30 Things I Bought on Amazon That Changed My Life for the Better

There are certain products out there that, once you buy them, wonder how you ever lived your life without them. I buy a lot of stuff online. In fact, some people (my husband) might say I buy too much stuff online. And while I've definitely bought some duds over the years, I've been able to pinpoint the most life-changing things I've ever bought and compiled them into a list for your viewing pleasure.

Keep scrolling to find out how your life could change for the better with just a few quick clicks. You might want to bookmark this page now, just to be safe.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Travel Foot Rest That you Should Never Fly Without

I travel as much as I possibly can. I love being able to travel the world and learn about different cultures, but sometimes after an especially long flight, I vow to never set foot on another plane again. This travel footrest made me fall in love with flying again. It makes an airplane seat about a million times more comfortable and is super portable. I keep it in my carry-on bag at all times!

This Luggage Scale That's Another Must for Travelers

Speaking of traveling, I have a horrible habit of over-packing. For some reason, I always think I'll need to change my outfit several times per day, and it always results in an overstuffed suitcase that goes beyond the weight limit. This handy luggage scale allows me to weigh my suitcase at home so I can re-assess what I'm packing instead of being forced to pay a fee at the airport.

This Egg Peeler That Peels Eggs In A Flash

I'm a big fan of the hard-boiled egg. It's a quick, easy way to get some protein, and I like to boil up a dozen on Sunday nights so I'm set for the week. But what I'm not a fan of is the gross, messy, and annoying task that comes with actually peeling one. This egg peeler does the dirty work for me, and I'm not kidding when I say that it's changed my life for the better.

These FurZappers That Are Lifesavers For Pet Owners

I have an extremely active Australian Cattle Dog, and while I love her, I do not love the crazy amount of hair that covers every single inch of my home. Even after washing and drying my clothes it's still there, and I'd resigned myself to looking like a crazy dog person until I found this product. Just throw it in with your laundry while you do a load and enjoy fuzz-free clothing at last.

This 5-in-1 Wine Tool That's A Must For Wine Lovers

With an 8-month-old baby to take care of, it's tough for me to find the time to find some time for myself to unwind during the day. That's why every night at 7 pm after I've put my son to bed I pour myself a glass of red wine, sit back, and appreciate the quiet. I look forward to it all day long. That's why I love this 5-in-1 wine tool. It's an aerator, pouring spout, filter, stopper, and is completely leak-proof. If you love wine, get this thing!

This Eyeliner Stamp That Makes Me Look Like I Know How To Use Makeup

One of my favorite things to do before bed is to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube. There's something so relaxing about watching someone completely transform their face, and while most of their looks are a bit too out-there for me, one thing I've always wished I could recreate is the classic cat-eye. This eyeliner stamp is literally that-a stamp-and it makes it look like I'm a total makeup pro.

The Magic Stone That Cleans Gross Stuff Off Your Grill

My husband and I are completely obsessed with our grill. We use it all summer long, into fall, and sometimes even on the coldest of winter days. But because we use it so much, we try to make an effort to clean it regularly with this Magic Stone. It easily scrubs away grime, leftover food bits, and basically anything gross that you wouldn't want touching your food.

This Dish Squeegee That Will Make You Burn All Your Sponges

I have an absolute hatred for sponges. I cannot stand that awful mildewy smell they get after sitting in the sink for roughly five minutes, and I always feel like I'm just spreading around more germs each time I use one. This dish squeegee flips the script on the traditional sponge. It never stinks, is made from sturdy rubber and silicone, and erases stuck-on food like magic.

These Bracelets That Repel Pesky Mosquitos

Not only are these bracelets super cute, but they also keep bugs from bugging you. For some reason, I've always felt that mosquitos are more drawn to me than they are to other people, and every summer I end up with bug bites covering my legs and arms. But ever since I stumbled upon these bracelets I simply pop one on, enjoy my time outdoors, and am left with not one itchy, painful bite afterward.

This Flip-It Deluxe That Keeps You From Wasting Your Condiments

I'm a huge believer in condiments. I can't stand a dry sandwich, and if my salad isn't slathered in salad dressing I refuse to even touch it. So, unsurprisingly, our fridge is filled with bottles of varying amounts, and I've been guilty of throwing away a container of mustard or ketchup that still has a good amount left in the bottom. This Flip-It Deluxe allows me to get every last drop of my beloved condiments and saves me money at the same time.

This Smart Funnel That Helps You Get More Bang for Your Buck

Why does this concept have to end in the condiment aisle? The same thing happens with soap! For some reason, once I see my soap bottle nearing the end, I tend to just throw it out rather than try to squeeze what's left of it out of there. What a waste of product and money! This Smart Funnel not only holds your soap bottle upside down so nothing is wasted, but it also makes it easy to pour more soap into it without splashing it all over the place.

This Optical Pen Mouse That's Ridiculously Fun To Use

I am absolutely, completely, ridiculously obsessed with this product. OBSESSED. I work from home, and my home office is anything but fancy. It's a basic setup with a desktop, keyboard, and traditional mouse. The problem is, I hate traditional mouses. They're slow, they stick to the desk, and they cause constant frustration. This optical pen mouse gives me pinpointed access to my computer and makes me feel like I'm living in the future.

These Lids Keep Your Food from Boiling Over

My husband and I eat a lot of pasta, but it seems like every time I put a pot on the stove to boil it ends up boiling over and creating a huge mess. These pot lids are specifically designed to prevent this from happening, thus saving you from having to clean up a big mess and ruining your dinner. I have six of them!

