19 Insanely Handy Inventions That Are Cheaper Than Your Lunch

From magic handles that double your carrying capacity, to a $20 plastic welder, we've found 19 insanely handy products you can guiltlessly splurge on.

We hope you find these products as economically handy as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words participates in Amazon's affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.e

You Can Take This Tiny Weatherproof Speaker Anywhere

via: Anker

Clip it to your backpack. Clip it to your belt loop. Clip it to your friend's belt loop. Don't have a friend to clip it to? Yep you do. And you're reading his article right now. However you use it, this tiny Anker bluetooth speaker will keep the party going in any situation. Find it on Amazon for $18

This $20 Device Lets You Weld Plastic. For real.

via: Bondic

If you're clumsy and disaster-prone with a tendency to break things, the Bondic will be a lifesaver. Find it on Amazon for $20

These Cheap Drain Snakes Will Probably Freak You The Heck Out

Yeah, bet you didn't realize THAT could be lurking in the dark quiet recesses of your seemingly harmless pipes, huh? But I bet you wanna find out. Find a set of three drain snakes for $7 on Amazon

This Silicone Fingertool Will Clean Your Fabrics, Dishes, And Dogs

via: Goddess of Gadgets

If brass knuckles were made of silicone rubber, covered with nubs, and could clean almost any surface while also delighting their user with their variety of brightly colored options, they'd be the Bump It Off. Grab a Bump It Off on Amazon for only $10

Make Hard Butter Instantly Spreadable With This Ingenious Butter Mill

via: Cooks Innovations

I don't know about you folks, but I'm sick and tired of destroying perfectly good bread with too-hard, too-cold butter. (I'm also sick and tired of being sick and tired, but that's a story for another day). Fortunately, smarter minds than mine invent products like the Cooks Innovations Butter Mill, which effectively grates your cold butter into deliciously spreadable noodles of rich dairy goodness. Find the butter mill on Amazon for $20

Do Yourself A Favor And Invest $10 In Charging Cables You'll Never Have To Replace

via: Anker

Suspicious that those charging cables they include with your phone and/or tablet are purposefully designed to fail? (And typically, at the most inopportune time?) Well, it's true. That's what makes these Anker braided cables such a great investment. Not only are they twice as long as factory cords, they're built to last more than three times as long. And considering they're just a few dollars more expensive, that's a deal that just makes sense. Grab the last lightning cable you'll ever need here.Find the last Micro USB cable you'll ever need here.

All Mugs Could Learn A Thing Or Two From This Paradigm-Shifting Dunk Mug

via: Dunk Mug

I love, love, love cookies. And I love dipping those cookies in milk. But I hate doing dishes. With the Dunk Mug, I've cut down 50% of my dishwashing woes, so I can spend more time dunking, and less time wrist-deep in suds. Find the Dunk Mug on Amazon for $11

Maximize Your Lifting Power With These Mighty Handles

via: Mighty Handle

Is there anything worse than the hand-splitting pain of trying to carry more bags of groceries in than your body's equipped to handle? That kind of pain where you feel like your fingers are about to tear off your hands? The creators of the Mighty Handle have felt that pain, and answered with a brilliantly simple solution. Find the Mighty Handle on Amazon for $10

Spend $9 And Create Whatever Your Heart Desires With Three Pieces Of This Moldable Plastic

via: eBay

With a cup of hot water, a set of these moldable plastic cards, and a strong belief in yourself, anything is possible. (Disclaimer: anything is not possible.) But seriously, once its warm this bioplastic acts much like clay, allowing you to form it into your choice of helpful things, like doo-hickeys, gizmos, and thingamabobs, before it sets back as a hard plastic. Find a set of three for only $9 on Amazon

Organize Your Thoughts And Your Life With This Durable German Notebook

via: Leuchtturm

Beloved by writers and thoughtful humans of many stripes, the Leuchtturm1917 notebook is a beautifully-made piece of stationary, built to store and safeguard your most brilliant strokes of genius. Find the Leuchtturm1917 on Amazon for $20

These Peeps Will Clean Your Glasses, Not Explode In The Microwave

via: Carbonklean

Stop cleaning your glasses with your shirttail. Let's be clear: you're better than that. I say it as a friend. Effectively a pair of tweezers equipped with microfiber cleaning pads on the ends, Peeps will keep you seeing so clearly, you'll see the future. And that future is so bright, you're gonna need shades. And you can keep those shades smudge-free with their own matching set of Peeps, which are available in a variety of colors. Find a pair of Peeps on Amazon for $15

