10 Insanely Handy Gadgets Under $20

I love my couch, and because I love my couch, I also love Amazon. For everyday supplies like books, batteries, cookware and the like, Amazon is my go-to destination. There's no beating the combination of convenience, ease, and low prices of the world's biggest online retailer. With services like Amazon Fresh, you can even get your groceries delivered to your door (aka, while laying on your couch). Say you run out of batteries in your Roku remote, as you're laying on your couch. Just pull up that smartphone, fire up Amazon's Prime Now service, and you can have fresh batteries at your doorstop within the hour — a doorstep that's mere feet from the couch.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

But as much as I love Charlene (my couch), I do have to conduct an at least somewhat normal adult life. And with adult life comes a host of problems, big, and small, none of which can be solved by some more time with Charlene. Fortunately, Amazon is packed to the gills with clever gadgets and ingenious inventions that can solve almost any kind of problem.

I am a compulsive gadget shopper, and there's no better place to graze than on Amazon. I'm constantly finding new little gizmos that — for a pretty darn low price — add tangible value and convenience to my life. Whether they're solving existing problems like a dying phone battery, or a clogged sink, or just widening the horizons of what's really possible (a simple silicone gizmo that turns my sink into a drinking fountain, with a pinch? Sign me up!), I am a die-hard gadget addict.

So please enjoy a list of 10 of my favorite, must-have, wallet-friendly gadgets on Amazon. They're all convenient as heck, and come in with a splurge-friendly, sub-$20 price tag.

We hope you find these products as fascinating as we do. We've picked them out to share because we love them, not because we're being paid to. However, 22Words does participate in the Amazon affiliate program, and can receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Ultra Tough Charging Cords Won't Let You Down Like All The Others

via: Amazon

Over the course of my ownership of Apple devices, I must have gone through at least 10 of those white charging cables. What starts out as a nice, clean, perfect cable becomes a frayed, peeling mess after what seems like just a few months. And there's nothing more frustrating than searching for a charging cord and finding one, only to find that it's (somehow) too frayed to work. Fortunately, these ultra-tough Anker charging cables exist. Both the Anker lightning and Anker micro-USB cables are manufactured to withstand years of use, with metal enclosures and nylon-sheathed cords.

This Power Bank May Just Save Your Life Some Day

via: Amazon

You know that terrible, tightrope-walking feeling you get when your phone's just about out of battery? Of course you do. It's like the 21st century version of seeing your gas light come on: a gut-plunging, palm-moistening, flop-sweat-inducing feeling that, at any moment, the ground is about to open up in front of you. Fortunately, these must-have battery packs came on the market just a few years ago, and this Anker's one of the best. It'll fit in your pocket or purse, and packs enough power to recharge your phone not once but twice -- pulling you back, last minute, from the phone-less void.

Yep, $17 Will Buy You An Actually Great Set Of Bluetooth Headphones

No, you don't have to shell out Bose or Beats-level cash to get your hands on a pair of truly decent Bluetooth headphones. These Otium over-ear Bluetooth headphones won't set the world on fire, but they've got an excellent combination of high-fidelity audio, substantial battery life, and comfortable fit that have combined to gather almost 7,000 positive reviews from head-boppers across the internet.

The Joseph Joseph C-Pump Saves You From Your Own Disgusting Germs

How often have you been in this situation: you're elbow deep (metaphorically) in dinner prep; you've just finished putting raw chicken breasts in your Instant Pot, and the phone rings. What do you do? Make a beeline for the dish soap, of course, but HOW exactly do you get it on your hands? Are you going to smear your chicken-juice-covered, salmonella-ridden hands all over the one product designed to keep your kitchen clean? With the Joseph Joseph C-Pump, all of these problems are resolved.

Believe It Or Not, Rechargeable Batteries Are Actually Pretty Incredible (And Affordable!) Now

via: Amazon

News flash: it's the 21st century, and rechargeable batteries aren't the same overpriced, underpowered, underperforming little cylinders they used to be. Back in the '90s, I had a slew of yellow-jacketed rechargeable AA's that powered my RC truck. For all of about 15 minutes. But with these Eneloops, I could've been racing all afternoon. These puppies can be recharged more than 2100 times before they start to lose power, and boast almost the same power-per-cell as their non-rechargeable counterparts. Oh, and you can grab a set of four and a charger for only $18 on Amazon.

This Strange Thin Devices Captures Entertaining TV Programming From THIN AIR!

via: Amazon

Believe it or not, it's NOT necessary to have cable TV anymore! And it's not even necessary to have a Roku, Fire, AppleTV or other streaming device! No, with one of these new paper-thing thingies (aka, an antenna), you can actually pull programming onto your TV from thin air! Okay, I'm now being told that this is, in fact, NOT a new piece of technology, but officially the oldest means of procuring televised entertainment around. Just slip this ultra-thin antenna anywhere you like and pull HD content from the airwaves onto your TV.

This Ingenious As-Seen-On-TV Device Uses Bulletproofing Technology to Protect Your Hands As You Fish Your Pizza Out Of The Oven

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The Ove Glove is a perennial infomercial star, but unlike the other products you see on daytime television, it actually works. Woven from Kevlar and Nomex fibers, the Ove Glove's unique composition manages to keep your delicate human hands burn-free, no matter how hot the surface. You can toss out those old oven mitts.

This $12 Case Will Keep Your $900 Smartphone In Perfect Shape

That's the product shot on the left, and my own phone on the right. I've literally destroyed every other phone case before the Silk. One year and four months in, and it still looks new, with its textured rubbery (but not tacky) body showing effectively zero wear. It won't win any awards for flash or flair, but the Silk meets my minimalist, don't-get-in-the-way priorities quite nicely. And it really is astoundingly wear-proof.

Finally Fix Everything That's Wrong With Your Life With This Sugru Moldable Glue

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Sugru will fix basically anything that's broken: from that pesky bracket in the bathroom to your overpriced computer charger, to your childhood dreams (no guarantees on that last one). But seriously, Sugru's a pretty magical product that's not only handy as heck, but makes fixing stuff fun. It's like if Silly Putty's younger, more handsome brother, who actually has a reason to live.

Don't Have An In-House Drinking Fountain? With The Tapi, Now You Do

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Award for cleverest gadget of the bunch goes to the Tapi, hands-down. Not only does it add some much-needed flair to your notoriously boring faucet, it makes a refreshing sip of water just a pinch away. Plus, it's odd looking, and makes for a great conversation piece for your guests after they hit the restroom. Who thinks of these things? Oh, and it's dirt cheap, and comes in 11 colors to suit your mood of the day.