37 Affordable Inventions That Work So Well We Talk About Them All the Time

When you scroll through social media, what do you see? Pictures of friends, family, and adverts for products that are too tempting not to look at. So, you decide to have a little snoop at the website. But, the price is just too much. And, so you just try your best to keep on scrolling, leaving the cool gadget behind. But then you see another ad for an invention all of your friends have been talking about...and you start imagining what it would be like with it in your life.

We've all been there, wanting something we can't quite afford. But what if I told you that you could afford it? What if I told you that there are thirty-seven affordable inventions that work so well and are super cool, that we talk about them all the time?! Amazon is the place for that! So, take a look at these thirty-seven products you just won't be able to resist!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This PopSocket For just $10.99


It's such a cool invention, and so simple too! At just $10, your PopSocket will help you hold your phone with just 1 hand a lot more easily than before, as well as being able to snapchat, text, and take photos easily!

This Temperature Control Coffee Mug To Keep Your Drink Warm


This temperature control coffee mug is perfect for those busy bee's who just don't have time to sit down and enjoy their coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Or, even those who always seem to forget that they even made themselves a cup of tea!

It can keep your drink at a temperature of forty-five degrees all day long. And, not only does the mug heat up your drinks, but it can also charge your phone with the wireless charger too!

If this isn't the coolest invention you've seen, I don't know what else will impress you...

This Cool Flexible Phone Stand For The Lazier Days


This flexible phone stand is perfect for the lazier days when you just can't be bothered with anything, not even holding your phone.

The stand bends into any shape you need to accommodate whichever position you're in, whether you're lay on your side, on your back, or even upside down! Not that watching youtube like that would necessarily be all too comfortable, but hey, who knows?

It's also the perfect design for those who are wanting to take pictures with their family but don't have anyone to take it for them... and for $20, you'll definitely get your money's worth.

This Stary Ocean Projector Light


This projector light is such a cool invention, and it's only $30! It has fourteen lighting colors with light music playing slowly too. So, whatever romantic night you're planning, this is definitely the invention you need! But, it's so versatile that it doesn't have to be used just for date nights, in fact, if your child is struggling to sleep...set this starry invention up in their room, and off they will drift.

This BedShelfie For Those With Minimal Room


This bed shelfie is perfect for those whose rooms are too small for a bedside table, or just those who like the more minimal feel to their room. And, what's better? You don't need any tools to set it up! No more looking at confusing manuals that just end up scrambling your brain!

This Fan For Your iPhone


This fan is the perfect tool to carry around, whether that be carrying it into the office, going shopping, or when you're traveling.

And, the fan fits any iPhone or iPad too.

Or This Defrosting Tray For Frozen Meat


This defrosting tray is such a worthy tool to keep around your house, defrosting your food within minutes, and the tray doesn't need any hot water added to it either. It's cool to the touch, and mess free.

For just $26, it's definitely a tool worth buying.

And This Doggy Paw Cleaner For The Mucky Pups


There's a doggy paw cleaner for just $7.99, and all you have to do is add water to the dog plunger and just insert your dog's dirty paws, moving the plunger up and down, and finally removing your dog's paw to dry it for them!

So, no more muddy towels, or muddy carpets after a walk where your dog couldn't help it but to find the muddy tracks! Here's to having clean and healthy paws.

This Smart Water Bottle For Hydration


This water bottle glows up to remind you to stay hydrated and healthy, as well as having a built-in Bluetooth speaker for your hikes, showers, or camping trips. Best part? It's only $20!

The Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler


This car seat filler will ensure that you never drop your phone down the side of your car seat again! It's awesome for those who are a little bit clumsy and end up dropping all of their earthly possessions, being unable to retrieve them without having to actually stop the car, and open the door!

This Indoor Herb Garden Kit For Home-Made Herbs


This indoor herb garden has LED lights promoting plant photosynthesis in any weather for faster growth, and has a built-in timer system, with sixteen hours on and 8 hours off, allowing you to enjoy your delicious herby goodness within weeks!

Didn't I say these inventions were just genius?