Someone JUST Thought Of Adding A Time To Your Pill Box, And Honestly, I'm Agape

via: eBay

I'm also mildly agog, and verging on aghast. Yeah, it looks like a thermostat, but for $20 you won't find a more ingenious way to remember to take your medicine daily. Find it on Amazon

This Boring But Necessary Top-Rated Battery Pack Might Save Your Life Someday

via: Anker

Imagine with me if you will: you're waiting for a flight in the airport. You spot the guy (or gal) of your dreams, hunting desperately for an outlet with which to charge their phone. They're frantic, failing in their search. If only they could find the power to charge their phone, but alas, none is to be found. Until you swoop in. You're armed with the grand weapon that is your Anker Battery Pack, replete with the juice needed to quickly charge Prince/ss Charming's phone. As the battery quickly gains, your eyes meet. A bashful glance. A meaningful gaze. Cut to: 3 months later. The wedding of your dreams. You've never been happier. Your cheeks ache from smiling, and you don't even care. Dreams really do come true. And you owe it all to this $18 battery pack. Grab the Anker Astro for $18 on Amazon

Use The Power Of Microfiber To Clean Up Your Digital Act

via: Eco-Fused

Did you know the screen of your phone and/or tablet has more germs per square centimeter than the beak of a cinereous vulture? (*This is not yet an established fact. Scientists haven't "found the time" to research this comparison.) Whether or not that's true, the fact is that most of our touchscreen devices could use a good wipedown every week or two. And with this set of six microfiber cleaning pads for the low-low price of $9, you can keep one handy in every room of your house. Grab a set on Amazon here

Uncle Bill Invented The World's Best Tweezers And They Only Cost $4

via: El Mar Inc.

Made from a single piece of spring steel, Uncle Bill's Sliver Grippers are tailor-made to save your skin from even the deepest, sharpest intruder. They're tiny, portable, and effectively immortal. These tweezers are so good, they're carried by members of the US Army, along with their dog tags. They also make excellent general-purpose tweezers, if you're not particularly inclined towards slivers. Find a pair on Amazon for only $4

This Seriously Cool Raw Brass Version Of The Legendary Space Pen

via: Fisher

Featuring a tiny, bullet-like form factor and a pressurized ink cartridge, the Fisher Space Pen was designed to operate as well in the hand of an astronaut in space as it does in the grubby hand of a teenage boy scrawling angsty song lyrics in his basement for his terrible, terrible band in the dawn of the 21st century. (Don't ask me how I know this). As a longtime Space Pen enthusiast, I will sing its praises to anyone that'll listen. Legendary in its quality and beautiful in its construction, the Fisher Space Pen is a steal at only $17. Find it on Amazon here

This Tadpole Tape Cutter Just Makes So Much Sense

via: Tadpole Tape Cutter

Throw out your tape dispensers (no seriously, put down whatever you're reading this on, and go throw them out): the Tadpole Tape Cutter is here. Brilliant in its simplicity and simple in its brilliance, the Tadpole attaches to any roll of tape, effectively adding all the functionality of an industrial dispenser to that lowly dollar-store roll. Find a set of three for $16 on Amazon

The ToyDriver Is The $8 Solution To So Much Annoyance

via: Toydriver

Second only to that horrific plastic bubble packaging that, no matter how careful you are, WILL slice your hand open, I declare children's toys with screw-on battery doors a guaranteed Christmas-morning ruiner. Yes, I understand the necessity of preventing easy access to potentially leaking batteries. But I'm still steamed. Anyway, the Toydriver is about as far away as you can get from a real power tool (undersized, low torque, questionable silver paint job), which is what makes it just perfect for keeping in your battery drawer, so you're 100% armed for the next onslaught this Christmas. Find the Toydriver on Amazon

These HYDAWAY Collapsible Water Bottles Will Make Your Dehydration Inexcusable

via: Hydaway

After being recently informed that Diet Pepsi was not, in fact, a healthy and hydrating beverage (though still deeply satisfying), I've been training myself to enjoy the non-taste of clear, plain, unadulterated, bland-yet-quenching H2O. It's a struggle, but one made easier by enjoying the deeply satisfying feeling of collapsing my silicone HYDAWAY travel bottle. And since they come in a variety of pleasing (and opaque) colors, no one can really see if I'm enjoying water, or a refreshing light cola that may or may not be the choice of a generation. Find your HYDAWAY on Amazon for $20