21 Cleaning Products That Produce Insane Results

If you don't feel like cleaning every square inch of your house yet, you will by the end of this article.

We hope you find these cleaning products as captivating as we do! Just an FYI: 22Words participates in the Amazon associates program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.


This Classic Cleaning Powder Works Miracles With A Little Elbow Grease

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Bar Keeper's Friend? More like Bar Keepers BEST Friend. Find it on Amazon

This Miracle Solution Will Get All The Gunk Out Of Your Tub's Plumbing

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It's called Oh Yuk for a reason: it's exactly what you'll say when you see that gunk wash out of your jacuzzi tub. Find it on Amazon

This Brilliant Invention Catches Hair Before It Can Clog Your Tub

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It's called the Tubshroom, and it'll save you hundreds on plumbing bills. Find it on Amazon

These Strips Will Catch All The Flies And Give Them The Swift Death They Deserve

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Yes, you will become a fly mass murderer. And it'll be worth it. Find it on Amazon

The Magic Erasers May Really Be Magic

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Looks like magic to me. Find it on Amazon

Some Pet Stains Need A Miracle To Get Rid Of

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Yep, it's possible for dogs and rugs to coexist. With a little bit of work. Find it on Amazon

A Wipe Of This Water Mark Remover Shows Your Respect For Wood

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Guardsman will guard your wood, man. Find it on Amazon

People Swear By The Power Of This Mold And Mildew Remover

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Nothing cleans tiles like Tilex. Find it on Amazon

This Powerful Scrub Brush Is Seriously Effective

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Add some power tools to your cleaning arsenal. Find it on Amazon

This Affordable Pressure Washer Can Blast Dirt Off Of Any Surface

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Have you ever seen concrete so clean? Find it on Amazon

Restore Your Entire House With This Non-Toxic Paint Stripper

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Man, that looks so satisfying. I'm ready to strip every painted surface in my house. Find it on Amazon

Uncover The Hairy Monsters Lurking In Your Pipes With These Cheap Plastic Drain Snakes

Yuck. Awesome. And also, yuck. But awesome. I want to try this. Find it on Amazon

This Delightfully Aromatic Goop-Killer Can De-Goop Anything

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If you don't already have it, you need it. It's miraculous. Find it on Amazon

These Magic Wands Will Transform Your Toilet

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Presto! Your toilet isn't nauseating anymore! Find it on Amazon

One Of These Specialty Pumice Stones Will Make Your Toilet Look New Again

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Pumice: it's the only stone that'll float on water, AND wipe out the ring in your toilet bowl. Find it on Amazon

This 19th Century Soap Has Timeless Cleaning Power

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It's called Fels Naptha, and it won't quit busting stains. Find it on Amazon

This Furniture Conditioner Works Miracles And Smells Like Oranges

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Just wipe the scratches away. Find it on Amazon

Beautifully Clear Headlights Are Only A Wipe Away

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Make that 1996 Camry shine like new again. On the headlights, at least. Find it on Amazon

This Cleaner Will Keep Your Stainless Steel Appliances Looking HGTV-Ready Forever

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Get that stainless shining, and those granite countertops gleaming. Find it on Amazon

This Cleaning Standby Hides Its Stain-Lifting Secrets In Plain Sight

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Find it on Amazon

This As-Seen-On-TV Cleaner Can Banish Even The Toughest Stains

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Oxi Clean is magic. Find it on Amazon