26 Things Perfect For Anyone Who Loves Books

We've all got a friend who reads, but they're nearly impossible to shop for. Whenever you find a book that reminds you of them, they've inevitably already read it. We recommend straying slightly from the path of buying books for your book-loving friend and instead gift them one of these awesome accessories that will make their reading life totally lit(erary).

(Or add 'em to your own wish list — we're not here to judge!)

We hope you find these beloved book-related products as incredible as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words participates in Amazon's affiliate program, and may receive a small share of sales from links on this page.

Every bibliophile needs an embosser!

Create a custom design so you no longer have to deal with books you lend out to friends going missing forever. Genius, right? Find it on Amazon!

Every reader needs a cuddly blanket.

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Reading is the coziest of all the hobbies and this blanket is sure to bring that comfort to the next level. It's also perfect for hiding under with a flashlight if you're up reading past your bedtime. Find it on Amazon!

Everyone needs socks. But a book lover needs sassy socks!

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You know when you're reading a book and someone comes up to you and asks what you're reading? It's the worst. But with a pair of these delightfully profane socks, all you have to do is lift a pant leg and those pesky interrupters will be sent on their merry way. Find it on Amazon! Keep reading for more....

This book journal is perfect for keeping track of what you've already read.

Use it to record books you've read, books you've lent out, and books you want to read. The sleek design makes it easy to bring with you to the bookstore or library, or you can keep it in your bag at all times — you never know when you'll get a good book recommendation! (We loved The Hate U Give!) Find it on Amazon!

For readers who love leaving their own mark, these Sharpie gel highlighters can't be beat.

Their "gel stick technology" completely prevents any smearing and won't bleed through the paper. They even work on glossy paper like magazines. Find it on Amazon!

Another necessity to getting cozy: Candles!

These ones are inspired by different authors! Jane Austen's smells like gardenia, tuberose, and jasmine. If you're friend's more of a Charles Dickens-type, they'll enjoy the scents of tangerine, juniper, and clove. So flippin' cozy! Find it on Amazon!

Hey, books are heavy. That's why you can never overestimate the importance of a good tote bag.

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This one is perfect for your friend who loves books and is a bit of a rebel. It's covered in censored titles of banned books. Find it on Amazon!

If you've got a book in one hand, you're gonna need a mug in the other. How about a mug that keeps your hands warm?

This mug has a little cubby for your fingers so your hands are always warm. Don't worry; it comes in left-handed designs, too! Find it on Amazon! Pop over to the next page for more literary gift ideas!

And what goes in the mug? Tea, of course!

And this tea is all the better because it's named with punny book names like "War and Peach" and "Matcha Do About Nothing." Is there anything better when it comes to tea? No. No, there is not. Find it on Amazon!

Your love of books shouldn't necessarily be something you keep hidden. Show off your love of all things literary with these sweet enamel pins.

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Pins are incredible. Put 'em on your tote bag! Put 'em on your denim jacket! Put 'em anywhere and show the world how much you love books. (Or how much your friend love books, but be honest — you're reading this list for yourself, right?) Find it on Amazon!

A Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect gift for someone who loves to read on the go.

Having actual books on actual bookshelves is great, but not everyone has the space for it. The Kindle Paperwhite is a great little device that lets you bring your entire library everywhere you go. A single battery charge lasts for several weeks. Find it on Amazon!

For those who do have ample shelf space, you can't go wrong with some super stylish agate bookends.

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Hey, you've gotta keep those books propped up, right? Why not do it with style? Find it on Amazon!

And of course, there's the obvious: Books!

Specifically, The Puffins in Bloom box set. It includes Little WomenHeidiA Little Princess, and Anne of Green Gables and is bound to be one of the stars of your book lover's bookshelves. Get it on Amazon!

For those sleepy readers who can't always finish that chapter, the Finger Print bookmark is a must-use.

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With the Finger Print, they can pick up right where they left off, before they drifted off to dreamland. Find it on Amazon

You can't go wrong with the Thumb Thing.

It fits over your thumb and effortlessly keeps your book pages open without cracking the binding. It may seem like a simple idea, but it's a real game changer. Get it on Amazon!

For the friend who loves their classics bite-sized, there's always the epic Penguin Little Black Classics boxed set.

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Not everyone wants to read War And Peace, after all. Find it on Amazon

This mold-proof bamboo bath caddy is the secret weapon of many aquatic readers.

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Keep your baths wet, and your books dry. Find it on Amazon

This Shakespearean insult chart arms you with the best of the Bard's barbs.

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Our personal favorite: "Methink thou art a general offence, and every man should beat thee." Now you can insult your duller coworkers, without them even realizing it! Find it on Amazon

A pair of these prism glasses make horizontal reading not only possible, but stylish to boot.

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Ok, well maybe not stylish. But still, who wouldn't want to read while entirely reclined, without the arm-killing tiredness of a book suspended above one's head? Find them on Amazon

One of these memory-foam reading pillows can turn any place into a cozy book-nook.

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It's compressible, too, so if you feel the need to go wandering in your reading adventures, your pillow's easy to take along for the ride. Find it on Amazon

Late night bookworms can enjoy reading in style with this Luxo-like reading lamp known as Tiny Tim

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Man, that's cute. Find it on Amazon

These red arrow book-ends add a compelling optical illusion to your book storage.

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How do they work? Magic? Witchcraft? The enduring power of a child's imagination? Nope. This is how.Find them on Amazon

Anyone looking to up their night-reading game needs this German-made glasses-mounted reading light.

Just clip it to your specs, and it lights your way. Find it on Amazon

This ultra-popular tablet stand makes a relaxing home for your e-reader.

Have you ever tried truly hands-free reading? It's glorious. Find this on Amazon

Though, for truly hands-free reading, you can't go wrong with afree subscription to Audible.

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