This Zero Waste Cap That's Seriously Brilliant

I honestly don't know why all bottles don't have this type of cap already. In fact, I'm kind of annoyed that I didn't invent this product myself in the first place. It easily screws onto any size bottle and allows you to keep it upside down on your countertop so you use every last drop. I've been recommending these to everyone I know ever since I bought them.

These Bag Cinches That Keep Your Bread Fresh

Stale bread is a big ol' bummer. And since my husband happens to be a bit forgetful, he'll sometimes leave the bread bag open and, thus, cause it to become incredibly stale and inedible. So I bought this bag cinch to solve this irritating problem. Of course, sometimes he forgets to actually use it, but when he does, it works perfectly.

This Cleaning Sponge That Forces You To Finally Clean Your Disgusting Brushes

If you're anything like me, you go months without washing your makeup brushes. You keep meaning to do it, but with your busy schedule, it seems impossible to fit in. I thought the same thing, which is why I decided to buy one of these cleaning sponges. All I have to do is press my various brushes on the surface of the sponge and the months of old, caked-on makeup instantly disappears like magic.

This Doorknob Organizer That Keeps Your Essentials In Plain Sight

Remember what I said about my husband being forgetful? I can't remember how many times per week he runs around the house looking for his keys, wallet, sunglasses, or whatever else he needs before he leaves for work screaming about how he's going to be late. So I bought him this doorknob organizer, which keeps all of his work must-haves in one convenient spot.

This CouchCoaster That Gives You A Cupholder Where You Need It Most

We only have one end table in our living room, so if my husband is sitting on the side closest to the table I'm constantly asking him to pass me my drink while we're watching TV. Shockingly, this irritates him, so one day he ordered this CouchCoaster and installed it without telling me first. No-so-shockingly, I loved it, and now we're both happy during Netflix and Chill nights.

This Cake Pan That Makes You Look Like A Pro Baker

My nephew recently turned the big 1-0, so I decided to try to bake him a cake that spelled out this exciting milestone age. Of course, I had never done this before, so I frantically started searching for products that would make this easier for me. I immediately found this insanely handy cake pan, which makes it ridiculously easy to make it look like you baked something that was anything but.

These Shadow Shields That Keep Your Undereye Area Clean

Isn't it annoying when you spend what feels like hours perfecting your eye makeup look complete with shimmery shadow only to find that most of that shadow has migrated to below your lid, making you look like a glamorous raccoon? These shadow shields keep my undereye area clear without removing my existing concealer so my face looks flawless.

This Notebook That's Waterproof!

This may sound weird, but hear me out: Sometimes my best ideas come to me while I'm taking a shower. I'm a professional writer, so when I'm doing things throughout my day I'm constantly thinking up new ideas and content for pieces. For some reason, the shower really helps to get my creative juices flowing, so I bring this waterproof notebook in with me and jot them down before I forget them.

This Cat Doorstop That's Purrrfectly Adorable

My parents are huge cat people. While I'm a die-hard dog person, I tolerate their cat whenever I go to visit them and enjoy getting them cat-related gifts during the holidays. So I was pretty excited when I found this awesome cat door stopper right before Christmas. Not only did they love it, but they've bought three more so they can have one for every door in their condo.

This Bookmark That Illuminates Your Favorite Books

...okay, so it doesn't literally illuminate them, but it does hold your place and looks like a tiny little lamp. Cute, right? I don't have much time to read these days because of my baby, but this bookmark has actually made me put aside time to read more. I even bought one for my best friend who's also a reading fanatic and she absolutely loves it.

These Sticky Notes That Make You Instantly Organized

One thing I struggle with as someone who works from home is staying organized and on-task. It's really easy to get distracted when you have a basket full of dirty clothes, a sink full of dirty dishes, and 24/7 access to Netflix. But these sticky notes have really helped me to organize my work and create a schedule that I stick to every day.

This Sink Caddy That Keeps Your Sponge Dry

Is there anything worse than a wet, mildewy sponge? Okay, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I seriously hate it when my sponge starts to smell bad after sitting in the sink all day long. This sink caddy provides the perfect spot to set my sponge so it stays drier and cleaner throughout the day. I'm no longer just spreading more germs around!

This Slotted Spoon That Adds Wild Style To Your Kitchen

I'm a total sucker when it comes to cute kitchen accessories. I don't even care if it does what it's claiming to do; if it's in any way fun or quirky, I'll buy it. Luckily, this spoon is not only adorable (it's shaped like the Loch Ness Monster!) but it's also super helpful when I'm cooking soup, stew, or sauce.

These Odor Eliminators That Banish Bad Smells

I have a habit of wearing my shoes without socks, which, as you might have guessed, makes them smell pretty darn awful. But instead of actually wearing socks as a normal person might do, I just bought several pairs of these charcoal shoe deodorizers instead. Now I just place them in my smelly shoes before going to bed and wake up to a fresh, stink-free pair.

This Cloud Catcher That Stores Your Q-Tips In A Fun New Way

Remember what I said about being obsessed with cute kitchen products? The same goes for cute bathroom products as well, and this Cloud Catcher definitely qualifies. It's shaped like a sweet little cloud and serves as a holder for your Q-tips. I especially love this because it gives me a reason to throw out that annoying Q-Tip box. People comment on it every time they come over to my house!

This Toilet Paper Stocker That's Oh-So Clever

If you struggle with a tiny bathroom, this is THE product for you. I saw it at my cousin Laura's house one day and immediately knew that I had to have it. It's a toilet paper roll holder that also doubles as a shelf, which means you get added storage space while keeping your toilet paper in a chic and minimalist receptacle.

These Pushpins That Are Flowers

I bought these recently and am completely obsessed with them. They're adorable little pushpins that look like flowers, so when you're using them to hold up important documents and memo, it looks like a lovely little field.