This Digital Coin Bank For Money Saving


This digital coin bank will motivate you to save all the loose change you have lying around your house, purse, or even your car. And, it comes in blue, pink, purple, green, or clear colors too! So, get saving the smart way now! You might not realise it, but coins do add up...

This Plasma Ball For Home Decor


This plasma ball is beautiful for your office desk, living room shelf, or bedside table! And every time you touch it, the LED lights follow your finger. So, it would be perfect for those with a little bit of anxiety, wanting to distract their minds from the intense thoughts they might be having. It's perfect.

Or Even This Night Light


Your little 1 having trouble sleeping? This jelly fish lamp is the thing you need to invest in. The calming thought of marine life will sooth your child, allowing them to have longer, healthier amounts of sleep! But, even if you just need some time out of your day to relax and collect your thoughts, this lamp can be used for that too!

A Waterfall Incense Burner


This waterfall burner goes so well with wormwood incense, and will enable your body and mind to relax while you meditate, stretch, or even read a book in your bedroom!

It will increase sleep, decrease stress, feel like a breath of fresh air every time you breathe, and is just so beautiful to look at too...For just $15, it's definitely worth it.

This Headphone Stand With A USB Charger


For those who don't like clutter, but love convenience, this headphone stand is designed for you.

You can fit it under your desk, hang up your headphones, and even your watch, and then charge up to 3 different devices!

Do I really have to say any more? Nope, I didn't think so.

This Trampoline Sprinkler For Kids


This trampoline sprinkler is just the thing to keep your kids entertained, whether that be for a party or not. The sprinklers are just $12.99 and are the perfect invention for family fun! With different colors to chose from and the option to purchase a whirl sprinkler, or just a standard 1 for your bouncing children.

This Charging Lamp For Your Bedside Table


This bedside lamp is a genius creation! And I can tell you first hand that it works wonders for me! I'm able to turn my light off before bed, turn on my lamp, and watch TikTok while my phone charges before I sleep! Amazing...

Or Even This Adorable Groot Planting pot


This Groot figure plant holder is definitely more for the geeky flower moms! But then again, who doesn't love Groot? And, not to worry, if you aren't the plant mom type, because, well, you tend to kill them off a little quicker than you should, then you can put your pens in Groot's head instead!

This Anti-Spill Travel Mug For Your Car


This heat up, anti-spill travel mug is such a wonderful invention for those on the go. All you have to do is plug it in and set the temperature you desire to drink at! And it's LED temperature display is perfect so you know exactly which temperature you're drinking your coffee at!

And This Abdominal Wheel Tool


This ab wheel will have your abs burning in seconds and will build up your strength in no time! And what's better? You can take it anywhere! So, there really is nothing stopping you from getting that 6-pack you've been dreaming of!

These Crease Protectors For Air Force Shoes


With more than 2,000 5-star ratings, it's clear that these little crease protectors do just what they're supposed to do! They not only keep your new Air Force's looking uncreased but help take the creases out of your old ones too. So, for just $10, what's your choice? Keep your Air Force's crease-free, or regret not buying the protectors every time you put your sneakers on?

These Sleep Headphones For Better Sleep


Coming in 5 different colors to match your taste, these 5-star sleep headphones will help you drift off into heaven, listening to your favourite music, without feeling uncomfortable while you doze off! It also protects you from any facial sweat throughout the night, and the messy bed head is a thing of the past too! Must I go on?

This Tactical Pen For A Birthday Present


This pen has multiple uses, such as a bottle opener, screwdriver, and even a flashlight! Oh, and of course, using it as a pen!

It's definitely the best piece of stationary to keep with you, wherever it is that you go. And it's only $10 too!

This Magnetic Levitation Globe For Your Home


This globe can levitate for twenty-four hours, 365 days a year, and it comes with a cool LED light fixture. So when you're in the dark, it will definitely be Instagram worthy! This globe is also an awesome gift for your kids, so that they can educate themselves a little bit more on the world around them.

This Incredible Smores Maker For The Family


This electric flameless heater cuts down the time it originally takes to make smores, guarantees safety, and means you no longer have to spend hours trying to light a fire! And for less than $40, you cannot go wrong! This will be your new favourite gadget for any party event you host!

