoyable, so long as I have the right desk set-up and products to brighten up my day. I found this fun green ergonomic keyboard on @amour.png 's TikTok and then bought it through Amazon. It's compatible with PCs and laptops, and the color even matches my morning cup of matcha tea.

This USB Wall Charger with Fast Charging Ports

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This wall charger not only has two USB fast charging ports but also a three-sided power strip with six adapter outlets and an LED night light around the edges so you can see it in the dark.

It's a great space saver while offering so many points to charge, and it actually has a dusk-to-dawn sensor that automatically turns on when ambient lighting becomes insufficient.

These Colorful Keyboard Covers to Add a Bit of Sparkle to Your Home Office

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When working from home is getting a bit dull, you can brighten up your day with these colorful keyboard covers. I discovered them on @meantobemarmar 's TikTok and have found my rainbow-colored version a fun way to add a bit of sparkle to my home office. I love it when I get to deck out my laptop.