This Retractable Clothes Line For Your Garden Or Flat


This retractable washing line will do wonders when you need to save on electricity and water bills, but you either don't want your garden to be filled with endless washing lines that you just keep walking into, or you don't have a dryer in your apartment!

It comes with easy-to-follow instructions too! So, you only have 6 steps to follow and then bam, done...

Or Jazz Up Your House With This Sunset Lamp


The wonderful sunset lamp can rotate 180 degrees, meaning that it can hit different angles, creating different effects of sunset light for your room whenever you like. All this, as well as the soft lighting being perfect for relaxing your mind, taking pictures, having a romantic date night in, or even filming a vlog!

And, when you have guests, I'm pretty sure you can make them envious of your decor ability! So, get yours today for just $25

This 5 Tier Shelf Design For A Minimal Finish


This 5-tier shelf design comes in 8 different colors and is Amazon's best choice too. If you're anything like me, you hate clutter, and love a minimal finish! Well, these shelves are the thing you've been searching for...and here's what 1 shopper said:

"Good for storing games and horizontal 5x7 photos. Assembly was easy and good directions to follow. Could add maybe a couple extra panels for a larger option. However, I was so satisfied I bought another to compliment it on another corner..."

This Pan Organizer For Your Kitchen


This pan organiser on Amazon saves space on your counter, allowing you to store up to 5 pans, decluttering both your kitchen and your mind!

And it comes in 3 different colors too: bronze, white, and silver.

This Electric Gun Wine Opener To Make You Look Super Cool


This cordless wine bottle opener opens up to thirty bottles on 1 single charge, and once you're done using it, holster the wine opener in the charging base, and enjoy your crazy wine night! And to open the wine bottle, all you have to do is pull the trigger...how cool is that?

This AvoSeedo Bowl Set To Grow Your Own Avocado Tree


Why would I spend money on this when I can go to the superstore and buy a pack of avocados for cheaper?

It's truly thrilling, as a plant mom, I love to watch my plants grow, and I don't mean to be that person, but they are my little babies! Well, this can be your little baby too!

And you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you can survive an apocalypse, once you grow your very own tree!

The Inflatable Lounger


The lounger sofa is perfect for hiking, camping, or even garden events! And a big bonus is that you don't need a pump to inflate it! All you have to do is scoop a little bit of that divine air into the lounger and you're good to go! And it comes in over 15 different funky designs...what can possibly be better than this invention for those activity hungry people out there?!

This Hot Air Popper Popcorn Machine For Movie Nights


This hot air popcorn machine is perfect for movie nights and can make up to 10 cups of deliciously soft popcorn! And while you're at home stuffing your face with your family, you can not only ensure you have a good night but a healthy 1 too, as the popcorn is free of salt and dyes!

Not to mention, how good would this look on your kitchen side?!

Or Treat Yourself To This Affordable Candle Lighter


With no gas or flame required, you'll never want to light your candles the basic way ever again! This candle lighter has more than 15,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating! Here's what some reviewers have said:

"I light candles every night and this little gadget works great! Charged it and couldn't get it to ignite. Thought it was a dud but good thing a reviewer said to make sure you flip the tiny switch on the bottom. That was not in the directions. Now that I know it works perfectly," one said.

"Man, this thing should've been invented DECADES ago. Yes, it works. It does exactly what it's described for. You press the handle switch, and a small arc of electricity lights up between the two points, hot enough to light a candle or kindle a fire or pilot light, and it turns off the moment you release the switch," another said.

And This Head Rest Hook Is Awesome


At just $4.99, this hook is a genius idea, so that when you're traveling, you're not taking up too much room in your car, being able to hook your bags or coat to it for the journey! It's just genius!

And Last But Not Least, This Plant Shelf Is Wonderful For The Crazy Plant Lovers

We all know someone who's a little too into plants! Hell, it might even be you we're talking about...and if that's so, this shelf is perfect for you! I mean, just look at how many plants you can actually fit onto the shelves! It's a dream come true...

It can be used for either indoor or outdoor plants too! And it goes with pretty much any decor in your house.

So, now you know just how cheap these inventions can be! Why not have a browse at whatever has taken your fancy?